3 Basic Tips To Optimising Your Offers Sales


The internet is all over the growth hacks and clever promotion techniques. But if your core product or services (in this case, your offers) are not optimized for the best performance, there’s no magic potion that can double your sales.

This time, we’re turning back to basics to ensure all boxes are ticked.

Offer title: Keep it concise but juicy

Getting the title right is such a tricky business. It needs to be crafty enough to pull the buyer in, but straightforward enough to get the message across in a limited amount of characters. If you’ve ever bought a book based solely on its title, you know what I’m talking about, right?

Many of the offers I’ve seen on the site bear strange titles, such as “Design professional book cover for you” or “Design a fabulous logo design for you”. Although there is enough space to include “I can”or “I will” at the beginning of a sentence to make it sound like an offer, rather than a bossy command, many choose to use this type of broken language to sell their services (and I still can’t figure out why).

If you don’t have enough characters to include extra words, you can simply paraphrase the title to make it more reader-friendly; e.g., “Fabulous logo designs to help your brand stand out” or “Professional, attention-grabbing book cover designs”.

New buyers find the bossy offers titles rather odd and unappealing, so why not try something else?

Another thing to avoid is overusing punctuation signs.  Try to keep “/”, “[]” and “()” to a minimum, as they break up the flow of a sentence and reduce the immediate effect of the title.

Offer image: Add the extra punch

The human brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than text. Or, in other words, you’re missing out big time if your offers are poorly illustrated.

Use images to showcase the end result and highlight your USPs (unique selling points) – whether that’s your 100% customer satisfaction rate, a number of offers sold, 5* feedback, repeat sales or exclusive offers.

You can easily create beautiful, targeted graphics using online tools, such as Snappa or Pablo. Both of them are free and insanely easy to use.

It goes without saying that you should only use high-quality images that fit the image frame perfectly. Pixelated, blurry images are often perceived as red flags, so spend some time crafting unique graphics to increase your chances of selling.

Here are a few examples from PPH Sellers who are topping their game…

hourlies image

Seller: Dreams S.

hourlie images peopleperhour

Seller: Jessica F. 

hourlie image peopleperhour

Seller: Dmytro S.

Offer description: Communicate the benefits

It’s not the what, it’s the way that makes people buy (apparently, rhyming helps too). It’s important to keep the offer title clear and concise to quickly establish relevancy with the buyer, but the offer description is an ideal opportunity to showcase the whole array of benefits your services can provide.

Every product (or service) has features, advantages, and benefits. Features are what products have, advantages are what features do, and benefits are what features mean. Simples, right?

Let’s say I want to sell an AdWords audit offer. In my description, I should focus on highlighting the exact deliverables that are included in this offer without failing to communicate what these reports, recommendations or health-checks will mean for the client’s business.

If I say I can fine-tune the client’s AdWords campaigns, I’m also saying I can help him spend less money and achieve better results (and that’s the benefit, of course!).

To give you a different example… Would you be more inclined to buy a portable speaker because it’s wireless or because you could enjoy music on the go? Spelling out the benefits, even when they seem ridiculously obvious, is critical to your service sales.

features vs benefits copywriting

       Features vs. Benefits | Source: emailmarketingcopywriter.com


Other than these basic tips that can help you boost your sales, it’s also a good idea to:

  • make use of bullet points to clearly state what your offer includes
  • identify any exceptions to the offer
  • state your usual delivery time to manage client’s expectations
  • include links to relevant, high-quality work that could help your conversions

Now, Offer away!

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