New Hourlie Checkout

hello everyone, just wanted to let you know we have changed the checkout experience for Hourlies to make it mobile friendly. After clicking the “Buy Hourlie” button you are redirected to the following checkout page. Please send us your feedback. Web version: Mobile version:

Why have matching anyway?

Hello everyone, Few of you have wondered why we bother optimizing our matching algorithm or have it in the first place. So I just wanted to give you an update on this as it was launched a while ago. To remind you, the matching algorithm…

Have you used Video Proposals?

Hi everyone, thank you all for submitting your comments on previous blog posts this really helps us improve the marketplace based on your feedback. This time I wanted to have your thoughts on a feature we launched a while ago: Video Proposals. When Sellers send…

You can now bid on any Job!

hi everyone, After listening to your feedback we did an important change regarding bidding on PPH. Sellers in their qualifying period can now bid on any Job thy feel they can deliver. Previously they were able to bid only on Jobs relevant to the skills…

WorkStream Redesign

hello everyone, as part of our redesign project we made the Workstream mobile friendly fixing some usability issues at the same time. Looking forward to receiving your feedback in the comment box below.