This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the fantastic freelancing mums on PeoplePerHour!


Here at PeoplePerHour, we are all about celebrating the fantastic freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs that make up our platform! What better people to focus on this particular Mother’s Day, than the freelancing mum’s of PPH?

We have a wide variety of women that work through PeoplePerHour. Some of these women are not only building themselves a business empire, they are also trying to raise a family too! We recognise this isn’t an easy balance to achieve…

So, with this in mind we are going to dedicate this particular blog to the mum’s out there. The ladies who are not only succeeding in the business world, but are also raising their beautiful families too! Here is a roundup of only a small selection of some of our freelancing mothers this Mother’s Day!

Sam D

If you have read anything about last years PeoplePerHour Freelancer Awards then you may recognise the winner of the Digital Brain of The Year Award. Sam is not only winning awards here on PeoplePerHour but she is also the mother to two daughters. If you have the chance to check out the Awards Ceremony Recap video then you can hear Sam herself thank PeoplePerHour for giving her the chance to spend more time with her girls whilst she ran her own business.

Read more about Sam here!

Joanna N

Another mum making her way in the business world is Joanna. Joanna got into freelancing during her maternity leave 6 years ago and has never looked back since. Whilst she found herself writing for pennies at the very start of her journey, her reputation grew and grew, leading her to be a popular choice for many people visiting the website. So much so that during 2014, Joanna and her husband decided to up sticks and travel around the world. They have never looked back and Joanna knows that she is lucky to be able to experience such amazing things with her family, whilst still being able to work.

Read more about Joanna here!

Joanne B

Social media consultant Joanne knows just how hard it is to juggle freelancing with being a full time mum. Joanna is dedicated to not only growing her business as a very busy social media consultant but also being a mum too. Rather than seeing this as impossible, Joanne embraces the challenges that come with juggling clients and all the tasks that come with looking after children. Not only this but she also strives to develop herself, her knowledge and her skill set too!

Read more about Joanne here!


After growing up in a working class family of five, with a mother who was the main breadwinner due to her father being unable to work, Andrea learnt that sometimes the power of the woman is the best power of all. A mum to 2 children, Andrea wanted to make sure that she could care for and support her children, just like her mum had during her childhood. With a talent for graphic design, Andrea utilised the different clients, projects and jobs on PeoplePerHour to grow her business and expand the services that she can offer.

Read more about Andrea here!


Katie began her freelancing journey after she found herself unable to find a nursery for her daughter during 2012. Realising that this approach just wasn’t for her, she decided to find a way to still satisfy her ambitious nature, whilst spending as much time as possible with her daughter. With a background in marketing, it made sense that she could take this experience and use it to win projects on PeoplePerHour. All whilst balancing night feeds, school runs and mum duties aplenty!

Read more about Katie here!

PeoplePerHour is dedicated to helping both women and men to work for themselves. Working for yourself means that you can set your own working patterns and you can work around the most important thing in your life, your family. It doesn’t matter if you are a hard working mum or a dedicated dad, you can achieve that ever elusive work/life balance with a little help from us. What could be better than that?

So please join us in wishing all the mother’s on PeoplePerHour a very happy Mother’s Day! Please add your wishes for all our mothers in the comments box below.


  • Rajesh Sharma

    I love my mom. But I respect all nation mother’s. And peopleperhour good platform for me and all freelancer.

  • Faisal Shahid

    Thank you for being such an important person in my life.” “With love to an amazing lady…from someone who hopes to be one someday.” “Just wanted to recognize you on Mother’s Day for being such a caring and positive influence in my life. I’m forever grateful, and I look up to you more than you know.”

  • Iqra Ijaz

    I grateful to see this blog by PPH. It is really appreciative and encourages for mums and as well as all women. Thanks PPH for publishing this.

  • Harinder Kaur


    Just Amazing!
    I am also a freelancing mom and it’s feel great to know about other successful freelancer moms . Hats off to you all.
    It’s a privilege to be part of Peopleperhour team.


  • Surinder Kumar


    Kindlebit Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • TITO

    I love My Mother ….. and also love Peopleparhour

  • dhiresh kumar patel


  • moxit shah


  • StudioTM

    great !

  • Sujatha Ananthakrishnan

    There are aspects in life which every sees but many don’t notice – Mothers balancing work and their family and trying to do 100 % justice to both is an arena like that.

    Its really nice of PPH to showcase these blogs – definitely an inspiration to many and real acknowledgement to these moms !!! When such facets of life a lauded , it definitely ripples across many people , promoting them to do more and grow more .

  • Bhupinder

    I do what I want, when I want, where I want… if my mom says it’s ok. 🙂

    Thanks PPH for publishing this.
    I Love People Per Hour

  • jagdeesh

    hello the allow follow ok

  • Bushra

    Peopleperhour is a great platform hopefully that i will be the next successful freelancing Mom,Best wishes for entire world’s Mom because Mom is very Precious gift of God!

  • jeff loki

    wish a successful year for all kind and lovely mums .

  • Joynal sk

    my name joynal sk

  • nasir

    Peopleperhour is a great platform hopefully that i will be the next successful freelancing Mom,Best wishes for entire world’s Mom because Mom is very Precious gift of God!

  • Suzy Khatab

    I am grateful that there are many mums like me, which makes support to me. wish happiness for all


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