Lauren Curtis: Recession Re-opens Doors to a Dream!


Lauren has a tremendous amount of passion for creativity expressed in art form. Her work has been exhibited in more than one hundred shows throughout the country. Her talents aren’t limited to just one medium as she produces artworks for clients around the globe using photography, oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink, computer graphics or whatever else is required to deliver the message in a creative way.

Her career started with hand-drawn/painted work but she has been developing her skills in Photoshop and digital photography over the last several years and she has been featured on local New Jersey and New York City as well as international TV and radio shows. This has been of her biggest strengths for PPH buyers.

When the economy tanked, I got laid off. Then I found PeoplePerHour and got my dream career as a full time artist off the ground!

Where did PeoplePerHour come in?

Being a full time artist has been a dream of Lauren’s since she was a kid and thanks to PeoplePerHour she’s been able to achieve that goal! After being laid off from two part time (non-art) jobs a few years ago when the recession hit, she knew it was time to pursue her dream of doing art full time.  Aside from creating and exhibiting/selling her paintings and photography, she had to supplement her income with freelance commercial art so she expanded her freelance illustration and design career. Working as a freelancer enables her to have a very flexible schedule, to work on multiple projects at once and adds to her income as a full time artist.  She’s also connected with clients in other countries that might otherwise not have found her.

Tips for other PPHers?

One thing that some clients don’t fully realize when posting a job for an artist is that art is a very important and specialized skill and you will most likely get what you pay for.  Like any skilled service, quality artwork and design takes time, creativity and will add tremendous value to your project or business.

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Lauren C.

Visual Artist/Illustrator

New Jersey, USA

Overview: Lauren lives and breathes art, and now gets to do what she loves every day using PeoplePerHour!


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