What is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is not a new phenomenon but it still has some of us perplexed as to what it entails and why it’s so important.

Since we learnt to harness the power of the internet using disruptive media such as social networks and dedicated review sites, like Twitter and TripAdvisor, the power has switched hands over time from the mighty marketer to the savvy consumer.

What Does This Mean?

For your business to succeed these days you must provide something of worth to your target audience, or be fairly judged on your poor attempts. What constitutes a poor attempt? Presuming you know your clients but not taking the time to qualify it: to get to know your clients, the sub-groups that exist within, their values, desires and future expectations and how to meet them. On the contrary, you’ll earn extra points for satisfying your clients’ future desires before they’re truly realised.

Take Uber as the perfect example. Who knew the entertainment and reassurance watching a small taxi icon move around a map as it makes its way to you could bring, or that carrying cash for fear of being stranded at the end of a night was actually a tremendous hassle we didn’t need? Only Uber’s developers did, because they took the time to analyse the average taxi passenger’s hopes and desires and then created a service and app that matched them perfectly, revolutionising the taxi industry in the process.

Marketing has become a much fairer playing field over the years. Good content can be created on a much smaller budget and equally by a multinational corporation, a small business or a one-person entity, where the clients’ needs have been accurately indentified.

Why Content Over Promotions?

With the power firmly in the consumers hands, your business is more readily judged on how you genuinely enhance your clients lives and what you can offer them in addition to the core product or service you provide.

Once your company has placed your clients at the core of your business, taken the time to research and truly understand them, the most effective and efficient way to prove this is to provide content that engages, assists and impresses your clients, so they take action. Action either in a direct communication back or by sharing the content amongst their friends, family, colleagues and social networks. And this is what makes content more special than any other form of marketing: the share factor!

If you’re an Estate Agent, think how useful clients would find a Tip Sheet on the ’10 Must-Dos to Get Your Home Ready For a Viewing’, or if you’re a Property Management company, creating a Fact Sheet on ‘The Latest 2017 Regulations affecting Landlords’.

What Makes It So Valuable to your business?

Given the value of your tailored content to your clients and those they share it with, Google rates this type of content very highly. As well as how accessible you’re made it and the ease to share it with others. This will enhance your company’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) credentials, leading to a higher natural listing on Google, saving you money on PPC (Pay Per Click) sponsored advertising.

We can summarise the main benefits of great marketing content and a strong content marketing strategy to your business as:

  • Providing truly valued information to your target audience
  • A wider market reach through additional sharing, at no extra cost
  • A stronger brand reputation, synonymous with useful content
  • Inbound marketing leads from viewers impressed by your insights of them
  • PR – valuable content is much easier to sell into a PR agency
  • A significant positive impact on your SEO credentials
  • All the benefits that come with a higher natural listing on Google

The 3 Essential Ingredients To Content Marketing

Think RAVE!

1.    RELEVANT. Make the information you provide truly relevant and useful to your audience
2.    ACCESSIBLE. Ensure it’s easily accessible and downloadable across your online presence
3.    VIRAL ETIQUETTE. Include all the main social media icons to enable users to instantly share the content with others in just two clicks. The social networks you chose will depend on the type of content you create

17 Examples of Marketing Content for your business

Download our guide to valuable marketing content here.

About the Author

Vivacity London was founded by Jennifer Evans (MBA). A culmination of her passion for marketing and her real love for London, she wanted to create a focused, targeted marketing and business strategy agency that offered an alternative approach.

Having studied business with law, become certified in event management and completed an MBA in global business and marketing, Jennifer’s education has been supported by real world experience which has seen her work in marketing worldwide, both in-house and agency side. With a wealth of experience, she created Vivacity London to focus specifically on the property and construction sector, offering valuable strategies that effectively help transform businesses.

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    This is a very germane and vivacious article on Content Marketing by Jennifer Evans. I found it immensely valuable. For me, it shed a new light on marketing your business on social media through content that engages your clients and customers and brings them back for business time and time again. Excellent, cogent , succinctly written, and briefly expressed! (Calls for a celebration with coffee and a cinnamon roll!)

    I found Jennifer’s concluding remarks and advice on: The 3 Essential Ingredients To Content Marketing very useful . And I will use these ingredients for my own business development across the board in the years ahead. Thank you so much Jennifer for taking the time out to write this valuable article for all and sundry! (This is one area where PPH really shines. Giving businesses and aspiring business people advice on what it really takes to excel in business and business development.)

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