Product Update: Hourlies to Offers!


Hello, PPHers!

As of today, Hourlies are renamed to Offers!

It is our quest to constantly improve the PeoplePerHour platform for your benefit. As you can see on our newly launched PeoplePerHour homepage and updated header we are changing some of our terminologies.

  • As ‘Hourlies’ is not a universally understood term so to make it more intuitive for newcomers on the platform we are renaming them to Offers. As you know these allow you to bundle your services in a fixed package to advertise (or ‘offer’) them to Buyers on So we thought: “Why not keep it simple and clear?”

Our aim is to make things more straightforward and intuitive for new users signing up to PeoplePerHour. We are convinced this update will help pave the way to a better PeoplePerHour. What are your thoughts?


  • Jignasa Mistry

    That’s something great as “Offers” is simple and effective word to understand and give the exact idea about the services seller offering to buyers also home page works great now. PPH is the best platform I’ve ever used.

  • Manish

    Yes !! Offer name will attract buyer .

  • James Christmas

    Awesome! I’m glad you did this.


    I think its good step for pph that help us getting client.

  • Mark Ryes

    Great idea to use offers – as I for one don’t work by the HOUR.

    Still disgusted by the fact you’re taking 20% for the first £500 billed with one client when most of my clients are newbies or one time returners. You’re making a lot more money by not adding any extra value to either buyer or seller. It’s as bad as Fiverr.

  • Rahmat Ali

    Glad to see this change. When I joint the PPH, I really don’t catch the idea of “Hourly”

  • Geetanjali K

    Awesome! Great Idea. 🙂

  • Shanaz @453

    I think its really good step for PPH .Thanks

  • Subho Ghosh

    That’s a great step! “Offer” is more intuitive. When I was new to PPH, I had this question in mind that “What the hell is this Hourlie, Man! ” “Does that mean we get Hourly jobs from this rather that Fixed price”..
    Well I think, the new users will not face that problem from Now!



  • MD aktaruzzaman aktar

    it is a great decision

  • Mayank sharma

    This is awesome opportunity for new sellers.

  • Sophiam Mauti

    This is great. Next, please work on activating contracts through the workstream and knowing clients with verified or not verified payments as in Upwork. Am unable to get a job as a newbie.

  • Jahidul Islam Foysal


  • Abdullah

    I hope It will be very effective for client now. A new client not can easily understand what is hourly. Very good step PPH. Thanks

  • Elaine

    Much better name! But have to agree with Mark above 20% fees (+vat) is killing this site – shame!

  • Rofaida

    Yes, the word ‘Offer’ is more relevant and will definitely help to grab attention.

  • Hatim Hatta

    I’m glad to see that.

  • Bob

    Something sensible from PPH for once.

    Now you can listen to the PPH seller community and:

    1. Get rid of the abomination that is ‘High Value’ jobs. The vast majority (95+% at least for web dev jobs) are anything but high value – low budget, new buyers, no future work. It’s just an excuse to get sellers to waste proposals and buy more wasted proposals. Simply a PPH money grab.

    2. Stop the gradual drain of highly valued PPH sellers – myself included unless somethin changes by reverting the despicable asset stripping new fee structure.

    Not one seller requested either of these. You’ll end up with a platform full of low quality sellers many of which I’m increasingly seeing as dodgy shell accounts.

    You’ve been warned.

  • Jose Azuaje


  • Alberto L Doeiga

    I agree with previous comments, 20% fee is a ripoff as most clients are first timers. And because we are forced to bid higher to offset your take, projects end up unawarded and buyers move to Freelancer where a 10% fee allows for lower prices. Your platform is better, but does not justify a 10 extra points in fees.

  • Hesham Fathi

    Good step, also I have more comments that you need to fix with your platform, where should I send that?

  • Ash

    Better late than never! “Offer” make some sense than an alien word “hourlie”!
    Hopefully you’ll think about that out of the world 20% rate before it’s too late!

  • Jelena Banjac

    Smart choice!

  • Bhawna Sharma

    Yes, that’s really a great initiative, it makes more sense and leaves a greater impact on the customer’s mind. Please do more modification regarding buyer’s profile verifications and workstream improvements.

  • Ali Raza

    Great! Offer is more undestanable than Hourlies.

  • Keshar Singh

    Yes ! Much better name, Offer name will attract buyer. I think its really good step by PPH .

  • Liam Beale

    Good move it’ll be strange not calling them hourlie for a while but It will help with the misunderstanding of the odd client who assumed I’d be doing the job within one hour lol.

    You just need to revert the profile images back to the images we have uploaded the profile images is so unappealing and confusingnand many I know has seen a dip in hourlie (offer) sales from it 🙁

  • Liam Beale

    Good move it’ll be strange not calling them hourlie for a while but It will help with the misunderstanding of the odd client who assumed I’d be doing the job within one hour lol.

    You just need to revert the profile images back to the images we have uploaded the profile images is so unappealing and confusingnand many I know has seen a dip in hourlie (offer) sales from it 🙁

  • shesh singh

    Now its understood better to new user what they can offer ready made.

  • Amelia

    This name change makes sense.

    Completely agree with Mark’s comment above, shocked and disgusted about your fee changes. This is meant to be a partnership with sellers, and you’re ripping us off and the buyers. A terrible business idea that could come back and bite you hard! You’re now in the bucket with the rest of the suppliers and no longer stand out as being head and shoulders above the rest. No loyalty!

  • Ibrahim Kazeem

    Nice. Offer is more better than Hourlie.Thanks for the change PPH. Best Freelancer platform ever!

  • Rahul singh chauhan

    That’s Nice and simple to understand.

  • Mohib Abbas

    Yes it’s a great decision

  • KK

    Thanks 🙂

    Great idea, now it sounds more understandable.

    Hope mobile application will be introduced shortly as well.


    This is good but……

    Still disgusted by the fact you’re taking 20% for the first £500 billed with one client when most of my clients are newbies or one time returners. You’re making a lot more money by not adding any extra value to either buyer or seller.


  • Paul

    The high fees are making working on this site unsustainable. Unless you are working from a third world country, it is impossible to set low rates, pay 20%+ fees and still make a decent income.

  • wangdong

    I think our site is getting closer and closer to users.
    Your idea Okay.

  • Puneet Sharma

    That’s the change I was expecting right from the day I joined this site. My Clients were always confused about this term. It’s a good decision to change this term. By the way, “Gig” would have been a better alternative.

  • Naveed Shahid

    Yes, It’s good to hear that such an helpful step. Because when first I came to PPH, I was unable to understand what Hourly is about.

  • Muhammad Bilal

    Really good step for PPH

  • Ghulam Dastagir

    its will be more easy to understandable, its will also help to more making offers and chance to taking projects.
    Insha ALLAH.
    May GOD keep his blessing on all of us.

  • Md. Hasanuzzaman

    I think this makes sense clearly!

  • Rajesh Mishra

    That’s really a great initiative!

  • Sanjib dey

    Hi ,I’m seo and web developer.So nice to meet you everyone

  • Rana khan

    i am happy for PPH. thak you.

  • Yasir A

    That’s a good change. Please also review your more than 20% fees rule for projects of smaller value. It really is of no benefit to offer an hourlie of less than $15, which is why hourlie sales have reduced greatly during the last 6 months.

    I would suggest to keep the fees between 10-15% on “offers” pricing less than $15-20 .


  • Tahira Saddiqa

    Yes, I like the idea of using Offers.

  • Md. Istieak Ahmed

    Thanks for changing that word. It also needs to revert the ‘Offers’ images to the uploaded images

  • Sher Ahmed Sayeed

    Yes The offer name is more attractive than hourly

  • Richard Byrne

    Good changing the name… but as stated above, the PPH Fees are a scandal!! They should be something fair, such as 10%, 5% and 3%… it’s very very unfair to the freelancer (Seller). I can’t see why you don’t charge clients the added fee to find a freelancer on the site to do the job for them, or decrease the percentage and have more happy customers/users on the site.

  • Jacob M

    Let’s see what impact it has on figures, hopefully a positive one.

    As other individuals have said, the cut taken by the site makes it totally unsustainable for modest paying areas of freelance work. If you want people to use the site for anything other than underpaid side-income then do something about this.

  • Karin Schroeck-Singh

    Good decision!

    I also wished it would be mandatory that buyers have to upload a profile picture when they get in touch with you. It makes it more human and most of all, easier to remember the client and his task (or at least for me). When I look at my workstream than many clients don’t have a picture, so sometimes I have to look into the workstream to remember what the project was about. But when I see the picture I instantly remember who the client was and what the project was about. Do others feel the same, I wonder???

    I also agree that 20% is high!

  • Nick

    With the new homepage layout buyers are being pushed to search for a freelancer or post a job

    “Offers” have been buried way down the page so I don’t think it makes a lot of difference what you call them 🙂

  • Rachael

    It’s a good move. The term “hourlie” was quite deceptive as most jobs took a lot longer than an hour to complete. As such, it made some hourlies seem expensive, when in fact they were very good value given the number of hours they’d take to complete.

  • My full name

    Yep, that’s good.

    And 20% fee is killer feature. Literally.

  • Wenna

    The name makes sense. The fee structure for it doesn’t though.

  • Jess

    That’s a great idea and I’m pleased to see that you guys are being considerate of the overall PPH community with this step. It would be amazing if you applied this to the new RIDICULOUS fee change.

    Your specific change to 20% fee for the first £500 is severely negatively impacting my career and by extension my life through making much less per month, and for what? You guys to make much more from my earnings per month? I am sure the new change helps some PPHers on here, but please PLEASE rethink the change and maybe apply a system that has tiers, so that the people earning much more than the smaller freelancers like me get this fee and the smaller earners aren’t pretty much stolen from per job, most of which have the most minuscule chance of ever earning over £500 from every single buyer, let alone into the thousands. It would make for a much better community and be the best of both worlds for everyone. I am so disappointed that you have changed the way your fees work. I’ve been a loyal PPH user for years and always speak so highly of you and bring in recommendations – this is 100% not the case anymore and I have actually had to steer people away from starting to use the platform, which isn’t something I’d ever thought I’d do.


  • liam

    Offer is a better name because it avoids confusion with an hourly rate. This will help prevent a haggling market where people will have more respect for what your hourly rate is. (profile hourly rate).

    The “hourly” undervalued the rate per hour.

  • Mike Whaites

    I’m fine with the change of name however when you go to search offers, you can no longer see the thumbnails of the offer provided. Instead PPH has changed it to the thumbnail of the freelancer, which makes it much less visually appealing and also more difficult to visually see what offers are available.

    Please PPH change it back to how it used to be.

  • swapan Kumar Ghosh

    Yes that’s great thinking. Hope this will more effective than previous.

    Thanks to all PPH Admin’s

  • Md Farid Hossain

    Hourlies to Offers is a great idea more appropriate for sailing services. I believe it will help us to sail more.
    Thank you

  • Sumi Akter


  • Gadi Bizinyan

    Sorry not to join the party, but for those who were “offering” a service based on an hourly rate the term “Hourlie” made a lot of sense! After all this website is called “People Per Hour”, isn’t it? The best idea would have been to keep both terms maybe? Meaning allow sellers to describe a service of what they will do for an hour work and the associated cost (Hourlie) plus allow sellers also to sell a package of any product or service for whichever price they decide (and is unrelated to any time frame, i.e. Offer). How does it sound if I need to instruct my buyer “Please proceed by purchasing 5 offers for your project”? I think Hourlies made more sense for the freelancers who really offer a service by the hour.

    Natalie – I must say that I’m so disappointed how PPH is simply not working for me anymore. I get just a single inquiry from a new buyer each month. That’s when I’m a TOP CERT. This TOP CERT title brings in no new buyers. How can it be?! It all started since PPH decided to play around with the algorithm of the Hourlies search results and display literally unrelated results at the top! This is just very bad user experience from buyer’s perspective. It therefore encourages them to post a job instead of searching for Hourlies (“Offers”). So they post a job and then a bunch of 20 freelancers all jump on it with competing proposals and it’s pushing the prices down. Eventually it’s a chain effect that will reach PPH’s pocket and you too will make less money.

    In the freelancers search results for the keyword that is the most related to what I do, I appear in the middle of page 5 – Middle of page 5 for Heaven’s sake! No wonder I oftentimes experience several consecutive days without even a single profile view!

    As Nick stated before me and I will reiterate, you completely killed this feature called Hourlie or Offer. It started by destroying the search interface so that random non-related results are appearing at the top. Followed by changing the images of the Hourlies in the search result intentionally so buyers will stop using it. What a ridiculous way to KILL the business for everyone who have been making a living out of selling Hourlies.

    And the irony is that you are sending me every month 45 extra credits to go on a bidding spree and waste my time on down-pricing my service on public jobs against other sellers (“We think you are one of our top Sellers so we’d like to give you a boost” – Ain’t that sweet). The ones who are praising PPH here probably joined in recent months and have nothing to compare with how the platform was working for sellers in the past.

    Oh and the 20% commission on the first £500 – That sucks big time!

  • Rahul Parashar

    Name it anything but if you dont correct the sort filter and how these offers or hourlies are found no name would work. Take inspiration from your rivals like fiverr who started much later than PPH is more successful its only because they have right search algo and filters placed for a buyer to easily find an appropriate seller.

    I have been constantly saying from past so many years that PPH offers or hourlies search has bug and their filters are not strategically placed because of which many offers and hourlie are dumped and drowned. But this has been falling in deaf ears and they do not want to work on their UI / UX to improve it and the code to fix the search bug.

    They just want to waste their time in doing these useless updates.

  • Christopher Carruthers

    It makes much more sense.
    Now if only you’d make sense on the 20% fee nonsense and revert to a sensible model that isn’t driving away your best sellers and highest revenue generators.

  • Sophia Vitalis

    Great!!! Offer sounds more like it.

  • Ashley McIlroy

    Great idea! I was intimidated by the term “hourlies” and did not apply to those offers. I appreciate PPH taking the time to make the website more efficient and user-friendly.

  • Javaid Raees Khan

    Yes it would be amazing .. and need improvements

  • Tahir Marfani

    Yeah, It’s a Good Idea!

  • James

    Cool, but why display the user’s profile picture instead of the main offer image?

  • Md hasab

    Yea good id

  • Abdul Alim

    Great Idea. Thanks for making a good decision.

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