#CloseLikeAWoman: How are female freelancers closing the gender pay gap?


Female freelancers are closing the gender pay gap. Just like that. Swiftly, quietly.

Probably without realizing it, YOU are part of this game-changing movement, too.  

Yeh, go you!

Our research revealed that female freelancers experienced a 30.2% pay increase between 2010 and 2015 compared to a 21.7% increase experienced by men. What’s more, we discovered that self-employed women earn 43% more per hour than employed women (doesn’t that just make you gasp?).

But is that enough to level the playing field?

Unfortunately not.

According to Expert Market research, women still earn nearly 20% less than men in the UK. A survey commissioned by IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has also found that overall, self-employed males report earning 16% more on average than females (£219 vs. £187 respectively).

Despite all the efforts and initiatives to ensure equal pay, female workers still get 80 pence for every pound paid to their male counterparts.

Yes, that’s appalling. And there’s a lot of work to be done to bridge the yawning pay gap between women and men. That’s why we think it’s about time the freelance workforce joins the conversation.

Have female freelancers discovered the secret sauce?

Photo by Lyndsey Marie on Unsplash

A recent study carried out by Westminster University using our data uncovered that simply being a female freelancer increases the odds of winning a project by 19%.

While that doesn’t mean women get paid fairly, it hints at an interesting hypothesis that female freelancers have worked out some neat strategies how to seal a deal online.

The same research indicated that women tend to build up their portfolio using low-valued projects before bidding for bigger, better-paid jobs. And once they throw their chips in, they don’t shy away from using persuasion tactics to win over new clients.

Now, that must spark your curiosity. Have female freelancers come up with closing tactics that help them charge forward and push pay boundaries? It’s plausible.

The reality is simple: female freelancers are spearheading the efforts to close the gender pay gap by, first of all, closing more pitches, then delivering stellar work and eventually, demanding higher pay.

Being so good they can’t ignore you has proved to be the hands-down best strategy in a fight with no rules.

So, in an effort to celebrate all the smart, independent, hard-working women who are breaking down old barriers and laying a new highway to financial freedom (women like you!), we have asked some of our top freelancers to share their best closing tips.  

Learn how to #CloseLikeAWoman and bring in more business!


TIP #1 from Sam, a TOP PPH Seller and the Winner of
The Digital Brain Of The Year 2017 award

Know your own worth! 

TIP #2 from Julia, a TOP PPH Freelancer 

Confidence is key.

Check out Julia’s profile

TIP #3 from Kelly, a TOP PPH Seller and PPH’s Social Guru

Listen to your clients!

Check out Kelly’s profile

TIP #4 from Deborah, a TOP PPH Seller and Entrepreneur

Do your research.


TIP #5 from Rebecca, a TOP PPH Seller and
the Winner of The Business Whisperer 2017 Award

Give your client a tangible deadline. 

What’s your top closing tip? Share it in the comment section below and let’s teach everyone how to #CloseLikeAWoman!


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    Congrats PPH for acknowledging this important issue on International Women’s Day and joining such an important cause.

    Congratulations to my freelancer sisters and to the women in the PPH team! #CloseLikeAWoman

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  • Konrad

    “Despite all the efforts and initiatives to ensure equal pay, female workers still get 80 pence for every pound paid to their male counterparts.”

    Show me that study. If this is true, why anyone hires men if women get paid less. This is simply not true and does not tke into account the fact that women make different life choices. And I belive we’re not talking about IT here, because wherever I used to work, women were paid equally the same for the same job. Period. Stop propagating those lies.

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    do they count maternity leave? Men stay longer hours, take less vacation etc. If you take the average, yes, women earn less but that’s because they choose to.

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    The gender pay gap doesn’t exist. This whole thing is ridiculous. They take a broad statement over a wide spectrum of wages and income between men and women but they don’t take into account whether or not they want kids and take maternity leave to start a family, different career choices that may pay less than that of a career choice of a man. These statistics are invalid and quite frankly, sexist towards men if you look at how due to the fact your a woman, you have a higher chance of landing the job.

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