Balancing potty training with re-training, meet Liz Kula, supermom!


Liz Kula is a mother of three from Tennessee, who has a BA in Web Development, which she earned online. Prior to having children she was employed as a pizza delivery driver, but decided to re-train so she could stay at home and bring up her children. Now selling her stupendous skills on PeoplePerHour, she tells us how she managed to achieve it all.

‘I needed to find somewhere to sell my new-found skills fast, and reliably! I then came across PeoplePerHour…’

After giving birth to my first child, I realized that I didn’t want to go work as waitress/delivery driver anymore. I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom who took advantage of her freetime, went back to school and got a degree. Web design always interested me, so I looked into courses and found one I could study online. After achieving an Associate’s in Web design, I caught the studying bug and by 2009 also had BA in Web Development! I then needed to find somewhere to sell my new-found skills and came across PeoplePerHour.

‘During times when my husband had been unable to find work locally, I’ve been able to look at PeoplePerHour as a means of finding work outside our local area.’

Now, with my third child still being only six months old, I have a career that is flexible around my children and allows me to spend as much time with them as I please. During the times where my husband was unable to find work locally, I looked into PeoplePerHour as a means of finding work outside our local area. Accordingly, the demand for web design locally isn’t great in Tennessee, and I save on the cost of marketing by letting my PeoplePerHour profile do the work for me.

Juggling work and family is not an easy task, but having to stay away from my children, to work in an office would have been even worse. So, we work together as a family to make sure that everyone is in a winning situation. I’m even taking on more, as I have recently started working on my Masters in IT Management on top of everything else! :)

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Liz K.

Web Developer

Tennessee, USA

Overview: An inspiring mom who retrained while bringing up her children is now selling her skills all over the US on PeoplePerHour.


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