You’re invited! Join Us At The PPH Birthday Party in London


Hello PPHers,

How would you feel about getting paid for having fun? Well, we have just the offer!

We are throwing a PPH birthday party in London in September. It’s been 9 years since our humble beginnings and we feel it’s yet another great opportunity for us all to get together and show the world that freelance is the future of work!

So what’s the deal?

The idea is to bring together PPH buyers, sellers and friends under one roof and celebrate the spirit of freelancing while…freelancing! In the simplest of ways, this event could almost be likened to a showroom: come and see what freelancers can do, how they work and what results you can get in just a few hours!

If you want to mingle with fellow freelancers, chat with business owners (yep, lead gen stuff right there!), enjoy a few glasses of bubbly and promote yourself, then this is for you.

Drop me an email with your idea for the event – that is, how you would use a couple of hours to showcase your skills – and we’ll take it from there. And don’t worry, you will be paid for the time you work!

If you’re a London-based illustrator, caricaturist, artist, singer, musician, graphic designer, mixologist, chef, writer, video editor, social media guru, photographer, animator, comedian, magician (the list can go on forever…), then I’m talking to you!

Everything from pop-up caricature drawing stands to instant t-shirt design is a good idea – let’s have (loads of) fun!

If you simply want to come and enjoy the great atmosphere and chat to fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs, watch this space for more details!

Where? Gallery Different, 14 Percy St, London W1T 1DR
When? 29th of September, 2016
Entree: Free! (bring a friend)
How to register? Registration is open here
How to get in touch?


  • Aled Mann

    Do you have to be London based? I’m one of the highest selling designers on PPH (logo designs) and am interested in coming but your blog states “If you’re a London-based”. Can you clarify? Thank you! 🙂

  • Juste Semetaite

    Hey Aled,

    You don’t *have* to be London-based, just keep in mind that the event will take place in London 🙂

    Hope to see you there – drop me a line with your ideas!


  • Shafiuddin Ahmed Tareq

    I am from Bangladesh. In level 5 now in Admin Support 🙂 Hope to join you guys next year 🙂

  • Rony Kumar Mondal

    I am from Bangladesh. Thanks for your invitation .

  • Irram F


  • Rohit

    I am from India. Thanks for your invitation.

  • ajaxmehedi robin

    thanks for invitation …i am ajaxmehedi form bangladesh.

  • Tushar

    great ideas to join, but little busy, thanks for the invitation

  • Ed Moss

    Forgive me but your headline, with the words “Us”, “At” and “The” capitalised???? Why????
    This Americanised, grammatically incorrect and, as it happens, difficult to type headline style needs stamping out.


    I am from india and new freelancer.Hope i will be there at next time.

  • Abbie

    Hey, i am a Top Cert Seller for WordPress , Designer, and Developer , Its only for London Based, I am from india, i would love to join and celebrate, as PPH is one of the platform , where i showcase my professional works and get more business, and PPH is reasons to for my New Car, i purchased 🙂 Thank you PPH and would look forward to long term business on PPH, Very user friendly and excellent 🙂

    Happy Birthday PPH in Advance, i am happy to join 🙂

  • Kanwal Abbas

    I am from Pakistan. Thanks for your invitation . wish you birthday

  • Farrukh Razzaq Butt

    i am interested to join this celebration……………how can i join ??????

  • tohidul

    hi i am tohidul . my country of the bangladesh

  • Steve D.

    Happy Birthday PPH ,

    Thank you for the invite, drop me an email or message here on people per houre with the date and time.


  • Didarul selim

    I am from Dhaka,Bangladesh. Thanks for your invitation .

  • Joe

    I wish I was in London!

    Happy Birthday PPH <3

  • ishvar m kuvadiya

    I am from India thanks for invitation towards me thanks a lot……

  • Geetha Srinivasan

    Thanks for your invitation.

  • Haseeb Ahmed

    i am from Pakistan, will love to join you guys. 🙂

  • shaumi

    Happy birth day to you PPH

  • SM Wasim

    I am from Pakistan. In level 4 now in Designing and Developing t 🙂 Hope to join you guys next year 🙂

  • Muhammad Shahbaz

    Thank you for the invitation, I’m from Pakistan almost LEVEL 5 to become!

    Will come next year if I got alot of work from PPH this year 😉

    Happy Birthday in advance!

  • Eric

    I feel completely lost here. I am yet to sell a single item and sincerely need the assistance of you guys out there. I’ m great with finance/accounting stuff and still can deliver classic content/writing articles for product reviews.

    Subcontract me, if you may, and we celebrate together.


  • Sagal Theophil Marak

    Happy felicitations on PPH birthday.

  • Muhammad Riaz Shahid

    Thank you so much for your invitation.

    may be next time, I will be there……………… Happy Birthday PPH!


  • Javanshir Shukurov


  • Mr D Williams

    The main suggestion from me is that you should have organised this at least one month ago, you have left it really late for organising a party, even later considering you are still in TBC….

    Anyway get a date up and hopefully we can join.

  • Aaisha Naim

    ~*~Happy Birthday~*~

    $~$ May You Have Many More ^_^ $~$


  • James Glendinning

    Sent you a email Juste…

  • Tuhin Ashraf

    Go ahead PPH with your good people .


  • David Ofosu-Appiah

    will be there as a freelance Business Consultant and entrepreneur,based in London,to come support celebrate a great historic milestone with my peers and fraternity.

  • Veronica Einaudi

    Happy birthday PPH!!! Will be there 🙂

  • MD Golam

    Hey, I can’t wish you and not I’m based in London. Could you clarify why London and how many freelancer have there? You know PPH largest freelancer community in Bangladesh and India. So why not here. I hope PPH should Clarify.

  • Asif Bisen

    HAPPY BiRtHdAy PPH 😉

  • rajpootTalib

    Very happy BIRTHDAY PPH…bring more job 😉

  • Deb Dey

    thanks for the invite. will be there for sure

  • Md. Ratul Rahman

    Happy Birth Day to PPH. I am satisfy to work in here. Carry on. Love it


    Happy BIRTHDAY

  • yunus

    I am from Bangladesh. Thanks for your invitation.

  • Aliya

    Happy Birthday !

  • A.S.M.R Saeed

    Thanks for your invitation.Happy birthday PPH!!! Will be there 🙂

  • lutfer

    no Comment Thanks for your invitation from Bangladesh. lutfer

  • shalini pandey

    Thanks for invitation to join and i really like to join the PPH Birthday Party but its very expensive to come London 🙂


    Happy birth day PPH !!! Thank you so much for your invitation.



  • priyank gupta

    Happy Birth Day to PPH. I am new to PPH but would be glad to join you guys on the special day !!

  • Bhuwan Roka

    Wow, Thanks for the inviting.

    A little busy with my schedule. Next time, we’ll meet and enjoy together.
    Currently working on WordPress Products:

    Bhuwan Roka

  • Sanjoy Royq

    want to join there. but there is no way !! 🙁

  • Vikrant W

    Wishing a very happy birthday to PPH in advance

  • Haroshit Mondal

    Haroshit Mondal

    Wishing a very happy birthday to PPH in advance….from bangladesh

  • Dr. J P Saxena

    Great event. Best wishes for its success and future success of PPH. Due to health reasons and work on hand, I would enjoy the event from my place. Hope you would send videos to freelancers who are not able to participate in the event.

  • Anthony Tornambe

    PPH team have done a great Job.

  • Abdul Manan

    i wish i could join the party !!

  • phani kumar

    Thanks for your Invitation, My heartful wishes for you PPH on birthday. I will see you next Birthday definitely.

    Hope you team enjoy well.

    Phani Kumar,
    Sr. Ecommerce project manager,
    Globalized Services(IN)

  • Masud Parves

    I am from Bangladesh. I am interested to join in your party.


  • Pushpendra

    WOW, THIS IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND AMAZING, I AM A NEW FREELANCER ON PPH, it will give a chance TO meet and have a conversation with OTHER FREELANCERS, I will be there for sure

  • shafiqul mamun

    Thanks for your invitation .

  • kamrujjaman Masud

    Thank for your invitation guys…

  • Asadul Islam Pavel

    appreciate it. Thanks a lot to PPH! .

  • Asaduzzaman

    Thanks to your invite dear Admin

  • Avishai Abrahami

    Will be flying in from Tel Aviv

  • Hamza Mehmood

    Happy birthday PPH

  • Lisa Botfield

    I’m planning to be there, will look out for the date and location so I can book travel and accom. Have been on PPH 3+ years and without it I couldn’t have gone from part-time freelancer to full-time business owner. Definitely want to attend

  • Elisabeth Bird

    Would love to attend but I live in the Canary Islands and it´s a long way. I am just starting this work and my internet connection is not good, which makes it difficult. I have to go to an office to check things for now; hopefully it will be resolved soon and I can start working, in which case see you next year! Best wishes and enjoy the party.

  • Terrie

    Ι should thɑnk you. Good webblog. Tɦanks fοr sharing.

  • Muhammad shazzad Khan

    Happy Birthday PPH!!!

    I am from Chittagong, Bangladesh. Thanks for invitation!

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