Marcus Hislop: It’s never too late for a career change!


Have you ever woken up one day and realised that you’re not doing what you’re destined to? That’s exactly how Marcus Hislop felt. He had been passionate about drawing since he was two years old, but found himself doing a variety of other things just to pay the mortgage. After 39 years of working on things that didn’t matter to him, Marcus decided to change his career!

‘I found the opportunity to do what I loved with the help of PeoplePerHour.’

I’ve had so many ‘stop-gap’ jobs over the last 25 years I’ve lost count! My most recent employment was working in a call centre. Knowing I was unhappy, a friend of mine recommended PeoplePerHour to me as a way of earning some extra cash while doing something I really enjoyed: painting and designing. Soon after signing up to PeoplePerHour I realised there was a market for what I had to offer. I finally worked up the courage to quit my job, just a year ago, and focus on my designs.

Today I have my own T-shirt design business and sell my graphic design skills through PPH. I’ve been able to create some awesome designs and work with some great clients. This is one of my favourite designs:

Besides working on PeoplePerHour, I’ve now branched-out to selling my T-shirts at local vintage markets, online and anywhere else I can! This T-shirt is a bestseller:

‘I regret not having done this earlier, but the truth is that it’s never too late to do what makes you happy.’

It took a lot of courage to leave the security of my job, especially with the economic uncertainty nowadays. It was great to get the support from a community like PeoplePerHour!

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Marcus  H.


Scotland, UK

Overview:  Marcus has always loved designing but only recently decided to start his own business after he found a market for his skills on PeoplePerHour.


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