How To Successfully Apply For A Business Loan


The success or failure of a business can rely on the successful application for a loan. Without having enough capital to help grow the business to make it sustainable can be disastrous. This is why you need to make sure that when you apply for a business loan your application is successful. To improve your chances of avoiding being declined for finance, I have put together this guide to give information to help you get the money your business needs to take it to the next step.


Due to the importance of a successful small loan application, it is vital that you organize all of your finances prior to the application. You will need to give company documents, a business plan, cashflow forecasts and more. This means that you will need to take the time to gather everything required before applying.


To be successful it is important that you apply for the correct loan for your circumstances. Explore all finance options available so you can find the one that offers the best solution for you. Go talk to an independent financial advisor, they will go through all the products and recommend which one is best suited.

Loan Qualification

When you apply for a loan, a credit check will be carried out on you and you will need to give full financial details on the business books. All banks and finance companies have different scoring systems to assess if they will offer a loan or reject the application. Prior to applying make sure that you compare all the different qualification terms and conditions so that you can work out your chances of getting accepted.

Loan Purpose And Amount

Getting the amount of money that you want to borrow right the first time when taking out a business loan. It can be difficult to get a second loan if you do not take enough out which can lead to problems. Also, you will be rejected if you are asking for an amount more than 12% of the business’s annual revenue. If you want more than this the purpose of the loan will be a big deciding factor. Banks and finance companies like the money going to assets with a monetary value so that if the loan is not paid back they can repossess and sell the asset to help pay back the money owed.

Best Practices

When completing a small business loan application you must follow the guidelines and best practices. Do not lie or use guesswork when filling out the form. Any misinformation could result in a declination. Make sure all the details are correct and match the information on the additional documents such as your tax returns. When asked to follow-up the application with further information make sure you give it on time. This will help your application to run smoothly and speed up the process.

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  • John Crowder

    This advice although helpful is not necessarily accurate for the UK.

    As a broker of finance myself certain types of finance such as invoice finance can be very useful and would offer far greater lending flexibility and rely as much on the quality of your debtors as much as you.

    Start up businesses and those under 2 years often struggle in the UK because they are under the impression that they need to be profitable and jump through a lot of hoop prep wise.

    Admitted the banks like to cherry pick but if the business is sound and can show earning potential that should be enough for most brokers to find suitable finance.

    Alternatively if you have assets to back up the funding they are lenders that will be comfortable.

    I have an offer on PPH to Help you access business loan finance FAST | £1K to £150K

    So search me out if you need help with this.


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