How I Made A Career Change While Selling My Skills Online

Dawn Osolinski is a freelancer here on PeoplePerHour who stumbled upon our site when she broke her leg and needed to earn an extra income. Although she dabbled with selling her services whilst employed in her day job, she was surprised by how well her skills were received online. With a history as a PA and qualifications in marketing, Dawn’s journey shows that any skill in the workplace can be sold online on a freelance basis.

Dawn’s Story

After she left college, Dawn went from Office Junior to PA at a leading company in Yorkshire; however because of her creative skills she was soon promoted to Marketing Assistant, all the while freelancing part time as a Graphic Designer.

She explains why she took the leap from general employee to working full time as a freelancer, in her own words, “I had intended to eventually quit my job and freelance full time, however the time was never right. In 2011 I broke my leg and couldn’t work for being in a cast (bring out the violins!), so I did the thing I knew best: open my laptop and design, design, design!”

Where PeoplePerHour Fit In

Things seemed to come together nicely as Dawn turned to PPH to increase her exposure and reputation, “I used PPH to create my online profile and portfolio, marketing myself as an individual – writing my profile content as though I was telling the Buyer about myself over a beer, putting my best pieces of work on display, sending personalised proposals, and going above and beyond “expected” customer service, even after I’ve delivered work and completed projects. I found new clients on PPH, and through the site’s review and feedback system the enquiries increased.”

Whether as an Office Junior, PA, Marketing Assistant, or Web Designer with PeoplePerHour, Dawn was always able to evolve her offering and sell her skills. In doing so she found professional fulfilment in every step along the way. This prompted us to consider the range of skills on offer on PeoplePerHour, and how different professionals could make the transition to online freelancing.

What Could You Sell Online?

Many people believe that their skills are only useful in an office environment or in a workplace, yet Dawn shows you can set up in business as a freelancer to sell any skill online. We’ve brought together a list of common jobs that many people do offline, highlighting the skills that can be used to gain extra cash freelancing through PeoplePerHour.


A receptionist uses a range of skills in everyday life from organisational skills to customer service. How could these translate into freelance work?

A receptionist could be a:

As businesses look to lower overheads by outsourcing and selling solely online, a receptionist’s skills are in demand.

These freelance opportunities are also available to anyone who works in administration in an office too!

Sales Person

Sales people are in high demand online as the extra push is often needed to increase conversions. Online companies understand the importance of giving customers a friendly voice at the end of the phone in order to gain trust.

With skills in sales you could be:

Shop Assistant

Shop assistants use a range of skills every day in order to encourage shoppers to return. Providing the friendly face of a company, they are often overlooked, ironically especially if their services are seamless.

Online you could be a:

These are just a sample of the online careers available for those who want to start freelancing online.

Think of your own job and see what you could become with a little ambition and a desire to make your dreams come true!

What’s your PeoplePerHour story? Send it to us at and get featured!


Down O.

Graphic Designer and Web Designer

Leeds, UK

Overview: After breaking her leg Dawn pursued a freelance career turning her favourite skills into an online goldmine.



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Josh Paiva
Josh Paiva

It’s great to see how so many people are making money online. Thanks for the great post!

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