The Ultimate StartUp Funding Guide


A massive transformation is underway in the startup-funding ecosystem; the shift towards democratizing fundraising has meant that startups at every stage of the development cycle have greater access to capital than ever before. This new generation of fundraising has seen unprecedented growth of 167% in 2014, with an estimated global funding volume of $16.2billion (USD) rapidly proving to be a force capable of bridging the liquidity gap, and
reducing industry fragmentation for early stage startups.


The economic downturn of 2007 was a de­fining period in the fundraising ecosystem, and ultimately the marker responsible for changing the course of fundraising. Consequently, we have observed VC’s opting to de-risk their portfolios to later stage revenue generating ­firms, angels and super-angels are stepping in to ­fill the gaps where they are participating in much larger early-stage rounds, and fi­nally, crowdfunding has seen explosive growth as an innovative new funding vehicle for very early stage startups and SMEs alike.



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