Life Story Contest: Official FINALISTS Announced!


Our Life Story competition has come to a close and we have come up with our fantastic finalists! It is now up to you, the PPH community, to vote for your favourite finalists to be our 3 first place winners and our 3 runners-up!

To recap, our 3 first place winners will be awarded:
* £100 Amazon voucher
* 30 PPH credits
* We’ll turn your artwork into a physical product of our choice and mail you a copy.

Our 3 runners-up will be awarded:
* £50 Amazon voucher
* 15 PPH credits
* We’ll turn your artwork into a physical product of our choice and mail you a copy.

Let’s take a look at our selection of finalists (in no particular order):

1) Submitted by Jandira Guasque

My portrait of the Queen celebrates her Majesty 90’s in 2016. It fits the brief because shows how beautiful and full of life this incredible elegant and strong woman is, her life history is told in her exquisite expression with a delicate watercolour illustration!

Queen Elizabeth II_001

2) Submitted by Monica Murgu

My name is Monica Murgu and I am a peopleperhour member. The photo attached represents my entry for the Life Story contest.

Who is the story about? The life story is about me, so it is a selfportrait. It emphasizes the things that make as who we are, our individuality and how I wish to remain a free and unique individual, and not be judged, not having a tag put on me by others who don’t know me. It’s the answer to our everyday question “How can I be more charming, how can I have a wonderful life, how can I be noticed?”. The answer is simple, be yourself, because we all matter for ourselves and dear ones just as much as a queen.

Don't Label Me, Monica Murgu

Don’t Label Me, Monica Murgu

3) Submitted by Toti Jean-Marc Yalé

picture of girls of Africa

4) Submitted by Muhammad Asadullah


5) Submitted by Kate Evans

It is really exciting to join the wonderful artists applying to this competition brief. As soon as I saw the title, I knew which artwork I would pick…


6) Submitted by Farbod Tabaei

It’s about tragic life of a yogi who has lost his all. He lives in a desert with a painful sorrow and he is trying to hide himself from his memories!


7) Submitted by Cristian S. Aluas

I am a Romanian-born Canadian now living in Las Vegas. I lived in Canada from the age of 9-28. I have been an artist my whole life and I became a professional freelancer in 2002, after Animation studies in College and Creative Writing studies in University. I have also been self-publishing my own graphic novels since High School. This year, I completed a short live-action film based on one of my graphic novel creations (a character named “Big Boss”).


8) Submitted by Joel Soetendorp

This is my entry a blog about one of my first jobs with PPH.

Extract: “One day I was invited by a Russian company to write wind up phone messages for an app. It was designed to wait till your mate’s mobile is turned off and then sends them a message like “Your cars been towed” or “You’ve won the lottery”. Hilarious stuff.
But like most apps they needed hundreds of the messages. They were only a couple of hundred words each, easy to write 4 an hour. I suggested my hourly rate and they agreed without haggling (this is a very good thing). Of course they wanted 3 things: originality, funniness and a nasty twist.
The first hundred were fine, the second hundred were a little tougher and then, well they wanted more. Were there more than 200 windups in the world? I was about to find out, as over the next months I was to write 753 of them.”

Read Joel’s full submission here.

9) Submitted by Louise Mole

PPH Comp

10) Submitted by Gorun Evgeniy

Hi! This is documentary video I developed, “Nissi”, a story about my friend from Nigeria. He lose his parents and continue lives in Ukraine. His goes to a dream despite everything.

Which are your favourite submissions? Which submissions should be our 3 winners? It’s down to you to decide!!!

We want you to vote for our contest winners in the comments box below! Just type the 3 names of your favourite finalists and we will compile a list of the top 3 winners and 3 runners-up!

Good luck to our finalists and happy voting!!!




  • Lisa Botfield

    The 3 that stand out for me are Jandira Guasque, Toti Jean-Marc Yale & Louise Mole. I like them all for different reasons and I couldn’t pick a favourite out of all 3! Good luck to all of you.

  • Ed Escueta

    Here are my top 3 favorites!

    Gorun Evgeniy
    Monica Murgu
    Kate Evans

  • ravvov

    Joel Soetendorp, Farbod Tabaei, Louise Mole ………………these all just attract me

  • Joseph

    1st Toti Jean-Mac Yale as a picture speaks 1000 words
    2nd Jandira Guasque
    3rd Kate Evans

  • Rikki Swin

    Gorun Evgeniy

  • Gemma Cusack

    Out of all of them, Kate Evans is my absolute favourite. The fact is she’s done that all using a pencil – that’s a crazy amount of work and just to acknowledge how much time and effort went into that, I’m voting for her. Second choice is the amazing piece by Farbod Tabaei, and finally, Louise Mole. These artists all struck me as intriguing, emotive, narrative pieces with a unique depth to the thought process conveyed in the art through use of negative space, colour and tone. Very interesting, and it would certainly be nice to see one if not all of these artists receive something for their incredible efforts. Well done guys!

  • August

    I personally enjoy Monica Murgu’s effort. I think that photo really tells more than a thousand words.
    And then, there is Kate Evans and Joel Soetendorp. Really amazing work as well!

  • Luigi Macaroni

    my top 3 favorites:

    Monica Murgu
    Toti Jean-Marc Yalé
    Farbod Tabaei

  • Joana

    Hello! My favoriets are:

    Gorun Evgeniy
    Cristian S. Aluas
    Muhammad Asadullah

  • Zaiets Roman

    Great video and great story “NISSI”

    by Gorun Evgeniy


  • Gemma Griffiths

    Kate Evans
    Muhammad Asadullah
    Monica Murgu

    Although many fantastic entries.

  • Adrian

    My top 3 are:

    Monica Murgu,
    Kate Evans,
    Farbod Tabaei

  • Jenna T

    For me, it’s Kate Evans, Jandira Guasque and Cristian S. Aluas. All great pieces.

  • Romello Romcha

    Gorun Evgeniy
    Toti Jean-Marc Yalé
    Jandira Guasque

  • Amanthi T

    I Love Number 5 >3

  • Dana Necula

    Here are my top 3 favorites!

    Monica Murgu
    Muhammad Asadullah
    Cristian S. Aluas

  • Richard E

    Kate Evans, Monica Murgu and Gorun Evgeny faves for me

  • Camelia Stan

    Here are my top 3 favorites!

    Monica Murgu
    Farbod Tabaei
    Cristian S. Aluas

  • Nistor Roxana

    Monica Murgu

    Toti Jean-Marc Yalé

    Muhammad Asadullah

  • edouard statescu

    My favorite for first place is Monica Murgu. For art and original philosophy about life. For second place, the choosing is Kate Evans and third place is Muhammad Asadullah. But I thank you all for art! Best of luck, folks!

  • soniya

    I would like to vote for Monica Murgu, Farbod Tabaei and Louise Mole

  • Mike


  • ruth soetendorp

    Joel Soetendorp, Gurun Evgenyi, Christian S Aluas. All amazing.

  • Al

    Joel Soetendorp. So true.

  • Wallace

    Monica Murgu
    Toti Jean-Marc Yale
    Jandira Guasque.

    These are my favorites.

  • Elena Murgu

    my top are Monica Murgu,Farbod Tabaei,Kate Evans

  • Jerimiah R Thadwick

    Farbod Tabaei

    Toti Jean-Marc Yalé

    Muhammad Asadullah

  • Abel Mohammod

    Farbod Tabaei, Toti Jean-Marc Yalé And Muhammad Asadullah.

    These are speaking to me with beauty. I love art

  • Farah Taylor

    Toti Jean-Marc – Muhammad Asadullah – Monica Murgu

    I love love love the one of the Queen – the UK Queen is such a sweet lady and this artwork is beautiful.

  • Maria Lomas

    Farbod Tabaei
    Cristian S. Aluas
    Monica Murgu

    These are the most beautiful ones. I would like to vote in that order.

  • Lilya Voytko

    My favorite video

    Gorun Evgeniy!

  • Anton Kovalchuk

    Gorun Evgeniy

  • Dolid Sergii

    Gorun Evgeniy

  • Tig

    1. Joel Soetendorp
    2. Monica Murgu
    3. Jandira Guasque

  • Barbara

    Joel by a long mile
    Others don’t figure in my mind!

  • Tetiana Iakhno

    Gorun Evgeniy

  • Rivo

    I really like video about Nissi, so my favorite is Gorun Evgeniy!!!


  • Kateryna Kivalchuk

    Gorun Evgeniy

  • Cherkashchenko Masha

    +1 for “Nissi”, Gorun Evgeniy!

  • Gizo Richard

    Nice work Mr Gorun…..I am a living witness of this true story.

  • Leana Reto

    Gorun Evgeniy & Cristian S. Aluas & Muhammad Asadullah

    Please I vote for these beautiful

  • Olga

    Farbod Tabaei,
    Toti Jean-Marc Yalé
    Muhammad Asadullah

    Very nice

  • Emily Johnson

    WOW these are all so beautiful – but I have to pick three 🙁

    I have to choose:

    1. Muhammad Asadullah
    2. Cristian S. Aluas
    3. Gorun Evgeniy

  • Sabina

    I like it:
    Gorun Evgeniy
    Farbod Tabaei
    Kate Evans

  • Nikitchuk Victoria

    Gorun Evgeniy

  • Ola Oliinyk

    Gorun Evgeniy, “NISSI” is just great…

  • Mulyk Tetyana

    My favorite video

    Gorun Evgeniy!

  • Tatyana Bulgakova

    Gorun Evgeniy

  • Kateryna

    Gorun Evgeniy

  • Linda

    Gorun Evgeniy!!!

    Great job!!!!!

  • Lesley Welsh

    Joel was by far the best. Outstanding on all counts.

  • Elena Constantinescu

    1. Monica Murgu
    2. Louise Mole
    3. Muhammad Asadullah

    These are my favorites.

  • Alice Gould

    Joel Soertendorp is the best!

  • Katie mackin

    My top 3 are
    1 Joel Soetendorp
    2 Kate Evans
    3 Gorun Evgeniy

  • JMG

    Joel Soetendorp –

  • Penny grant

    Joel Soetendorp is my favourite – outstanding

  • ruth

    Joel Soetendorp – what he writes works

  • Isabella Rae

    Joel’s dog stories gave me a much needed laugh. he should definitely be first.

  • zelda harris

    Zelda Harris
    They are all very special so its hard to chose but I give the first three as
    Joel Soetendorp for originality
    Farbod Tabaaei for stunning beauty
    TotiJean Marc Yale….for its simplicity and depth.

  • Donald Trump

    Joel Soetendorp

  • janet


  • Jonathan Baz

    I vote for in this order

    Joel Soetendorp
    Cristian S. Aluas
    Monica Murgu

  • D Grant

    Joel Soetendorp

  • Nick Nockerty

    Joel Soetendorp stood out to me,
    then maybe Tetiana Iakhno.
    Good crop.

  • Sandy Amber

    Joel Soetendorp

    Farbod Tabaei

    Cristian S. Aluas

  • D Simandan

    My vote is

    2 Farbod Tabaei
    3 Gorun Evgeniy

  • Brenda C. Borres

    I vote for #10, 5 and 8.I do love #10 because it is definitely worth emulating,i found it moving and inspiring. I love #5 because of the real natural beauty of a woman in her old age depicted in the sketch, and still appreciating life as it is with her beloved cat by her side and the last one as very witty and very real as a real writer’s life could be.

  • Archima Naderi

    1- Farbod Tabaei
    2- Monica Murgu
    3- Kate Evans

  • Shima Naderi

    NO. 6 – 7 -9 are the best!

  • Mehdi Molaei

    Best Choice and Best Design


  • Bahareh sarraf

    The best in my opinion are:
    1- farbod tabaei
    2- monica murgu
    3- cristian s.aluas
    I really vote for them to be the winners.

  • azam ejlali

    Azam Ejlali

    My VOTE IS:
    1-farbod tabaei
    2–farbod tabaei
    3- Muhammad Asadullah

  • طراحی سایت آژانس

    I really like video about Nissi,

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