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PPH Allows us to Focus our Talents where they’re Needed the Most!

At 29 years of age Richard has already worked around the world for some of the corporate giants. His passion lies in business and economics however through his work experience he realised he also had a natural ability to teach.…

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How to Make Outsourcing Work for your Business!

Outsourcing can be a very effective way to build business and boost profits. As the range of skills on offer from freelancers increase, now any business can outsource with ease.

The rise of technology has enabled many small businesses to …

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Tip#10 – Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

When you’ve had a quiet week it can be tempting to send lots of Proposals that all promise to deliver work within days; but what would happen if all of those Proposals were accepted at once?

One of the most …

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Video Alert: Steve wants to help you make a new start!

Episode 12 - Here’s your weekly WednesDate!

Steve is always on the lookout for Hourlies posted. Who knows?! Want to get your Hourlie featured? Get in touch with the team at:

Missed one? Catch up on PPHtv 

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Why Weak Online Content Should be Criminal!

Picture the scene – you are out shopping, walking down the high street alone. You gaze into the window of a shop that seems to have exactly what you are looking for.

But suddenly, somebody emerges from the doorway.

“Hi. …

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PeoplePerHour helped me out of my Depression!


Rebecca has faced many challenges in her short life yet when her depression escalated she found it difficult to hold down a job in the outside world.

Her discovery of PeoplePerHour gave her the tools she needed to work …

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Get your own personalised URL and a pack of MOO business cards FREE!

Start off the year with a bit of show and tell! You can now have your very own unique and personalised shoreline URL pointing to your PPH profile AND a pack of business cards printed by MOO to boast …

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Claim your Personal PeoplePerHour URL!

As you know at PPH we’re constantly looking for ways in which we can help our users promote themselves as we understand that you’re busy enough using your talents and need quick solutions to market your services. That’s why we’ve …

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Timely Advice – Three Ways to Manage Your Time More Effectively

Benjamin Franklin – a savvy businessman as well as a visionary politician, scientist, musician and inventor – first coined the phrase ‘time is money’. Franklin knew what he was talking about – if you are self-employed and fail to manage …

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A Technical Whiz found Ways to Supplement his Income!

With a long history as a successful professional engineer, Philip has worked proficiently in the areas of construction design and project management locally and abroad.  For over a decade Philip has run his own consultancy business from his home in …

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