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PPH At The 30th Business Show!

This past week saw us down at The Business Show, it was their 30th and our 3rd year in a row! With over 25,000 visitors across 2 days, it was definitely a big one! We were the proud sponsors of FaceTime, connecting Freelancers and Business Owners.  Team…

Early Bird Vs Night Owl

The flexibility of freelancing is a dream come true to many, with the attractive option of doing what you love and working remotely. Without set 9-5 working hours however, one of the most difficult things as a freelancer is managing your time for maximum productivity….

Xenios on the Outsourcing Revolution

    What has fuelled outsourcing? At the end of the day, timing is everything in business so when technology coincides with the economic cycle, magic things happen. That’s exactly what’s happened in the space of outsourcing work online. Watch the video to find out…

How To Claim Expenses

As a freelancer you’re going to spend money on the things you need to run your business. Helpfully, the Government allows you to offset these costs against your income in the form of allowable business expenses. You can subtract your expenses from your total income…