Semi-Annual Report on Self-Employment


PeoplePerHour has embarked on its first comprehensive semi-annual self-employment report to determine the underlying market drivers and labour trends in this burgeoning segment of the labour force. Our analysis is two-fold in that we prepare an exhaustive questionnaire that drills down into the socio-economic aspects of self-employment both at home in the UK, and our broader global self-employed marketplace. The second component of our research involves a deep data-drive into our user-population to determine aspects such as average project duration, income, industry and average hours worked.

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  • Matt Tutt

    Really interesting report – found the average age of the worker a bit lower than expected. Also surprising that a lot of respondents didn’t mark unlimited income as one of the main driving factors behind being self-employed; think it shows perhaps that money isn’t a driving force for all (especially when viewed alongside the average reported income figures!)

  • Mandy Web Design

    Really Good Report

  • Giant Oak Studios

    It was an interesting report. I would be interested in a more detailed breakdown of the people who identify as self employed being the sole income(pros) and the others who are working casually . I imagine casual workers, especially in the arts are bringing down the averages quite a bit. Thank you for the hard work. very interesting.

  • Mukhtar Rizvi

    Really interesting report

  • D.Pythonic

    Thanks, nice stats.

  • akramul

    Oh Nice Report

  • Gen Herres

    Interesting that you didn’t have as an option in your reasons for becoming self-employed: could not find regular job in industry/profession. I think that’s a pretty big contributor to self-employment, especially outside of major cities.

  • Fouzia Saeed

    So interesting and informative.

  • Ajith Jayasundara

    I have just read your Annual Report on Self Employment, and, as an amateur to this field, I should say that the Report is very valuable and quite easy to understand and interesting, not like most other lengthy reports which are boring and difficult to understand.

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  • Aftab Raja

    Interesting report


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