Bank Holiday on Monday 28th May!


Hello PPHers!

It’s almost the end of May and as such we have a Bank Holiday before the official start of the summer!

This Monday, 28th May, our Payments Team and Customer Support Team will be taking a break and will be back to work on Tuesday 29th May.

We wish everyone a great Bank Holiday!


From the PPH Team


  • Fardausi Begum

    Happy Holiday PPHers!

  • SEO Rank My Business

    Happy holiday to all my PPH guys.

  • Adeel Sami

    Happy holiday, guys!

  • Harish Saini

    Happy Holiday Team PPH. Enjoy the Day.

  • vasim seta

    Happy Holiday PPH Team!

  • Vinit Kumar

    Happy Holiday Guys ,Enjoy .Thanks!

  • Islam Jewel

    Happy Holiday

  • Md. Mehedi Hasan

    Happy holiday to all PPH Team.

  • Anthony Tornambe

    Yes, 28 of this month is Bank Holiday!

  • Ar. Ibrahim Ahmed

    Have a nice Holiday.

  • Theresa Kelly

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  • Viraj Chauhan

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