Product Update: V.I.B (Very Important Buyers)


Attention PPHers!

We all like to be valued, recognised and appreciated for the things that we do. At PPH we respect all of our members and strive to make PPH a better platform for all.

That is why we are rolling out the red carpet and announcing the launch of our extra special new feature, V.I.B. (Very Important Buyers)!

V.I.B Explained

V.I.B represents the top 1% of Buyers on our platform.

If you are a Seller, being contacted by someone with a V.I.B badge allows you to identify them as a good, experienced PPH Buyer.

If you are a Buyer, having a V.I.B badge can make you feel like a superstar! Not only will it help you attract high quality proposals, but also being a V.I.B feels great!

The V.I.B Badge

If you have a V.I.B badge it will be displayed on your Profile, Job Descriptions and WorkStreams.

Example Job Description View


So what do you think? Share your feedback in the comments box below.


  • sadam

    It’s Excellent, Thanks for this very helpful for buyers and sellers too

  • Jay Brown

    How much will it cost us…?

  • Jordan Jones

    I find this useful and I think it will make buyers feel good too!

    One thing I really would like to see is on job notifications, if you could show the buyers projects completed, rating, and amount they are looking to pay within the notification description I think that would really help sellers out a lot in sifting through the notifications that are best suited to them. It would also stop them wasting time on buyers who have no logical or realistic idea of the work taken to complete a project, as I know for myself if the project description is poorly written, has an unrealistic budget and they have 0- projects completed, I’m not going to even bother writing a proposal for it.

  • Allan Moores


    This is a great idea.

    I have spent a lot of money on PPH and yesterday I was unable to log in to my account, and the forgotten password facility did not work – To get support you have to be signed in, There was no way of contacting you, I sent a message on Twitter and got no response.

    I needed an urgent job doing and had to sign up to an alternative freelancing website.

    Can someone please contact me so I am able to login to my account, as I have work ongoing and can not communicate with my freelancers.


    Allan Moores

    • Kelly

      Hi Allan,

      I am sorry to hear of your problems. I will pass this to the relevant team and they will get back to you to help.

  • Humayun Ehtisham

    Wow man! that sounds great..

  • Md Hasan

    excellent! thanks for your explanation about VIB

  • Md. Istieak Ahmed

    Many Thanks for the update. It will help us to work more safely.

  • Barney Douglas, photographer

    Can we sellers rate the buyers on how good, ad or otherwise their project brief descriptions are please?

    I’m sure there are a few very good buyers on here. But there’s also a huge number that couldn’t write a decent project brief even if there lives depended on it.

    And you still need to hone the OPTIONS section on the project set up to make project briefs more seller-friendly. We are still having to ask far too many clarification questions of sellers who think we are mind readers.

    • Kelly

      Hi Barney,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. It is important and I will pass this on to the relevant team to look into.

  • Zaq Kaan

    So how do you qualify to be a V.I.B?

  • Ian Campbell

    Not satisfactory at all, you have been repeatedly asked by multiple freelancers to restore the ability to check buyer profiles before bidding, we are all more than capable of reading a headline figure of number of jobs posted and awarded one’s.
    For once actually do something that is needed and restore the ability to check buyer profiles before bidding!

    • Kelly

      Hi Ian,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. It is important and I will pass this on to the relevant team to look into.

  • Graham Bailey

    An excellent idea and I think that Jordan Jones comments are very much on point from a seller’s point of view. It will also help those buyers who are regulars be taken seriously immediately.

  • Zoe S.

    I’ve spotted Buyers with this badge who have two jobs and a lousy percentage/feedback behind them – how does that make them a Very Important Buyer? I think this *could* be useful if it were conferred by a human being, not a baffling algorithm with a less impressive command of algebra than I have.

  • Benjamin Gakami

    Why don’t you guys concentrate on more important things like and app, i want to communicate with my clients on my phone. And your websites user experience, you guys are trying to add features while the existing ones are pathetic.

  • suman

    Write your message here…I am not understand that I am in register. please give me detail.

  • suman

    Write your message here…very nice platform thanks

  • Dharmesh

    Awesome experience

  • Ramis Karamatov

    Great feature, thanks! Perhaps it would be usefull to know how the buyer gets qualified to such privilege.

    It’s all great however, I totally agree with Benjamin Gakami’s comment.There are other aress where the PPH needs to address and they are critical. The market very competitive for the PPH and if they don’t act ASAP they may face a decline. They have some of the fantastic freelancers on their platform who are able to develop an app.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Cyril E.O Ndikanwu

    Great but needs little adjustment to support swift resolution..

  • Ivan

    In my PPH experience, when a company gets some sort of label like this, the bottom line is that it ends up costing us more bid credits to apply. Can PPH guarantee that that’s not going to happen with the V.I.B. program?

  • Ashfaq Ahmad

    Well PPH Is a brilliant business model and I am a massive fan of PPH. VIB is an excellent idea, and it will create a lot more confidence on both sides of the bridge. Buyer will feel more VIB and seller should show on his profile that he has worked with x numbers of VIB ( it’s just my idea)
    When I buy services I always respond quickly and try to provide a good team spirit to finish the task. Well done PPH and keep up the good work.

  • Alexander Candelario

    I have very good experience with PPH.

  • Amrack

    That’s great for both buyer and seller 🙂

  • saddam hossain


  • Ambreen

    That’s a great news, I was also thinking, PPH should take a step like this. I have the kind of mix experiences about buyers, I think it was just like a gambling, depends on seller’s luck, some time seller is fortunate enough to have the good client and sometimes he or she is not that lucky… But I consider myself a lucky seller, I have worked with wonderful clients, one of them become my regular client. He is very professional, understanding and polite. I never ever faced any problem in spite of the lot of work.
    But in these days I am feeling very down, I have the facing tense situation regarding the new clients, they just vanished and don,t bothered to respond but appear online, this situation very tense for a seller, after a hard work.Good sellers are always sure about their work and they submit their work links through PPH work stream.I think PPH team should also review the work If any client raises question against the work.

  • Karin Schroeck-Singh

    Find this idea really great, well done! This new feature does not just add value to buyers but also to sellers – such as me – in knowing that you are dealing with an experienced and TRUSTWORTHY person/company. Not just that, it also minimises the risk of bidding on a job that gets cancelled later on, is fake or is being put on “paused”.

    It’s always great to work on PPH! One more time, well done for introducing this new feature!

  • Mr Smith

    Will there be a ‘Less Important Buyer’ too? A ‘Totally Incompetent Buyer?’ to warn us? ‘Cheapskate Buyer’ for low budgets?

    This is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.

    So soon we can waste more bid credits on the VIBs ? Maybe waste 4 credits to bid on one of their jobs?

  • Anton

    wow seems like a great idea for you to make more money! This is totally unnecessary and people can see right through it. There is something similar on a DJ bidding website. the sit invites you to become a Premium DJ….. “Why not become a “Premium selling DJ ” ? and guess what ……all the crappy DJ’s sign up for it with terrible feedback hoping it will disguise just how bad their service really is.
    So hey why don’t all you crappy buyers out there become a VIB ??? lol

  • Sojena Begum

    I am very familiar with MS Office, Internet Research, VA, E-commerce Products entry, Leads Collection from a dedicated website and various fields. I’m also expert in every kind of Photoshop solution.
    I strongly believe my experience, skills, and education will make me the ideal candidate for the post. My English level is always in a satisfactory position.
    As regards my fitness to the job, complete profile enclosed herewith for your kind per usual and sympathetic consideration.
    Thanks, and Regards

  • Lara Athanassiadis

    Sounds great! How do I get one?!

  • Nancy

    Please sort out more important issues first. You are losing valuable custom.

    As stated – the forgotten password facility doesn’t work.

    And you need a mobile app, so we can communicate with clients on the move. I have to give out my email address to some clients just so that I can give them an answer when I’m not in front of my laptop.

    There are numerous freelancers on this site who can help you with both these issues. They’re far more important and are having negative consequences.

  • Jon

    Good idea. What are the criteria for a VIB?

  • Shamin Akther

    Too much happy, very nice platform thanks

  • George N

    Please show the buyers previous projects, the date of the last project, as you do for sellers. This really informs us of whether we’d like to work with them, the types of projects they’ve previously commissioned and when they were last active.

    Sellers are required to provide much more comprehensive information. Why is buyre info being limited to “VIB”, a thumbs up, and a %age. Let’s have some equality and transparency here.

  • alex

    What does not work correctly is the freelancers’ score. How is it possible that someone who starts a month ago to work here and with 4 or 5 projects already has category 5?

  • Milli Dorcas

    Just Great! Way to go.

  • asad wazir


  • Allan Moores

    So how does a buyer get the VIB Badge??

  • Nazmul Ahsan

    This is really a GOOD feature.

  • Tony

    Are we also going to have VIS? Very Important Sellers? – you know, the top people who are actually qualified to do the work asked for, and not providing the stupidly low and underscutting rates being quoted from the third world? Will there be extra fees if someone has this VIB badge? Will you implement an abuse facility to prevent buyers simply taking work from sellers, then refusing to pay just because they want free work once delivered to them? This will also prevent the scandalous 10% ‘dispute fee’ being charged against sellers’ accounts just because we try to get paid for what we have provided.

  • karthik cmouli

    Sounds good to me…

  • Moira

    I’d like to see a system where we can see buyers who we have done work with, and they get to see sellers they’ve done work with in the past being flagged up first.
    Is this in the pipeline too?
    Also, why can’t we search for a buyer/seller by name?

  • Shobana

    Good one for the Buyer as well as Seller…

  • Jennifer

    No real benefit for sellers.

    Being able to view the full profile of the seller again before bidding… would be useful.

    Being able to see the sellers’ percentage ratings based on ratings sellers have given again… would be useful.

    Plus as it will either likely be based on some daft algorithm that has huge holes in it and / or involve the spend level from buyers and NOT genuine feedback from sellers… it again will not only be useless but actually misleading.


  • Hussain Abdullah

    Thanks for this. Please increase the time of completing at least 2 jobs for them who are new.

  • Anthony Tornambe

    Good news.

  • Bartin Gomes

    It is good for for both buyer and seller. Thank You!

  • Umair Akram

    Nice! But, I don’t think It was really that new. As I am working with a VIB from the last one month.

    One more thing which can add value to this feature is that any Seller who is working with a VIB should also get a badge which shows that He is working with a VIB ( As they are Really Experienced in Hiring Sellers). So that it will also motivate the Sellers working with VIB’s.

    For the Rest, it is great!

    ~ Umair

  • Dawn Benson

    No real benefit – just another silly gimmick.

    I would like to be able to see the reviews for buyers. I would also like only jobs with clear description of requirements as well as realistic budgets to be posted.

    Some silly badge with no description how this badge has been awarded is just useless.

  • shahzad shaikh

    Let see how it will be helpful for new sellers!!!

  • Md Maskorul Alom

    Great sounds!

    Google shopping expert and lead generation expert

  • Dominic Bowkett

    nice information, thanks for update.

  • caroline

    I agree- budgets should be shown instead of ££££ . it is unfair to us as PPH who are doing the work. Please can the buyers put a numerical number and NOT a pound sign. Thank you.

  • Mitul

    So far great feature.
    Keep improving.

    Mitul gandhi

  • rana

    that’s good and keep it up

  • Shane Peper

    This is absolutely the worst idea in history. The very idea that some buyers are not as good as others is a seriously socialistic concept. I am completely unable to fathom the idiocy that conceived this ludicrous concept.

  • golam faruk

    Great feature, thanks!

  • Samiran D

    Very good steps ! I do appreciate 😃

  • David Lema

    Great idea!!!

  • Patrick

    Sincerely, I couldn’t care less. I don’t see any use for it.

  • Mansoor Shaikh

    Good initiative by PPH. This is indeed much needed feature that has been added.

  • Dahunsi Taiwo

    Wow, I really love this

  • Dahunsi Taiwo

    Wow, I really love this PPH, It will really e of great help. Can’t just wait to have that

  • Shalaka

    Sellers are digging their own graves….

    I know a VIB who has very poor communications skills and now has been ignoring my invoice for a week. Apart from PPH’s criteria for VIBs, the problem is also sellers who do not give honest feedback because they want more work from these VIB’s. If you accept a job from someone trusting the fake feedback from other sellers and then give back the deposit or refuse the job, the seller loses points/ranking. In the end, it’s only the sellers who lose.

    To conclude, I’m still waiting for my money in spite of being spoken to rudely and bullied several times by this VIB. These kinds of features don’t help.

  • Lisa Rowles

    Sounds great – gives buyers and sellers confidence in locating the right deals.

    two thumbs up.

  • Oyedotun Oyejide Ajao

    Super lovely information and development, hope to have such VIP Status soonest

  • Les King

    Any buyer who gives me business is a Very Important Buyer

    This sounds like a variation on the old practice of giving somebody an enhanced job title rather than a salary increase – or, in this case, a reduction in the buyer fees.


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