Countdown to Mother's Day – My inspiration!

Louise Witt, a mum and VA on PPH has kindly shared her story and advice with us.

As a mum of 4 bossy yet adorable girls, I freelance full time as a VA, working mainly with new start ups, and as a writer working primarily in SEO articles but also covering web content, copywriting and blogging. I hate cooking (toast rules!) but love terrible reality TV shows which makes me feel more ‘normal’.

In the past I have been inspired by autobiographies – believe or not, my first book was Jeremy Beadle’s autobiography that I bought in the 99p bargain bin as a joke for Secret Santa one year. I decided to read it before I wrapped it and I was mesmerised with this insight into another human being’s world. I have read hundreds since and the one piece of advice I have learnt is truly successful people harness negativity around them and use it as a tool to push their limits and do well against the odds.
However my biggest inspiration has been my eldest daughter. She is totally amazing. Gorgeous inside and out like no one else I have ever met, she deals with every challenge in life with such bravery and courage. I have total respect for her and she makes my life complete. Having her by my side makes my life richer and more meaningful. She has had some huge obstacles to overcome in her personal life, but she has the depth of character to do this in a way I never could have. I admire her strength and compassion every single day. I adore her with all my heart.

Freelancing saved my life!

As an intelligent woman, I knew my life was destined for good things. I was happily married, working in a bank and decided to make a move to France. A hellish couple of years over there, an expensive divorce and a return to live with the parents in the UK completely put me back to square one mentally and financially. Every challenge thrown at me since has seemed intent to push me into a dead end of claiming benefits – I have resisted and resisted but after a huge bout of depression it seemed giving in was the only option available to me. I had run several small businesses from home but nothing seemed to be workable with a small house (no room for stock), 4 kids and no capital outlay. So with a heavy heart I sat at the computer to investigate how to claim social security and I saw an email from PPH advertising new jobs. I had signed up previously, had a look round the site and decided it was for professionals and not normal people like me. However 2 years on, PPH were still persistently sending me updates so I decided to have a browse.

That one moment changed my life. Since then, I have got 60 jobs, made more money per month than working as a team manager in the bank and I do it all sat at home. As a single mum of 4 kids, I need flexibility with working hours and the type of work I take on. PPH allows me to do this.  Without PPH, I think I would have lost all my fight and I truly believe PPH has allowed me to step away from the crippling depression and feelings of failure and allowed me to blossom and develop as a human being and a mum. It may sound dramatic but PPH did more than save my life – it has given me a completely new one.

My one piece of advice to impart on all working mums.

“I can’t think of one piece of advice. I think working mums need to deal in the extremes. Be your own worst critic, but ignore negativity from others. Don’t overload yourself, but push the boundaries. Work is incredibly important, but so are the kids. Don’t punish yourself for wanting to be the best you can be, but don’t lose sight of enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Juggle those balls anyway you can, but don’t compromise your morals and integrity.  Maybe, the one piece of advice should be enjoy yourself, whatever you choose to do. Savour each and every moment knowing you are creating your own destiny.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane
Kelly is PeoplePerHour marketing expert. She has a wealth of experience in digital and social media marketing. As a freelancer, she has been committed in helping small businesses grow by offering them agile and result-driven marketing services.
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