How I manage freelancing and being a work-from-home Mum


Meet our CERT 5 PPHer Joanne, we sat down to discuss how she started freelancing and juggling being a full time mum. Read her inspiring journey on PeoplePerHour below:

How did you start out as a freelancer?

I started freelancing quite by accident, I started working a few hours a week from home for a local social media agency. I was a blogger and full-time mum and had been using social media for a few years. For a few months, I wrote tweets for the agency’s clients, and scheduled them. It was easy work for someone with my social media and IT skills and the hardest task was finding the time to do it around four young children.

How did you come across PPH?

After a while of freelancing for the local social media agency it seemed right that I found my own clients, as my young children were getting a bit less demanding. Through word of mouth, I landed a writing gig with an SEO agency, and then I found People Per Hour, registered, and sent a few proposals.

How has your experience been on PPH?

At first I wasn’t really getting very far with my lack of feedback and it got frustrating at times. One day, I got a job designing a database in MS Access. It wasn’t the sort of work I was seeking but I could do it, and it meant I now had some positive feedback. Spurred on, I then found a company wanting a long-term social media manager and blog writer. Using my one piece of positive feedback, and my powers of persuasion, the job was mine. I’ve now been working for that company ongoing for almost two years.

What’s your day-to-day freelance schedule like?

I spend my day creating and sourcing content for Twitter and Facebook, scheduling throughout the week, building audiences, and answering queries received for companies in industries including health and fitness, law, and home improvement. It certainly keeps my brain active.

What benefits have you found by using PPH?
I like People Per Hour because it’s easy to use and payment is safeguarded. I stick with People Per Hour because amongst the sometimes ludicrous expectations, there are some real gems. Just last month I unearthed another. So far, so good!

Through more word of mouth and offline networking, my client base now consists of seven clients, all of which I love. Two of these are from People Per Hour and each adds to the diversity of work I undertake.

I love what I do. The challenge of juggling all my clients with each other and with my family life keeps me going, and the income is a real boon. I’m getting to the stage now where I’m at capacity and thinking about expanding, maybe even taking on an apprentice and making the move from my dining table to a proper office. There is real demand for affordable social media management for business and I don’t see this demand dying any time soon.

When the industry shifts and I develop new skills, People Per Hour will be there to find clients for me and this time, I’ll already have great feedback!


A huge thank you to Joanne for sharing her story. You can view Joanne’s profile HERE

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Joanne B.

Social media consultant

Woodmansey, United Kingdom

Overview: Social media consultant


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