The Rise of The Creative Economy


UK creative industries are a tremendous contributor to economic growth, adding £8.8m per hour to the UK economy.

In the post-industrial economy, the knowledge era has emerged as one of the major drivers of economic growth globally. The onset of the knowledge era has given way to what has been coined ‘The Creative Economy’, and this new economy is quickly beginning to outpace the once gargantuan industrial dependent economies of the West. According to John Howkins “America exports more value in terms of copyright, than food, soft drinks, cars, computers and planes, and Britain’s fashion industry employs more people and makes more money than do its steel or car industries.”

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  • Peter Hanley

    Good report. Well done. I have a new product to offer into the digital economy. I can’t see which category it might come in, so I can see how I would post my service on PeoplePerHour. Any chance I could talk to someone about that?


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