Important Announcement Regarding Service Fees


As you know, on March 21st we introduced a new Service Fee scheme. Specifically, newly registered Sellers from that date onwards have been subject to a 20% Service Fee for the first £500 | €600 | $650 earned within the month. For any work billed above said threshold the Service Fee is set at 5% (read more about PPH Fees here).

Established and loyal members, worry not! To date we have honoured the Service Fee scheme that was applicable at the date you registered to avoid incurring any fee increases.

Going forward, so as to be be fair to everyone, we will continue honouring this for our regular and loyal Sellers. Lapsed Sellers who may return at a later date will transition to the new scheme.

Therefore, starting on May 1st if your minimum billing per calendar month is £50 | €60 | $65, you will continue to enjoy your established fee scheme, without any increases. We deliberately set the bar low at only £50 | €60 | $65 in order to make the goal easily attainable!

Bear in mind that if you do miss the monthly goal, you will automatically fall into the newly designed Service Fee scheme. Therefore we advise you to remember to invoice Buyers regularly!

Kind regards,

The PPH team


  • Faryad

    Charge people at will and it would be better than this loyal announcement. Congratulation for becoming the most expensive freelancing platform on the whole planet!

  • mzalewski

    Not sure I’m happy about this. It’s obvious you’re trying to convert existing users over to the newer rates and trying to disguise it as “fair” – and considering that most people will take a holiday., get sick etc I’m sure everyone will eventually be on these rates..

    I’ve never had an issue paying fees, but 20% is a bit much – if you’re going to charge 20%, I really hope there is some new announcement that helps me justify the rate increase.

    Maybe 2x payment processing times per day, 12 hours apart? And on weekends? Better integration with other services? Filtering of unrealistic clients/projects?

    • Kelly

      Many thanks for all of your responses on our service fee announcement.

      PeoplePerHour have always been committed to serving our community in the best possible way and from time to time this does mean raising the commission on site. As a company we invest our profits back into the platform to make constant improvements and the recent increase in commissions is to help us to continue to do so. To that end, we always value feedback from our community and we’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for changes you think we can make that would improve your experience. Please visit our Feedback Requests Forum and let us know!

  • Paul

    Not at all greedy, no? Given I run SaaS platforms, I -really- don’t understand how you can justify this. It doesn’t cost -that- much to run a SaaS platform properly…

  • Paul


    We appreciate that there are costs associated with running the site – we’re not disputing that. But let me answer your request for suggestions on changes with a question:

    How many people are you prepared to lose to other platforms due to this change? For those of us who are VAT registered like myself, for example, if we were forced onto that structure because of a “dry month”, we get £300 out of the first £500. I would be far happier to pay a monthly subscription as with other platforms than this.

    If my account were ever forced onto that structure, then I’m afraid I would go elsewhere. It’s not like there’s a huge amount of work on PPH compared to other platforms, either.

    If you’re having to increase fees by that much then perhaps you need to be looking closer to come as your costs are clearly too high.

  • Paul

    *closer to home

  • Derek Thompson

    We all understand that you have a business model to keep PPH sustainable. The best way you can support freelancers who use PPH is to ensure that jobs are only allowed on to the site if they pay – at the very least! – the UK living wage.

  • Adam

    20% ?? For what?

    Pure and simple it’s a cash grab.

  • Donald

    This is just plain ridiculous! This will only further push those that are struggling, or those that are new further and further away! Newcomers and struggling regulars are already stifled from stiff competition, and deal with many buyers who want to charge abysmally low rates that cannot make a living, so what are they supposed to do? Charge even higher prices to counter the fee, and struggle even more from lack of trust and familiarity? And we wonder why gaps grow so large sometimes…

  • Polly Player

    “Established and loyal members, worry not! To date we have honoured the Service Fee scheme that was applicable at the date you registered to avoid incurring any fee increases.”
    This is not actually true… I joined in 2012 on the fee system BEFORE the one before this, and after a honeymoon period of a year or so, was moved onto the newer system…

  • Zoe S.

    I don’t think anyone is disputing that you have running costs that you need to cover. However:

    – There are at least three days in any given month when the platform falls over/the dashboard is unavailable
    – Far too many jobs are simply there clearly for no other purpose than to test the market rate, and are never awarded
    – Perfectly innocent messages are being moderated out of workstreams for hours at a time, making time-sensitive discussions a nonsense
    – At least three clients have mentioned that they don’t receive notifications, or don’t see messages in the workstream that have NO trigger words or reason for moderation; they just aren’t there
    – Two regular clients in recent months have disappeared from PPH, never to return (or their ‘last seen’ would appear to indicate that this is so), both of whom had been complaining about the messaging issues in the weeks prior
    – Email support appears to have completely vanished in the past month (I had an urgent issue on behalf of a client last week, and no one ever responded – thankfully it resolved itself)

    Provide a platform that actually works reliably, and you might be able to justify the cost. Otherwise, 20% is taking the proverbial.

  • Eno Eteng

    I would have been happier if something was given to Sellers such as extra connects. Why would I have to get stuck with my 15 connects and still have to pay 20% of work done with such a measly amount of Connects? At least on Upwork, I get to bid for 30 jobs with free connects. Here, we pay for everything: profile features, extra connects, etc!

    Now I hear that new users also have to pay for their applications to be approved same day; something every other freelance site does for free. Why is this the case?

  • Marc

    WOW a random 20% charge for what? Just another example of a good idea turned nasty due to greedy manipulators. Sing me out, I am gone. I would not have minded if part of the fee went to someting worthwhile like animal charity but to enrich profiteers is a bit rich. I will be spreading the word with all my contacts. A good idea turned bad due to greedy corporate people.

  • Ionut D

    They are copying Upwork.

  • Alice

    I have to join in here and express my displeasure about the fees. I really love the platform, its interface and user friendliness, but as someone else mentioned, the service is not better than what you find on other less well-designed but less expensive platforms. One of the main issues is that many credits go wasted on projects that never get awarded and buying more credits is expensive, so some of us end up not bidding on projects that we are interested in because we only have 15 credits a month. Wasting free credits on fakes or on people who set unrealistic budgets is one thing, wasting money on it is just not acceptable. The other problem is that such fees make small jobs just not worth taking up, and some freelancers are on these platforms exactly for the small kind of flexible projects that can be adapted to their other jobs or commitments.

    Overall, this makes me feel like you are trying to make money out of people who are desperate and therefore willing to accept ridiculous payments for their work, as the buyers won’t be willing to pay more just because the sellers pay higher fees. I am also worried that this might create a negative spiral in which the quality of the work, both offered and provided, will keep decreasing, forcing serious professionals to use other platforms.

  • e wright

    For new people trying to get established on this site the cost is extortionate. I joined 2 weeks ago and the fee was 20% on the first £350 earned in a month. Two weeks’ later that was put up to to 20% on the first £500? I will be looking at other sites I’m afraid.

  • Kieran

    PPH fees ‘falling off a cliff again’? Or simply copying Upwork who recently changed their model to a similar system, only to see freelancers leave in mass to other platforms. As a long term PPHer, we all know from past experience, that it’s only a matter of time until either ‘lapsed’ seller limit is raised or everyone is moved to the new model.

    Giving the amount of timewasters/scammers and lack of moderation recently, this is really is an appalling decision. Really just a matter of time now before some enterprising individual sees the ever-widening gap in the market and undercuts you and Upwork. And, like Upwork, you’ll never see those customers again.

  • Allison McCafferty

    “Therefore, starting on May 1st if your minimum billing per calendar month is £50 | €60 | $65, you will continue to enjoy your established fee scheme, without any increases. We deliberately set the bar low at only £50 | €60 | $65 in order to make the goal easily attainable!

    Bear in mind that if you do miss the monthly goal, you will automatically fall into the newly designed Service Fee scheme. Therefore we advise you to remember to invoice Buyers regularly!:

    I think what you forget occasionally is that your loyalty should be to your long term freelancers and you should return this loyalty, rather than constantly pushing the boundaries of what people will put up with. Many of your freelancers are established businesses who find work in many different ways, not only via the PPH platform and there are months where people may choose not to work, have too much work from other places or just want to manage their own workloads without being told where they have to bill from. With over 8 years experience via PPH I have to say if you put me onto the new service fee scheme you would lose my business completely.

    I also agree with Zoe’s comments above, your moderation of messages at the moment is completely overkill and I am often getting emails about messages, and then when I log in to the site, they don’t appear in the workstream. I would address these issues before taking such a large commission from people.

  • Ben

    I think it’s also important to note the change to minimum charging which seems to have been glossed over somewhat and is significant for anyone offering small, low cost projects.

    Where it used to be the minimum charge was £1.20 (£1.00 + VAT), it is now £3.00 (£2.50 + VAT). So, any non-VAT registered sellers offering a £10.00 Hourlie will now be charged 30% which is ridiculous. I, for one, have revised my service offerings to factor this in, meaning I no longer offer clients small, quick jobs at a low price as they’re simply not worthwhile anymore. This is surely to everyone’s detriment – buyers who would have to pay sellers a larger minimum fee for a small project, sellers who lose out on the clients who won’t do that, and PPH for reduced custom.

    For me, what adds insult to injury, is the poor communications around rate rises. Unless I completely missed the announcement, this was not pre-warned. I only noticed when I saw increased fees being taken from the aforementioned Hourlies. It would have been nice to have been given a bit of notice to that my service could have been adjusted ahead of the event.

  • David

    What about the freelancers that do regular big projects that span more than a month? Netting you big money but won’t come under this new rule. This is ridiculous. Might just offer my clients some free hours and move them elsewhere. Shame because other than the fees, I like this platform.

  • Neil Bannet

    Yay! Xenios is the best 🙂 He deserves this 😉

  • Jennifer

    I can only agree with the general consensuses above.

    And as Allison mentioned herself, we run a consultancy that does not draw most its clients from PPH. We do still have a well established profile and have worked on the site for about 6 years now; however, due to the nature of what we sell – and the fact that most of our work is from referrals – we could go one or two months easily without billing on PPH. Then when we would bill, it would be for bigger amounts.

    I also assume the 20% is pre VAT, so actually after this new fee and VAT – it’s more like 30% we’d lose???

    We’ve billed out a decent amount with yourselves over the years but we, like many I’m sure, we will not be paying this increase in rate.

    In regards to your statement, “Bear in mind that if you do miss the monthly goal, you will automatically fall into the newly designed Service Fee scheme. Therefore we advise you to remember to invoice Buyers regularly!”
    Very poorly chosen words, I’m afraid.

    One of the things that sets us apart from others, too, is our service. I will certainly NOT rush to bill out clients, Kelly, just to suit PPH. Sorry.

    We also can’t force a client to pay.
    We wouldn’t want to lose clients because we’ve pushed them to clear their invoice as we needed ‘cleared’ funds that month. Is this really what you are suggesting??

    What if the Buyer is away – or doesn’t pay on time?
    I’ve had clients take months to complete a job – because they are busy and sometimes things take longer than planned.

    Instead of putting all the pressure on sellers to fix PPH’s cash flow issues – again I agree – why not solve the existing issues the site has rather than create more issues?

    I’ve worked with big tech sites – member sites, SaaS etc and you’re making a mistake. A big one.
    You can’t raise your rates with existing customers without HUGE benefits FIRST being shown to said customers.

    Sorry guys, you got this one very wrong.

  • Luke Horsman

    I used to get steady work through this site. For years I built up a decent profile through determination and grit and have returning clients to show for it.

    But now I struggle to find decent projects and clients within the slew of time wasters , spammers and people with no budgets and no respect for professionals on the PPH jobs lists.

    Regulate the website properly , then when that’s back to how it used to be , charge me the extra money.

  • Matt

    So essentially you’re aiming to punish your loyal and returning visitors if they dare take a holiday, get sick, or have any other reason why they’re unable to bill £50 in a 30 day period. And for your less active users, you’re giving them even less incentive to consider your platform for future work as you plan to make it insanely cost prohibitive.

  • Jude Irvine

    I agree with a lot of the previous comments. 20% fee and maintaining you are being fair to you loyal PPH’ers? I think not!! If this site were in fact attracting quality buyers who actually want to pay a reasonable rate for services, rather than having to trawl through pages of adverts wanting services for a few £’s per hour or a fixed rate of £50 for 40-100 hours work (yes, they’re are pages of these jokers!), then perhaps you could justify your fee structure. However, the quality of listings is ridiculous and I will not be wasting my time any further with PPH. Goodbye!

  • Sam Wood

    I completely concur with the other opinions being expressed here. We all understand the need to cover running costs but this new structure takes no account of the fact that a freelancer may not always invoice or work every month. This would be far fairer if it were an average set over a number of months. As it stands, if I don’t submit an invoice for £50 one month I’m immediately shifted to the new, more expensive model. That’s hardly fair.

    Also, as mentioned by others too, there’s a vast number of jobs on PPH which are either not awarded, people trying to scam freebies or offering rates which don’t even come close to the minimum wage. I could spend all month on PPH bidding for jobs and not being awarded a single one, with my bids being eroded by jobs which fall into one of these categories. Clearly if I’m bidding and trying to secure work I’m not a “lapsed seller” but if I am unsuccessful in getting work one month I’m being hit with the double whammy of being shifted to the more expensive commission structure.

    This is unfair in the extreme but judging from the response from PPH they don’t really care.

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  • MArk Beswick

    Let me get this straight, if we only manage to make £600 in a month we only receive £495 of it ? so you take a whopping £105 from us ? Maaan thats unreal, loan sharks take less cut than you. Add that to the fact your de-valueing british freelancers with a site now diluted with indian developers who work for peanuts in a completely different economy to ours, THATS IT FOR ME, im done with your website as are my team.

    Make up you excuses as much as you like. You are taking advantage and nothing more. You clearly do not care about your loyal customer base !!

    I know someone who will be very interested in publishing this in a freelance magazine so watch this space 🙂 Well done in making one of the best 3 freelance websites into probably one of the worst. You will soon learn what happens to greedy companies.

  • MArk Beswick

    just wow

  • Anna Kryzhanivska

    The worst idea ever…
    I work here for 2 years and I have TOP cert.
    I join most comments above that pph falls to often, notifications don’t work properly, messages disappear from workstreams and these new fees and rules are just disgusting!
    Hey guys, just think again about these “fair” scheme and cancel them before it’s too late, as it looks like I’ll have to replace myself somewhere else from pph and thousands of other guys too.

  • S Miscandlon

    This is just disgusting. I have a long-term client on PPH who I have been invoicing for £200.00 every 4-6 weeks since 2011.

    When I started the job I was paying 4.5% commission (£9.00) leaving net earnings of £191.00.
    You later increased service fees to 18% including VAT (£32.55) leaving net earnings of £167.45.
    You’re now increasing your fees to 24% including VAT (£48.00) leaving net earnings of £152.00.

    In what way is this rewarding long-term loyalty?

  • Pedro

    An app Android / iphone would be good again please. The mobile web app is always full of bugs and logs out evey time you go out of the browser. Surely but now you can invest some of these fees into getting the app back up and running again? Helps when on the move etc.

  • Stephen James

    20% !! So, after taxes and PPH has taken its chunk, freelancers will be lucky to see 50% of any fee for a job. (And given the ‘race to the bottom’ that characterizes much of this site, that’s usually 50% of not very much.) The good news is that there are lots of options for freelancers to find work out there, so this announcement helps clarify exactly which of those options aren’t worth focusing any effort on.

    Good luck with attracting and retaining quality freelancers in future, because I reckon you’ll need it!

  • Faryad


    I have reported more than 100 bugs and feature requests over the years and VERY FEW of them have been fixed or added. Those were mission-critical. The platform is getting worse and worse each day and more expensive as everyone can see.

    Nevertheless, according to my past experience, I prefer not to talk much because it leads to nowhere on this platform. Keep losing more people/pros.


  • Liam D

    This site is made for freelancers not large corporate companies. 20% + VAT is very expensive I would be better marketing my services via Google or Facebook. What does not help is international sellers undercutting you for less than minimum wage. I never know what you are charging me per job and often I end up making allot let than expected. We need to pass these costs on to our clients and often they go else-wear because the prices are too high. I have had a number of buyers become abusive and threatening and you offer no support. I like many will be reviewing alternative platforms.

  • Marco Daniel Ferreira Carapito

    I will leave a short opinion here, regarding pricing:

    The reason I left Upwork and dedicated solely on PPH, was their business fees and payment security delays.

    Looks like PPH copies the fees part. I will be leaving if PPH makes any sort of payment delay as well.

    Thank you

  • Derrick

    Just like I left Upwork after greed prevailed, I will be making this a short stay too, If you guys present it as you guys have too many shenanigans. You have to know that we do not have to use your service there are many other ways/choices options, don’t over reach and take things for granted you don’t grow business like that- Being greedy.

    I was charged a fee for someone canceling on me because after starting he realized it was too difficult and he could not figure it out and did not want me to delayed further because of his inability- he fairly and rightfully admitted he could not do the job so he advised me he was going have to return the deposit and did then PPH took a fee from me- That’s an example of greed and bad business.

  • Eric Zebu

    Thank you very much!
    That’s fair play.
    The strength of a freelancing platform is in its back-office service, development team, and hardware infrastructure.
    Increasing the fees is legitimated once some transparent goals are guaranteed to the user.
    Using such funds in research and development for the comfort and productivity of the optimisation of the hiring process of freelancer: that’s great!
    20% is acceptable and fair, and common in the industry.

  • Lea

    Curious if you fall below the 50 threshold for just one month, are you on the new fee scheme for life? Or if you attain above 50 in sales the next month can you go back to your original scheme?

  • Mabelle


    The reason why I freelance is because I want to have a choice when to work and when not to. I understand that laying off work for a couple of days weeks will make my cert ranking suffer and that’s fine by me – that’s the price I have to pay. But to penalize me for not working by making me “fall” into the new 20% scheme doesn’t seem right.

  • Ulrich

    Looks like the straw that will break the camel’s back!
    If someone earns 600 Euros in a month, he will get charged 120 Euros by PPH.
    120 Euros for running a marketplace?
    I wouldn’t mind so much the 20%, if the threshold had not also been increased quite a bit.
    Time to look for other platforms I guess…

  • Sean

    So apparently the first line of the second paragraph ‘…worry not!’ is completely misleading, because you are not honouring those that have supported PPH for many years and paid £1,000s in fees, but creating a situation where they can be taken onto this new fee arrangement.

    It is all well and good to say that it is attainable, but you’re not working under arrangements where work is periodical and often unpredictable and it is indeed not uncommon, even as someone who has billed £10,000s through PPH, I didn’t bill anything in July last year. This would have resulted, under these new rules, for me to have been subject to these new rates.

    in terms of PR this is appalling. Not a good move at all!!!

    This is the third or fourth time in recent years that PPH has increased its rates (for new joiners), but this last extra element is completely uncalled for. For the sake of what? You risk alienating and annoying your most experienced and oldest customers. Ridiculous.

  • Chris Plummer

    The change to freelancer fees is bad, but at least we can absorb this as marketing costs and account for it in our pricing, the change to buyers fees, however; are worse, far worse, it’ll just out them off, well the more serious ones anyway and there’s precious few of these on PPH.

    Looking at an average fee of £2,500 previously this would cost the client £47.50 to load to the system, it will now cost them £125.60, they won’t push to this, 1.9% was bad enough.

  • Umer Farooq

    PPH clearly has no intentions of respecting the loyalty of its rather most precious asset (the long-time sellers), who earns them these fee cut that they mostly runs on. It is ridiculous to ask them to raise up these regular invoices because most of the Top Sellers like me, surely have good work relationships in place and sprints designed which may well go unpaid over a month easily (based on the size of the projects).

    Over the time, I have got PPH a number of buyers from other platforms and my personal contacts, merely for the reason that it’d remain cheaper as a service. Now, that advantage going out the window, I don’t believe I can keep on convincing the clients anymore.

    One or many of the following would happen from when the new service fee is imposed on the long time sellers,

    – They’ll leave the platform (and for good) since for top cert sellers here, it is not a daunting task by any means to find work elsewhere
    – They’ll stop inviting external buyers/clients to the platform
    – They’ll figure out ways to cheat the PPH system (and there are many to avoid this new service fee structure :))
    – They’ll start invoicing their clients out of PPH (and trust me, it is not a difficult task for a seasoned freelancers to convince even the new client to move out of PPH for payments etc)

    Knowing that there’d be no action from PPH management to fix it (based on similar requests and cross discussions in the past), but it is our responsibility to raise up our concerns on the matter, importantly for them to learn from these arguments later on.

  • mesut can


  • More Fees Please

    This is ridiculous! On top of everything, dont forget PPH will charge you 20% VAT on that 20% fee…
    It was nice while it lasted, goodbye greedy platform.

  • Moh

    Bear in mind that if you do miss the monthly goal, you will automatically fall into the newly designed Service Fee scheme. Therefore we advise you to remember to invoice Buyers regularly!

    Is this Saw movie ?

  • Glen

    And on top of this we have to pay tax to the government.

    Well played and bye bye

  • Aliya Ambreen

    We are the freelancers not an employee. Sometimes we get more than one project in a month and earn more money in a month, sometimes the one project take’s more than a month. I personally prefer to take one project at a time because I don’t want to effect the quality of my work, my major concern is to satisfy my client.
    The conclusion is that I really do not like this NEW SERVICE FEES SCHEME, this will put extra pressure on freelancers mind. that we have to earn more than 50 pounds on every month at any cost, then how can we concentrate on our work.
    I am actually very disappointed.

  • Glen

    I think you need a new name, one combining your top sellers as they’ll be the only ones who remain. It’s a bit like a commission-based scheme where you earn little and often but you won’t get any payment until you reach the threshold. WAY too much pressure to justify sticking around for anyone that doesn’t already have an existing client list purely through PPH.

  • Chris Plummer

    oh, I see you’ve stopped even telling buyers there’s a fee during the checkout process, it just gets added on…..

  • Adrian Hewitt

    This could be the death knell for PPH. 20% commission + the vat brings it to 24%. The knock on effects will be;

    Prices go up to factor in the rise. Buyers will then either go elsewhere, or use less experienced sellers where the work isn’t at the level desired, hence disappointing the client who will then no longer use PPH.

    Encourage sellers to take clients off line, meaning PPH will lose commissions entirely.

    It’s clear that this £50 per month minimum, or your commission goes up, is designed to slowly ensure that more and more PPHers are put on to the 20%.

    I’ve noticed lately that there has already been a sharp decline in jobs being posted, as well as the quality. Last month, of the 30 proposals I submitted, only half were actually awarded. This doesn’t just eat up credits but wasted a lot of time on writing proposals for people who are looking for cheap labour, or simply on a fishing trip. To add insult, despite this you have the temerity to charge for further credits.

    The questions asked, rarely get posted up, despite adhering to the PPH t&cs. Yet fraudulent posts, such as the one I received a week or so ago, purportedly from PPH customer services, slip through. It was directly to me and stated that PPH had awarded me £5,000 for my loyalty. It was sent internally, so looked genuine. I reported it and all that came back was a message saying ‘whoops, sorry about that, it slipped past our moderation’. No announcement was made warning others of this potential fraud attempt (it requested personal information so the £5,000 bonus could be processed).

    Payments are being processed slower, too.

    So, in short, the site is getting worse in functionality, security, communication and jobs on offer, so your answer is to hike up the commission. Has this really been thought through?

    All it will achieve is to drive good freelancers away from the site, and leave PPH vulnerable to someone starting a similar business model, but with a lower commission.

  • Sally

    I feel completely demotivated! One of my regular clients now wants to quit using PPH and I am sure that he is one of many. I have worked hard to build up my ranking but I know feel that I may have wasted my time. One late payment from a client could see me converted to the new system and then I would have to give up on PPH because it simply wouldn’t be worth my while to take on the work.

    I think that it will soon be time to move on to pastures new.

  • Lisa

    The service PPH offer isn’t amazing – if you are charging premium rates give a premium service. If I’m paying for champagne don’t give me a glass of water.

    1. If I rate someone 5 out of 5 why do I then get an email with a rating going up to 10 for the same job to find out the rating again that the other party will never know about. Secret ratings/monitoring seems extreme.

    2. No messages were coming through for ages and now I get most messages twice and some messages not at all.

    3. Then I have to put up with people messaging me offering to “do the job” and I have to respond to tell them they are in the wrong part of PPH and that they are messaging me about an advert that sells MY services. If I don’t message them PPH email me “you have an unread message. Respond within x amount of hours or we will downgrade your account”

    What is the incentive to join PPH for new people?? I really don’t know.

  • Matt G. Leger

    I appreciate that your costs for running this site are probably going up, as most people’s do, and that users who don’t make any transactions in a given month are a net loss for you. But I have been discouraged from using PPH for some while now as it is, since it becomes disheartening to bid against 80 or more others for the same job (almost always with a low-ball piecework amount offered) and get no response. Hiking my cost to 20% of any transaction just for not being able to make whatever £50 currently comes to in US dollars one month is probably going to be the last straw.

    If you actually showed some improvement in your service as a result of your alleged re-investment of profits back into the company, I might be more inclined to tolerate the higher fees. But judging by the comments I read here, long-standing problems are still not being remedied and complaints from long-time users – you know, the ones you’re supposedly so loyal to, like me – go unanswered with anything but typical PR boilerplate replies.

    You people need to rethink this whole scheme, and pronto. There have to be other ways to compensate for rising costs besides gouging your most reliable users.

  • Ian

    The new fee will impact everyone, we all now that, poor attempt to disguise.

    The big issue on the site is quality of buyers, to many low budget jobs these days, attract buyers with proper budgets and you can justify a premium as is afraid not.

    Implement a filter, advise clients their job can;t be posted as they do not have a sufficient budget. Do that and you can justify a premium.

    You completely fail to regulate sellers who spam in the clarification board, sick of reporting it, how many jobs go grey (client gone) and stay that way, sort that and you can justify a premium.

    Upwork is bad, however they have more large budget jobs, guru is small however they have more large budget jobs.

    You get the idea, sort out your offering & then you can justify a premium.


  • adrian beesley

    So I can’t take a few weeks holiday without being punished?
    If I invoice a client and they are late paying I get punished?
    (And if they simply never pay I’ve never had any useful support from PPH at all.)
    If I take on a big job that spans more than a month (and earns PPH lots of money) I also get punished because I only invoice when the job is complete.

    Great way to piss off the longtime PPHers who built your business. If you really want us to not worry then reward a longterm seller with reduced rates, not increased! If that’s your idea of loyalty then of course the top-rated sellers will soon find work elsewhere.

  • Les King

    While you are entitled to charge whatever you like, please don’t dress-up a massive fee increase as being ‘fair’.

    Although I have gained a lot of business from PPH over several years, it can be quite ‘sporadic’ – most of the projects are initially ‘one-off’ and, while I do get quite a lot of repeat business, this is by no means a regular monthly commitment.

    As I understand it, one only needs to fall-down on the minimum for a single month in order to be charged the higher rates forever after.

    And what exactly are all of these ‘improvements’ to the platform?

    I can’t say that I have noticed much change in the last year and there are several niggling problems:

    1/ Irritating notices keep popping-up, which get in the way of typing the bid and are difficult to clear.

    2/ Where the client has a specific budget, you force a minimum bid in the name of ‘fairness’, even where my judgement suggests that the budget is far too high – you don’t operate the same ‘fairness’ policy with regard to maximum bids, presumably because that would reduce your fee.

    3/ Where there is no budget, I am often advised to make a higher bid, based on other bids which have been made – that seems to work directly against the interests of the buyers.

    4/ And what can you say about support – If I have a problem, it takes about 3 days to get any response and that is usually to a question I never asked.

    5/ there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of malware protection – I have downloaded several viruses from PPH and won’t now touch any ZIP files which seems to be the main way of hiding them.

    6/ Neither does the seller get any real protection from PPH – last year, I was ripped-off by a buyer who demanded a discount for an agreed fixed-price job before he would pay the bill – in reality, he had been overdue with several previous invoices and only challenged this one well-after it was due for payment.

    Last week, he was advertising again on PPH and it took 5 days to get a non-response when I pointed this out.

    As night follows day, the new supplier will have difficulty in getting paid.

    I think that 20% fees are far too high for what you offer – they were reasonable but you are now charging a ‘Rolls Royce’ price for a ‘Skoda’ service.

  • Davey Joe Mcclure

    This is ridiculous, let me get this straight. First of all there is limited bids and a charge if i want to apply for more, 13/15 times the person posting the job doesn’t even reply within the month or at all, so that bid is basically gone. Even then the buyer pays under the working wage and you still take a cut from it. Is there even any kind of vetting on the buyer side of things… but then Hey psst It doesn’t matter how skilled you are because you can just pay the charge to be featured, thats fair ammirite?
    The website is so clunky and occasionally doesn’t even work, once you send a proposal that’s it. You better hope you haven’t made a error because unless they reply, that miss spelling or lack of a vital portfolio piece will be looming over you like a dark cloud.
    You are the struggling to my artist.

  • Leandro

    It seems to me that there is an increase in fees every year, sugar coated with empty promises of nothing. Already prices have hit rock bottom and you have 60+ bids on some projects, bids for which we also have to pay. This is looking increasingly like the new, only that there you get practically never ending bids for a very low price, while here they cost significant money.

    Quite honestly, what is the point of staying here? Have you calculated how much money a freelancer would make in here now? I am pretty sure most freelancers work on multiple platforms and personally i am already focusing elsewhere.

  • Alvin B.






    all your eggs

    in one basket.

  • melvin

    I was shocked that after purchasing a Service and the Seller cancelling because she was not able to complete the Job, that PPH charges a cancellation fee.

    So in case you want to re order from another seller you cant, unless you deposit more funds and incur yet more charges.

    Definitely not a friendly platform and the fees charged are really without merit

    • Kelly

      Hi Melvin,

      I’m very sorry to hear of your frustrations. Do please email us at for some assistance with this. Thank you and Happy Easter!

  • Sotiris

    The one ridiculous decision after the other…

  • Ivan

    I don’t usually write comments on here, but I have to say I find it difficult to understand people’s concerns over this. It’s probably due to my own interpretation of the situation, but paying $30 more doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Regardless of where you live, the platform itself presents you with so many opportunities to do what you love and to earn money while doing it and if you are making more than $600 per month, I really don’t see how $30 is a big issue.

    Times are rapidly changing and even though the platform itself has its drawbacks it is by far the best platform for freelancers out there. I’ve had experiences with multiple platforms and had to deal with customer support on many of them and PPH is by far the most responsive and caring from all of them.

    What’s more, on other platforms, including UpWork, I do feel like the next worker with clients being the top priority, while I here I do believe that PPH takes far more care in motivating and making their freelancers feel like true professionals.

    It may take them some time, but they’ve always responded to people’s requests and I do feel like they are moving in the right direction.

    Plus, if you don’t have AdBlock, you might be able to see that they are constantly promoting their content out there and in fact I was wondering last month how they manage to cope with the costs of this advertising push.

    In fact, if you’ve seen a huge raise in views of your hourly, seemingly unexpectedly, chances are they had you featured on an ad. Yes, their ads directly include the people’s hourlies. So it is as if you were paying for your own promotion.

    There is a rise in clients who are testing the waters, but PPH are dealing with that as far as I believe. And this only reflects that their ad campaign was in a sense successful.

    Plus, their new competition leads me to believe that they will again push with a new ad campaign.

    As other comments have mentioned, there’s nothing stopping you from trying out new platforms and not “keeping your eggs in one basket.” In fact, I encourage you to try out different platforms and to find the perfect one for you.

    For some, the right platform might be another one, for me personally it is PPH, because I love the community, the support and the way the platform is built, allowing you to express the professional you are, instead of simply trying to appeal to clients.

    That’s about it. Just wanted to share my thoughts.


  • David Robinson

    20% for the first £500? I’m lucky enough to be on the old charging system which is probably around a third of what you have hiked it up to. However, if I ever get put on the 20% system I’m gone (like thousands of other people on here I would imagine).

  • Asanka

    I’m getting sick of PPH as a buyer. Far too many low quality sellers who flaunt others work. PPH doesn’t do any form of verification and buyers end up footing the bill. Ultimately, this affects those good sellers and buyers alike.

    Not only have they increased sellers fees, now we pay buyers fees for every transaction as well. Might be a matter of time before there’s an exodus of buyers/sellers.

  • Rob

    Here I was thinking that I was the only person not happy with the increase but from what I can see there are MANY unhappy people… I think that this type of change will lead many people to move to other Freelancing websites, myself included…

    I already miss out on a lot of work by “clarifications” taking ages to be verified and on weekends well….. this is pretty much non-existant – aswell as support – There have been many times when I have contacted support and been told to “send another email in a couple of days” – Also would this 20% increase mean that the fake users that are “supposedly moderated, checked and verified” would dissappear? Over the last couple of weeks there have been many situations where jobs have been posted with Viruses in attachments and are STILL on your website despite people commenting and reporting to support…. The below example is 2 weeks old…..

    I too think that existing PPHer´s shouldnt be penalised…..

  • Nancy Callegari

    Do you realise that a lot of ‘strong’ businesses are walking away from this platform, taking a lot of clients with them? I’ve had countless offers to bill privately. It’s happening. People are deserting this site and it will happen more and more, leaving you with what? The dross, the scammers, and the unscrupulous. Can’t you see this? Take advice from many of the business experts who actually use this site. You’re penalising the wrong people

    I received the ‘job’ purporting to be from PPH with a £5000 loyalty bonus. I questioned it and didn’t even receive a reply. It was a very, very authentic looking post purporting to be from customer services. These are the things you should be concentrating on.

    Finally, building up your business whilst also doing the same for ours is achievable. This is the wrong method of doing it. Less is more. Greed is the enemy and will bring everyone down in the long term. I urge you to rethink and come up with attractive ways of encouraging people – not punish, punish, punish all the time.

  • jignesh

    Plus vat 8-10 %

    I am not going to use this platform anymore………though I am a TOP cert

  • Umar Bahadoor

    This is ridiculous, I mainly work on large projects which span over few months. So that means, I’ll be automatically switched to the new rate? Looks like a way to prevent this is to have a friend sign up, and then invoice them around £50 every month to make sure I’m not switched. That means giving you £7.5 every month. Can’t you just have that as an option: “for those who done want to be switched to the new rates, you can choose to pay a subscription of £8 per month…”

    I’d pay, but at the same time, there needs to be improved service. Proper moderation of jobs and maybe have a deposit for job placements. Too many jobs that I bid on simply gets canceled. Often the seller is just looking for prices.


  • Michael Watson

    Nice one guys but late for April fools

  • Dragan Beljan

    Why, why greed everywhere?

    This is nothing then one more punch in face, but this time from PPH.

    If this new rule start, im sure most of sealers including me will avoid PPH with regular clients and chose direct payment.

    No sense any more pay more taxes.

    Like people in Arabic country say, Khalivali, mean. I.don’t care anymore.


  • BBD

    WOW! buyers never pay here good amount of money, plus service fee is 20%, i think this time PPH will fall.

  • Graham R.

    This is precisely the direction of travel that caused me to take my top cert and £2k a month billings off this platform some time ago. Quality of buyers and search algorithms plummeted, and professional long-term freelancers on the site are continually expected to subsidise PPH’s poor decision making.


  • Gadi Bizinyan

    What is DEMORALIZING for me to discover is that you PPH now have implemented a minimum Service Fee per invoice: £2.5 | €3 | $3.5 (excl. VAT). I thoroughly read all the comments in this post. All the users who complained about the service fees being raised for old sellers from 15% to 20% probably missed the provision in the T&C about the minimum service fee per invoice. There’s only one user (Ben) who actually mentioned it. As Ben wrote, this new change about minimum service fee per invoice has never been communicated publicly. I checked my transactions backwards in time and I can identify this starting from the 22nd of March 2017.

    In my opinion, this minimum fee per invoice is by far the biggest disappointing change for sellers. The impact is mainly on sellers who are selling services via their Hourlies. Talking in USD, every Hourlie that is priced less than $100 and is purchased in a quantity of 1, upon invoicing the seller is going to pay more than 3.5% even if the seller has already passed the minimum monthly threshold (£175 | €240 | $265) to be eligible for a 3.5% service fee.

    To date, 77% of the Hourlies offered in PPH are below $100. I do not know what is the percentage sellers earn by selling Hourlies vs. bidding projects or being hired directly, but at least for me, selling Hourlies constitutes the majority of my income in PPH. If my Hourlies cost $50 (and they cost less), on every billing I’m losing a service fee of at least 7%. Now assuming my Hourlie would be priced at just $20 (Third of the Hourlies offered in PPH are $20 or below!), the service fee is going to be 17.5%, that is even more vicious than the regular 15% service fee! Even if selling in one month $2,000 worth of Hourlies which are priced at $20, a seller is still going to pay for it 17.5% service fee. This is not fair.

    I am going to be affected by the minimum service fee per invoice much more than if I ever to be transferred from the 15% service fee to the 20% service fee. I think the minimum service fee per invoice is impacting the sellers more aggressively than the regular service fee increase from 15% to 20%.

    Lastly, your online T&C were last updated on the 1st of March, 2017. I believe it is ILLEGAL for you to apply new charges on old sellers starting from the 1st of May, when 4 weeks later (today is the 28th of May, 2017) your T&C is not yet updated with the transition between the 15% to 20% service fee for old sellers who didn’t qualify for your monthly billing benchmark.

  • Arman Mazlum

    It’s quite simple PPH, you’ll lose the quality people who are currently lining your pockets.

    You’re not the only platform out there providing this service and frankly the hard working freelancers operating on here don’t care about your greed-fuelled sophistry when they’re losing the money they need to pay their bills.

  • Nick

    Loyal user for 5 years but now I have to pay more because I didn’t invoice for a month??!?!

    You’ve ensured that this feels like a punishment for not using the platform enough despite my most recent project running into the 0000’s. Also I can’t help but feel that you chose May specifically because its a slow month.

    I think you need to reassess how you treat your sellers – the people paying you!

  • Starglider

    PPH Fees (Euros 06-2017)

    Amount You earn PPH earn PPH %
    35.00 26.60 8.40 24.00
    100.00 76.00 24.00 24.00
    150.00 114.00 36.00 24.00
    200.00 152.00 48.00 24.00
    250.00 190.00 60.00 24.00
    300.00 228.00 72.00 24.00
    350.00 266.00 84.00 24.00
    400.00 304.00 96.00 24.00
    450.00 342.00 108.00 24.00
    500.00 380.00 120.00 24.00
    550.00 418.00 132.00 24.00
    600.00 461.72 138.28 23.05
    650.00 508.72 141.28 21.74
    700.00 555.72 144.28 20.61
    750.00 602.72 147.28 19.64
    800.00 649.72 150.28 18.79
    850.00 696.72 153.28 18.03
    900.00 743.72 156.28 17.36
    950.00 790.72 159.28 16.77
    1000.00 837.72 162.28 16.23
    1500.00 1307.72 192.28 12.82
    2000.00 1777.72 222.28 11.11
    4000.00 3657.72 342.28 8.56
    10000.00 9297.72 702.28 7.02

    WTF lol?

  • Starglider

    Better formatted (readable version of my previous post)

    PPH Fees (Euros 06-2017)

    Amount——–You earn——-PPH earn——–PPH %

    PPH 24 + Corp tax + Pers tax = WTF….

  • My PeoplePerHour Review - Can You Earn A Full Time Income?

    […] The percentages changed for new users in March this year. If you are a new user from 21st March 2017 then you will be charged 20% of your first £500 (€600, $650) earnings in the month – this decreases to 5% for any income above this amount. […]

  • Roozbeh Farhadi

    Yet another stupid idea from PPH. I understand that the owner of PPH is a greek guy but he lives in the UK. So, im sure he doesn’t need to charge the poor freelancers such high prices to ay for his country of origion (greece) debts!! We are freelancers and we do have other stuff in our lives. We do take a break from this site every now and then as well and when we do come back after a while, we get hit in the face by this stupid 20% fee…

    Perfect idea.. Not.

    I sometimes wonder if this Greek guy sits at home and wonders how to piss people off and comes up with these stupid ideas just to do that.

  • Simon Kohli

    I’m about to charge £250 and you want to take £60? What happened to PPH? It used to be a fair platform. But now I’m seriously thinking about not using it on a matter of principle. I honestly can’t believe you have a bury-you-head-in-the-sand business plan. You should actually listen to us. We could help you build a truly awesome business that dominates the Freelancer market.

    But you’re determined to close your ears and go on pretending all your decisions are great despite the empirical facts.


  • Bogdan

    I am an established member here, I did over 60 jobs from May 2014. So why my fee at this moment is 24%?…

    • Kelly

      Hi Bogdan,

      Many thanks for your message. I’ll take a look in to this and get back to you. Please kindly allow me the time to look in to this and I’ll get back in touch as soon as I can. Thank you and have a lovely day 🙂

  • Leilani

    Just another big company getting too big for their britches. Stop over charging your people and you won’t have the issue of people doing things off the platform. When you start getting greedy, thats when it will start crumbling down.

  • Yuriy Ratush

    Answer the question: what will I get in return from your innovations?
    It seems that you are doing everything possible to get rid of the performers and to attract more non-existent clients. It’s funny and sad …

  • Paul P

    Hi Kelly,

    Recently two job postings were delisted by you for violation of T&C.I sent a bid for the first posting and lost the bid.

    Few contractors lost two bid credits of 15.Don’t you think its fair to return our credits in such instances as the mistake or whatever fault is on the clients.

    Also, 15 free credits for the whole month is not at all sufficient for a contractor as you ought to already know most jobs are not awarded for some time now.

    Thx & regds.


    • Kelly

      I am really sorry about that.
      Please could you email for further assistance.

      Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  • Paul A

    Well, I’ve been on holiday, so welcome to 20% fees. 20% plus VAT. It’s not fair for anyone – even the Mafia would be embarrassed at the fees that you are now charging.

  • Scott A

    I took a month off in the summer as I live abroad. Went back to visit family and see them as I have not done so in a long time. Realised the thing about the fees. I wrote to PPH support staff explaining my situation, to which they did not help. I had £34 paid that month. I was only £16 short…. so I picked up a £50 job. Did the job, raised the invoice but the client didn’t pay until the next day, on the 1st. I now got moved onto this higher bracket. Can’t help but feel let down by PPH. Pretty disappointing to be honest. I’d rather of just gave them £16. and not had to deal with this.

    • Kelly

      Hi Scott.

      Thank you for your message. I have opened a ticket with our customer support team who will be able to assist you.

      Kind Regards

  • Scott A

    Hi Kelly,

    By all means, feel free to open another ticket. I already did so however and was told there was nothing at all that could be done. I even opened one up in anticipation of it happening and was told that nothing could be done, that I’d need to work on the very, very little family time I get each year.

    I really enjoy PeoplePerHour. You guys do a great job with so many things. For me personally you have done a lot, however it feels that a little bit of leniency could of been shown here. I get you guys need to make money and it all comes down to the bottom line, but this really is quite harsh. Incurring an additional 5% in fees, which actually works out to be more as the total limit it applies to has also been increased, for the fact of getting £16 a few hours late.

    Many thanks,

  • Barrie

    I have had so many problems over fees etc., with PPH this is now the last straw. When I opened my account I stupidly (or so I realised much later) used a false name in order to remain anonymous. I did several pieces of work and then tried to set up bank transfer details. They weren’t accepted. I tried again. Nothing. I stopped doing any more work until I got an explanation. Then after several months I noticed over 60 euros had been taken from my account for “managing” it. I wrote to complaint but the messages were never replied to.

    I tried in vain to get the little that was left transferred to my bank. I sent details again and once again, it failed. I wrote again. Still no reply. I set up a new account, this time giving my real name in the hope I could start over again and things would work. However, before going full tilt on trying to drum up business I wrote to PPH for an assurance that this time it would work and that funds from my old account could be transferred. Still no answer.

    I realise the company has to make a profit – nothing wrong in that what so ever – but to use all these tactics and failing to reply (many times) is simply not on. A simple fee per job would be fine but to have all this nonsense, high charges – as now declared, account handing fees and total lack of response is the limit.

    I am currently having a job done for me using the funds left. Once this is done I will close both this account and the new one I set up and take my custom elsewhere. Sorry to write so negatively but what choice do I have?

  • József Balázs-Hegedűs

    After a few months break I started looking for new projects, but I decided to not send my proposal once I saw your new service fee. I think this is an unfair price.

  • Paul

    They just keep squeezing content creators. We already don’t get paid much and you keep on squeezing. It’s disgusting.

  • Sarah Ross

    I am a top cert seller who has billed over £11,000 over the years and have done well out of PPH. This year, 2018 I am working on a strategy to up my rates and move away from PPH if I can as the fees are so high. I am a writer and after 20% is taken off (as I’ve been “moved” to the new platform because of dropping below – sorry I moved house and country LOL), + higher fees to buy credits + withdrawal fees; it is so high and often bid, and find the jobs are weird or withdrawn ie not “real” probably PPH testing the market; and then there are all the bots and spammers – it’s such a shame I’ve spent ages building my profile and recommendations and references but I have never known a freelancer site charge so much. I am assuming PPH is looking to change its business model to automate it to become a 3rd party site for bidding of big jobs only such as website building and coding hence the reduction in fees over $500? If so, that lends itself to working with Limited companies and agencies, not for freelancers. And the quality of the site in terms of handling issues, grasp of English, quality of responding to the support desk is very low these days. I wonder what on earth has happened to PPH?

  • Patrick

    I’m pretty new at PPH and as you all know it’s hard when you start. I have to pay to feature my hourlies and have to put prices very low hoping I’ll get some work just to have a good review. And that is what I’m doing, getting under paid just to have good reviews. But then from the little money I get PPH takes 20%…seriously?

    I understand that you need to make money but remember that WE are the ones bringing it to you by working hard without counting the hours. So before thinking about filling your pockets with cash think about taking care of your community.

    And to finish, something you should change. When I featured one of my houlies it re-featured automatically the following week without me asking for it or being noticed. And of course PPH refused to give me a refund. You should at least send an email to let people know.

  • Ivan

    To summarize: PPH prohibits its own client base from applying for work (beyond a tiny number of proposals per month). Buyers pay a $34 to set up an NDA. PPH charges sellers a 20% project fee, a $3.50 invoice fee, and a 0.025 currency conversion fee. Additionally, there is a 4% VAT. (Also, Account Admin fees may be threatened to be charged for money left in one’s own wallet, even if the freelancer is an active and longstanding seller.) Also, there is a 1.9% PayPal payment processing fee. Moreover, from what we get, sellers based in the United States pay an 18% personal tax. This doesn’t even take into account corporate tax (which can vary from country to country). These fees are subject to change:

    Everyone likes films. I suggest hosting three movie night parties for the local PPH boardroom executives and corporate employees.

    May I suggest a corporate screening of the film “The Beautiful Mind”? In it, the real-life Nobel-prize-winning economist John Forbes Nash (played by Russell Crowe) describes how (in my words) limiting proposals to only the highest-paying jobs means that most people will miss out (because everyone will apply to the same employers, who can only afford to hire a single person). By contrast, a market in which moderately-priced jobs are encouraged means that most people will get hired. Again: The person who came up with this idea won a Nobel Prize. It’s a sound business model. The current PPH model is the exact opposite of this Nobel-prize-winning model.

    May I also suggest a screening of the enlightening PBS nature documentary entitled “Nature’s Miniature Miracles” (2018). It describes how crabs of a certain species, rather than all fighting for the largest shell, form a line on the beach and switch into a shell that fits their (budgetary) needs the best (based on their size). That way, almost everybody gets a shell that’s right for them. Likewise, different PPH buyers have different sized wallets. By giving sellers only a tiny number of free opportunities to apply to jobs each month, this forces them to all compete for the ‘biggest shell’ rather than applying for smaller-sized jobs. As a result, only the few lucky ones (maybe the one with the lowest bid) get the prize job while everybody else (including perhaps more qualified professionals bidding for a fair wage) loses out. Crabs without a shell are vulnerable to predators such as birds and thus look elsewhere. PPH would do well to follow the example of the crabs and trust Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand of the market rather than trying to armwrestle the invisible hand.

    Lastly, may I suggest a corporate screening of the Disney film “The Million Dollar Duck” about saving the goose that laid the golden eggs.



  • Fortune Tech


    I personally have been a member of PPH for almost 5 years now and have always loved this platform. The previous fee structure hadn’t bothered me, as it actually rewarded the regular billers by progressively reducing the platform fees as the earnings went above £250 in a month.

    However, as Allison and Jennifer have very eloquently pointed out, 20% fees is really quite a stretch. If you were to conduct a survey, I’m quite certain that it’s nearly impossible for almost 80% of the freelancers to regularly earn £500 or above every month. This would most certainly mean that only those who are in the TOP cert will continue to enjoy the reduced fees, while others will be left waiting for their stroke of luck, eventually losing out the battle to the threshold amount and falling in the 20% bracket.

    Realistically, can’t there be freelancers working in an outcome based model wherein you’re actually waiting to push something tangible to the client, which may even take 2-3 months time to develop, test and deliver? And the payment frequency with the client is based on the project milestones, rather than the turn of the dates every month?

    I really don’t want to leave this platform, for it’s been perhaps the sweetest of all to work on. However, as a business, I may have to make a choice someday if the take home earnings continue to be subject to huge commissions. Please don’t get me wrong though, paying fees is not an issue, it’s the magnitude of it for the services obtained in return that is. (For instance, questions may be raised on whether our business profiles are marketed enough for good job offers, such that clients may directly contact us, bypassing the bidding process? If that was to happen, I may be willing to pay 20%)

    I can only hope that you’re listening to the common sentiment of dissent on this decision of yours, expressed and echoed by businesses / individuals who, if given a choice, would rather choose to stay on here than leave for elsewhere.


  • Jaenal Arifin

    Why PPH charge the withdraw by percentage?
    Seems you want more, more and more.
    Upwork charges withdraw fee as fix price.

    Please make it as fix price withdraw!

  • John TAit

    The extra payment for adding a Non Disclosure Agreement – PER JOB – is ridiculous. I’d never give any freelancer sensitive information about a project without having a signed NDA in-hand first. Asking us to pay for the priveledge per job has made PPH a non starter as far as finding freelancers. Adios!

  • Inez

    They don’t care, don’t you understand? Meanwhile they don’t even pay anymore (even though they have the funds available) and play dumb when confronted with that issue. Nothing but a bunch of scammers.

  • Joanna Lowy

    I am also disgusted at the new rates, which I have only just found out about. Over the last few years I have earned almsot £5,000 – and yes, I have taken a hiatus seeing as I recently had a second child who was ill in hopsital with meningitis. Yet you have moved me to the new system? A client recently asked if I wanted to move off the site with him and I said no – I shall be rethinking this now unless something drastically changes SOON.

    • Kelly

      Hi Joanna,

      I am sorry to hear your feedback. I will open a ticket and pass your comments to the relevent department.

  • C Scott

    I’ve been a top cert seller on here for years and have billed over £30k through pph, however I’ve now been moved to the higher charge bracket despite never leaving or having a break from the platform. It’s a bit silly that you want 20% of my earnings. It doesn’t leave us with much profit after tax – especially when the quality and budgets of the jobs you’re now allowing buyers to post has dropped too.

  • Paul

    Fees just increase AGAIN. I’ll be moving from about 7-8% to about 20% because most of my clients are one-offs or low budget. DOUBLING FEES IS NOT OK. This company is going to fail because they are driving people away.

  • SofiaM

    I came here to find out more about the new July 2018 Service Fee just introduced. But I found no blog post about it? And although I read somewhere an email was sent out, I didn’t get one.

    I feel the new structure (20% on clients with lifetime billing of less than £500, 7.5% £500-£5000, 3.5% on £5000+) is going to really hurt freelancers working with small-medium businesses.

    The majority of my work is ongoing small jobs with regular clients. Most clients I have worked with for a number of years, but individually only a couple of them meet the £5000+ threshold.

    This means in reality I’m going to get a 2x hike on nearly all my current clients.

    I also often top-up my workload with very small one-off jobs that I can squeeze in-between longer contract work whilst waiting for feedback. At 20% (plus VAT), there’s little incentive to do this any more unless I increase my rate by 20%, which will make me much less competitive.

    This is effectively a pay cut for me. All I can do is be transparent with my clients, and explain that I’ll be increasing my fees due to your new service fees.

    My new structure will need to be something like:

    New buyers on 1st £500 of work: £X (my usual fee + 20%)
    Current buyers under £5k threshold: £X (current fee + 4%)
    5k buyers (a term I’ll need to coin here): Regular fee

    I will need to explain this to all buyers, current and prospective, and I doubt many of them are going to like it.

    I feel mostly for the individual freelancers trying to get started on this platform now. Working with new buyers is probably going to involve taking pay cuts in an already very competitive climate.

    I’m dating this, since PH Blog doesn’t do it: Mon 2nd July 2018

  • Gadi B.

    To backup what Sophia wrote before me, the new hike in fees is a very sad news for all freelancers, especially for the ones who are not strong in mathematics and do not know how much commissions are going to be chopped off from their earnings.

    I must stress out that I too have never received any email about this change! Isn’t that a scam behavior of PPH? Doing this move behind our backs without communicating it to all the users?! I only heard about the new 1-Jul-2018 commission scheme change for the first time after visiting today the Transactions page and seeing the new commission scheme appearing there. I was shocked and in disbelief! If anyone read my message and doesn’t know what I’m talking about, forget “Legacy Service Fee Structures”, from today onwards all sellers are charged the same fees according to the following scheme:

    Over £5000 | $7000 | €6000 lifetime billing per Buyer: 3.5% Service Fee
    Between £500 | $700 | €600 and £5000 | $7000 | €6000 lifetime billing per Buyer: 7.5% Service Fee
    Below £500 | $700 | €600 lifetime billing per Buyer: 20% Service Fee

    When I came to search the blog about this change, I found nothing, nada, they don’t mention it anywhere!

    I checked the figure of “PPH Service Fees as % of income” (Found in Payments >>> Statements), since the beginning of the year it ranged mostly between 6% to 8%. With the new commission scheme applied it’s going to be possibly more than triple on average!

    If PPH would threw plenty of work on my way, I wouldn’t be so upset, but with the very recent changes they also applied in the search algorithm of Hourlies, I’m currently rarely being contacted by new buyers. For someone who based sales on two top-ranked Hourlies, being found in page 10 of the search results when searching by “Relevance” in favor of “giving fair opportunity to newcomers” (as PPH support justified it) is just devastating!!! I worked so hard to appear at the top of the search results and now it’s time to kiss it goodbye.

    I had a very cool Hourlie cover but now that too ain’t playing any role in the search results of Hourlies anymore because some smart-ass genius in PPH decided to take out the Hourlies’ cover photos from the search results and place the profile photo instead (“So that buyers would recognize sellers they know and have already worked with” – quote from PPH support). Really?! What the hell is going on here? PPH – You are shooting yourself in the legs in auto mode. This new commission scheme with all other recent horrible changes really takes the spirit out of working here any further. And I don’t see how this feeling of mine is going to change in the foreseeable future.

    I’m dating this, since PH Blog doesn’t do it: Thu 5th July 2018

  • William Pottinger

    So, I charge £500 for a new client (all my clients are new by the way – I don’t get repeat clients due to the nature of my work).
    Of that £500 you take 20% for simply providing a platform = £100, plus VAT on that fee = £120, leaving me with £380. I then pay 20% income tax on the £380 = £76, leaving me with £304. Not to mention national insurance, running costs etc.
    And you think this is an affordable model for work?!

    What’s more your earnings calculator tells me that on a job I want to quote £1800 for my earnings will be £1654.50, with fees of 8.08%, yet when writing my quote I am told I will actually only receive £1563, so actually fees of 13.17%. For goodness sake at least get this right.

    Utterly disgraceful, shameful treatment of loyal customers.


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