We are working to resolve the customer support issues


Dear customers, 

If you have recently tried to contact our Customer Support team, you might have noticed that we’re experiencing some difficulties that are causing delays to our usual response time. We want to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We are in a middle of a transition to an ultimately upgraded customer support and better services, unfortunately, it is currently causing some unexpected issues.

We value your business and hope to retain your support. Please bear with us while we work hard to resolve the issue.

Once again, we apologise for any troubles this might have caused you. We are working hard to tackle the situation and hope to be back on track shortly.

PPH Team


  • Abby kempe

    Let’s hope this gets configured with priorities in mind. Right now I still have a pending matter with an abusive client and no tangible support from pph. I messaged the ceo on LinkedIn, wrote on your FB page and am sorely disappointed by the lack of appropriate support. Firstly an abusive client should be banned or blocked from the platform. Secondly, obviously spiteful reviews (that contradict prior reviews from very same client), should be contextually evaluated and removed too. Pph needs to do a better job of a) removing abusive buyers and b) blocking workstreams where there is clear abuse. To date, the abusive client I worked with is sill able to send messages. This is completely wrong and allows bullies favour. I await the removal of this client’s spiteful second review (her fist was five star), I await the removal of the clients belittling comment on my profile, I await the client to be blocked, I await pph to stop putting the buck on the seller in the face of a hostile client.

  • Suham52

    Hi Please solve my issue.


  • Muhammad Faizan

    This is why I like you guys,
    You are honest and straight and have a human touch to everything.
    I have 2 billing issues pending but thats OK I will wait because I appreciate that you value my business and I yours

  • Kazi Jakaria

    you should have contact number or any other urgent way to reach directly to your company. Because its about money issue. people can dispute. The money in escrow and do not get my money back yet. So what I will do. so if can not reach surely need to dispute. and dispute is never a good idea you know. So as soon as possible please response anyhow. and solve the issue.

  • David

    This customer service is not what you would expect – I made an honest mistake due to the Hourlies AUTOMATICALLY setting to a renewal – by the time I caught it (which had ZERO responses ) it cost me over $100 – The only response I received was “You received the service so there is nothing we can do” – They did not listen or care, only when it comes to them GETTING MONEY. I expect this to happen and will leave this company for good and not come back.

  • Agnes Lim


    Has this customer support issue been resolved?

    You guys used to respond within a day or so but I’ve an urgent matter that I’ve replied and submitted to the PPH customer support multiple times for more than a week now…but still no one get back to me?!



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