Going Global Enabled the Birth of my Business


John studied law at undergraduate and also post graduate level before taking the path of further education teaching. He found teaching to be his niche as he expanded his skills to offer business law tuition and criminal law tuition before taking the modern route of eLearning.

Through teaching online, he realised there seemed to be a lack of knowledge as other institutions didn’t seem to have the time or the expertise to make the step into eLearning a successful one.

Following Trends to Maximise Potential

Here at PPH we always encourage businesses to follow trends as in these tough economic times the start-ups that can embrace the change and move with the times are those that succeed. John proves this by highlighting how being his own boss gives him the freedom to keep up to date with developments in education thus providing a consultancy service that enables other institutions to excel. In his own words,

“I find that working for myself is far better as in this field you need to keep yourself up to date with the way in which education is developing; working solely for one organisation could hinder the advice that I can give people, so working across many organisations that vary in size, approach, policy, culture and nationality has really helped me gain better understanding in this field. I developed a limited company, Hendy Associates Ltd., where I have a number of freelance staff that work as well as a director.”

Turning Problems into Profit

As John’s business developed he recognised many problems that establishments faced and set about finding solutions in order to benefit his clients as well as their students. John tells us,

“I set up my own business teaching and developing materials for a number of international private and public educational establishments. I spent some time travelling to educational establishments across Europe and then worldwide offering training and consulting services. After some time I could see that there were a number of common problems that universities had difficulty with. Firstly skills development and referencing is an issue that I have seen in many places. Tackling this is difficult as we now have international students, all coming from different educational backgrounds, so finding a common theme can be hard. Looking at skills development it is key to make sure students understand the key information in an easy to use way. Students’ learning has changed over the years, now with more work and more access to technology people do want to learn on the move.”

Bringing an Idea to Life

John understood that the best way to solve these problems would be to embrace modern technology and condense all of his consultancy and teaching into an App that could be used on the move. John had a clear idea but didn’t have the skills to make this dream a reality.

Testing the Water for Free

It was then that John came across PPH and thought he had nothing to lose by posting a job detailing his requirements. Of course, being free, he could afford to test the water and see what proposals he received.

“It was easy to use, easy to put a Job advert out and free. After putting out an advert, I had around 50 replies with various quotes. I looked at their reviews, their experience and messaged a few of them.”

Dispelling the Myth about Indian Freelancers

John compared every proposal but he couldn’t ignore the feedback and work samples he’d seen from an Indian company. That’s the beauty of PPH, regardless of the location of the freelancer, whether in the UK or overseas; everyone is subject to the same quality system that sorts the wheat from the chaff.

“I came across a company in India that had wonderful reviews. After an initial chat and discussion we decided to go into business. GoRevision was then born. We designed the screens and functionality that we wanted and they built the code. At every step of the way, they were very professional, exceptionally quick, and informed me of every step of the way.”

Maintaining the Momentum

This partnership gave John the confidence to develop other ideas to solve problems for students. As he says himself,

“After this I started looking at other areas, referencing is one of those areas. Many students do not understand the importance of referencing, which can have serious academic consequences if this is taken with a light approach, as it can give rise to plagiarism. I decided to develop an app where students could just enter the information and then a reference would be generated for them. It would be portable, easy to use and would contain information on plagiarism, quoting, citing etc. I got in touch with the previous company (through PPH) and asked them for a quote, we negotiated and agreed, which then started GoReferencing. Now we have huge amounts of interest from all over the world in the GoReferencing App. We have just finished building reference packages for universities to use (for tutor/student input as well as files, flowcharts, software and of course the App). As we are growing at a rapid pace, I have been using PPH to get some freelance marketing consultants to help us grow.”

Driving Growth through PPH Partnerships

John concludes that without PPH he wouldn’t be where he is today, as he finishes,

“Outsourcing is extremely important for SM business. Without outsourcing, I could not grow nor develop. Considering that there is not enough money to take on an employee, and maybe not enough work, sometimes you want a little job done that will make all the difference to your business. Outsourcing allows you to get expert help from professionally qualified staff for a fixed fee. PPH is an easy to use system that allows you to put Job adverts out or browse through freelancers to see what they can help you with. For us, the technical expertise of building the app, then it is marketing, then before long a social media business manager, all of these jobs would have required a lot of man hours of interviews, research, advertising etc., but with PPH we didn’t have to do it!”

John Hendy continues to hire freelance professionals via PPH, staying with what he knows to ensure his business grows.

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John H

Teacher and eLearning Consultant

Crewe, UK

Overview: John has an incredible academic background that shows he has always been a high achiever. However, when he explored setting out on his own, he needed to reach a little further in order to source the partnership he required.


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