Welcome to the new PeoplePerHour. A note from our CEO!


Dear PPHers,

Newcomers, oldcomers, and PeoplePerHour fans around the world, this is a big day for our community. A year-long journey to completely rebuild our site comes to an end today. And with that, a new journey begins.

In a previous post, I wrote about how it all began. I won’t repeat that here. In this post, what I’d like to do is share with you some of the macro drivers that called for these changes to happen and how they take us one big step closer to our mission.

Our mission has been (and still is) big and bold. We believe it more today than ever before: to help people the world over—from startup entrepreneurs, to professional freelancers, graduates, retirees and anyone in-between—live their dreams of working independently. This means working for themselves, and little by little, building up their own successful business one hour at a time. It goes as much for our Buyers as it does for our Sellers. They differ in utility, but share the same desires and end goal.

With this new version of PeoplePerHour, we also relaunched our Blog to share some of these stories with our community. Nothing tells the PPH mission better than the people who rely on the site each day. We’d love to hear yours too! Just send it to us at stories [at] peopleperhour.com

Before going any further, I’d like to express my gratitude to all those who came together to make this happen. From our investors who pushed us to step up and aim higher, to our vibrant community that got us here in the first place, you’ve been relentless in offering us feedback and we thank you. Your insights have made this relaunch what it is. To our friends and family, who we haven’t seen much of in the run up to this, we thank you for being so incredibly patient.

But most of all, I want to thank and congratulate the PPH Team—members of the community included—for their untethered commitment. The heart and stamina they’ve displayed in this journey is humbling. Saying that they worked hard would be a gross understatement. Team PPH moved mountains. Period.

We set out to create the dream experience; to deliver the best product in this bubbling space of online working, which, by the way, we believe is only in its infancy. We believe we are at the onset of a movement, the making of a new economy that will be as big as the social media revolution. And we believe that PPH will be in the driver’s seat. We now have the best product in the market by a mile, a vibrant raving community, and a great team. It would take an Act of God to stop us.

The big picture: why now, why this, why does it matter?

Online working has gone through a huge evolution in the years since we started. With its roots in niche skills and verticals that were traditionally accustomed to freelance work (like IT and Journalism) traditionally associated with offshore work for a cost saving, working online is now finding its way into the mainstream economy. And it is unlocking a vast and diverse talent pool along the way. From stay at home moms, students, retirees and anything in-between, the 5 to 9 Economy is emerging.

The best businesses are the ones that make use of unused capacity. Airbnb didn’t create the second bedroom. They just created a market for it. Etsy didn’t create artists and artisans, they just gave them a venue to showcase their wares.

As the PPH stories will tell you, what set PPH apart from the beginning, was that it became a breeding ground for a diverse, local quality talent pool—people turning to moonlighting as a way out of financial trouble or boredom, people needed a new dream and challenge. Eventually they leave their jobs and work full time via PPH, building up a successful business one hour at a time.

What we launched today doubles down on that unique selling point of PPH. PeoplePerHour is not about offshoring or the race to the bottom. As previously displayed in our PPH economy and now the infographic on our homepage, the average rate on PPH is a stark contrast to some of the other players in the space, set at $34 and £22 per hour. Small businesses on the Buy side come to PPH to get quality and diversity, delivered fast and reliably.

With Hourlies, this becomes a whole lot easier, both for Buyers and Sellers. For many reasons, but this one in particular: by bringing down the unit of economics to as little as one hour, we allow people on both sides to start small, move fast and build up from there. The best way of building trust is to just start, try with something where you won’t lose much time or cost. A reflection of how the offline world works. While others are looking to build complex tools for work management, we look to simplicity.

The internet is about empowerment. And simplicity is the catalyst. Much like Twitter helped create ‘citizen journalist’ and democratised media. Much like Tumbler unleashed peoples’ voices, allowing millions who would otherwise never write or be inclined to—me inclusive—to share their views with the world. SoundCloud is now doing it for people who otherwise wouldn’t create music to grow into musicians with a following. YouTube has done it for video.

The next big thing in that movement is democratization of labour. Allowing anyone and everyone to just as easily as posting on Tumblr or tweeting on Twitter to post and earn fast, on the go, over their lunch break, in the evening, or in-between changing diapers.

Before even launching we’ve seen over 1000 Hourlies posted with some incredible variety, from people who can do an Avatar for you like this to someone to help you register trademark in an hour to someone offering travel tips to their home city in an hour to someone who can teach you how to use Twitter in an hour, or Photoshop in 4 hours … the diversity and creativity is just endless.

This will be a new economy and I predict it will become bigger than what we know today as the “9 to 5” job within ten years.

Making the transition as smooth as possible

We know these are big changes to the site, and we know they might be painful for some. Please be patient. These are big changes for all of us. To help make the transition smooth, we have done the following:

Under “How it Works” on the top navigation from the homepage (upper right), you will find some collateral that will help you. Please take a few moments to read this.

  • How it Works narrative with screenshots for Buyers and Sellers
  • Translation of key parts of old site to new for Buyers and Sellers

Our support team is on 24-hour duty to ensure the transition is as smooth possible. All emails are addressed in the same day so if we are experiencing high volume of calls please email support [at] peopleperhour.com

We also enhanced our feedback system so that you can give us feedback and report issues on each page you visit. Please utilise it. No doubt there will be things we need to fix or improve. We value your input.

Here’s to a new beginning, a new PeoplePerHour, and making everyone’s dream come true.



  • Santosh Kumar Gundrati

    Very Exciting!!

  • Mat

    Looking really good, congratulations !

  • gopi kumaran

    old one was better but anyhow it would take time to adopt to the new one 🙂

  • Geo Frangos

    Excellent. We’re all for improvement.

    Very well done (bravo!) on getting the site changed over in such a short space of time.

  • Lorant

    The new look is awsome!
    Clear and professional, i like it!

  • Professor Len Rogers

    Smart, slick but a regrettable use of American English. “Cool”, the apparent successor to “great”, is what the English are used to every summertime. Now, it is a cliche and almost as common as the most over-worked English word “well”. The majority of responses to every interview broadcast or screened starts with “well”.

  • Olivia

    I like the clean new modern look and take this opportunity to wish you all the very best!

  • Woody

    This new design is going to take some getting used to!

  • Woody

    …Also you say you have improved feedback system but can’t see a single support/feedback link…

    I just wrote a 10 paragraph response to someone but because my network dropped for a second and I clicked submit I lost it all. Your AJAX needs to not remove the message until its sent…it now means I have to re-write the whole message 🙁

  • Woody

    Also apparently I can only give feedback once. This isn’t helpful.

    Another problem from my point of view:

    If I do a job for a reduced rate for a single client based on an ongoing agreement or similar it’s display in large £xx p/h on my wall, this makes any other client feel like I am ripping them off (which I am not) and also stops you being able to specify a fuller rate again because of these jobs that are shown with cheaper rates on my feed. This is not good for business.

  • Simon S

    Looks great! It’s the best looking site of its type, and looking forward to exploring this morning

  • Luke Horsman

    Indeed very exciting. Loving the new design of the site.

  • Lara

    Stylish yes, functional no… is it finished yet? There seem to be some vital pieces of information missing in the jobs section from first use today….

  • arden

    i am an active buyer with a dozen or more ’employees’ working on my jobs.
    the older version of pph was much better with lots of relevant information, where i could have a detailed view on all my ‘workers’ on the same screen with Job numbers and the verious money elements. The new site is of much poorer quality.

  • Olorunfemi Ikutiyinu

    This is the dawn of a new era. Keep the wagon moving. Cheers

  • Out Of Box Designs

    Looking slick … nice work!

  • Joanna

    This looks SO much better – congrats to all

  • neil milling

    all for improvement but you appear to have got rid of the property section which was useful for people requring house plans etc to avoid having to sift through design section

  • Michael Dennis

    I wasn’t expecting it to look this good to be honest. So far I’m impressed – big improvement

  • Rahul

    Cool Look
    i like very Much

  • Joseph Twumasi

    Really impressed with the new interface and also it looks awesome

  • vivek

    Agree with as said by above all , but the main purpose of this portal is not about how it looks , I think its more about how clients look to providers profile earlier we had category wise developer search which is not exactly like that now , its tough to find developer of right skill you are looking at now , people are differentiated on the basis of country not on the basis of what services they offer , I think like on other sites pph should have all skill set based division of developer so that clients who want iphone work can search easily iphone developer as an example ,

  • Nirav Langhanoja

    Hi Xenios,
    Really, Good thinking about you from start-up entrepreneurs, to professional freelancers. Also, Thanks for give me good platform for earn money.

  • Sash

    Epic!! Nice and smooth. It may take sometime for all of us to get used to of this new layout but everything is really 2.0. Loving the smoothness of new PPH.

  • Biljana

    call me old fashioned, but somehow i miss the old site and the old design. My dashboard there was so rich in information. I may need some time to get used to this layout and design, maybe i’ll like it better later on…
    I’m not being negative or anything like that, juts honest opinion…

  • Jez


    What’s happened ??

    I worked hard to earn rave reviews, spent hours uploading and perfecting my text AND Portfolio images, and I can hardly find any of it.

    I cannot see where my current state of play is with all the jobs I bid on, nor on the invoices I submitted, how much money is left in the Escrow etc etc.

    It’s as though the site has been developed only on looks and not much on functionality.

    I’m completely lost – and where is the forum, at least there I could ask others for help.

  • Edd

    There should be an option to hide your freelancer profile if you’re too busy to take on extra work in the short term or are away on holiday, without deleting it.

  • Bartos

    To be Honest I think its a ballsy move taking the site in this particular direction. For the freelancers here it may suck for a few but looking at this from a clients perspective, the ease and functionality is paramount and it stands out from the rest of the competitor markets.

    I hope PPH will start generating the traffic especially to the Hourlies section as well as some other sites do. That would be Awesome to have at least 5% of the attention I get elsewhere on PPH!

    Either way I’m happy and anticipate more to come 😀 Good Job!

  • Anwar

    new site looks interactive but i miss old site in terms of accessibility and usability. new design look good.. but old site was easy to use. and i could see more info in a glance.

  • Dea-Marie

    Thanks everyone for all your comments we really appreciate all the feedback, this is a big step for us today, but there’s certainly more to come to continue improving your whole experience! Watch this space. If you need any help the team are to hand so feel free to contact us.

  • Yanna

    Congrats! Keep up the teamwork and creativity going !

  • Manish.R

    Looks great! It’s the best looking site of its type. But the functionality of the website is so much complex,you should improve the functionality as soon as possible.

  • james

    Well I am going to buck the trend and say that I think usability the customer interface is absolutely appalling!

    Last week I visited with a view to employing some people. I hit the dropdown, I navigated to the area I wanted and then browsed the section., IT WAS GREAT.

    Today I visit and I can’t find anything I am looking for. the categories appear to no longer exist, and the people I intended to approach for the 2 jobs I have can no longer be found.

    Honestly guys the usability interface for this site is now pretty much unusable.

    Sorry to be so negative about this, but as I say, I was looking to Use PPH for 2 full time jobs in sales for one venture I am involved with, and was looking to place 3 other coding jobs for mobile phones, well into 5 figures, and today I simply can’t find the people I KNOW exist in the database, and this is ALL down to having a piss poor user interface and search facility.

  • arden

    i liked the old site better.

  • arden

    i agree with many the new site ‘looks slick’; (buyer view) but lacks detail. So the overall result is that it is of poor quality although it ‘wears a lot of lipstick’! the old site was much better.

  • levent


  • Charles Jose

    Dear PPH,

    New PPH site is too much complicated and having some errors.

    Please check one message that ve’ got from PPH

    Hi Charles,
    I have now accepted your bid. Struggling with this new PPH website!
    Would it be possible to communicate by email? Would be much easier for me!

    eg. Actaully I am the one of the toppers in this month..

    but my profile is not showing here.

    How can I find all time top freelancers ?

    Top freelancers price is disappear ?


  • phil page

    Oh dear what have you done, the old site looked clean and professional and this now looks like a social network site, I use pph for work and I would have preferred it to look business like and not social network esque. Please revert!

  • Chris

    Beta testing go anywhere near a tablet or smartphone? Thought not…

  • Alex

    THe site looks much better BUT a lot functionality seems to be missing?

  • John

    It’s great.

  • ps dhingra

    To be very frank, it has been made much more complex. The organisers are making it more and more complex to access anything excess. The bidders feel like having drowned in a deep stream where he cannot find any linkage from one to the other string to know the things of his own and then get out of that easily. When you can’t find your own bid to modify or to attach any document, the bid becomes worthless.


  • alex

    Hi, I like the new site, except the decrition panel is very limited by it’s size. Could it please be enlarged so one can see all that’s been typed in it. A good proposal is more than a tweet!

  • alex

    my comment should have read description panel – oops!

  • Leanne Mansfield

    Well I am totally frustrated with this new site, it lacks information that the last site had. Information which is vital in helping us evolve with the ever changing freelance world. The information that was supplied in regards to bids progress, who wins the jobs and much more is either vacant now or impossible to find. I have not experienced any benefits to this new look whatsoever and the same echos from some of the clients I have. Very disappointed!

  • AJ

    It looks good, yes, and smarter too, but for heavens what is the meaning of charging 15% of the amount received by the seller as PPH fees? (Post August 2102). Add to it, another 1.9% fees for PPH to transfer money to Paypal? Whoa? What is that?

    And why is it sooooooooooooooo dead impossible to find help on the site? Why is there no direct way to email for help, instead of mindlessly surfing those hundred FAQs that you know are NOT the answer to your question?

    A punishment for loyalty?

  • Sian Fairclough

    Are you joking? Let me guess… my comment will not be ‘posted’ – you have enjoyed your time squeezing pennies from freelancers for a long time, but your new charges are horrific and money-grabbing and your T&C are legally questionable

  • JM

    Who cares what it looks like? Have any of you actually tried using it now? It’s garbage. Unprofessional, focused too much on hourlies and completely childish.

  • Alex B

    Congratulations on the new look and hard work you have put in.

    In my opinion choosing a freelancer has been made more difficult by the lack of information on profiles amongst other things.

    The ‘Hourlies’ are a good idea but i can’t help thinking it is going to cheapen your service.

    I chose PPH to find quality people, specialists in their skill sets who could give the full time commitment to my projects, unfortunately the ‘hourlies’ will lessen both time and quality spent on jobs although increase turnover for PPH, that is great for you.

    As with every new launch there will be problems but i emplore you please can you give clients & freelancers the option to revert back to the old site. it was soooo much better.


  • Sharyn

    I’m very excited about this. Only hope I can use it. Thank you so much. This is so important. I see your (our) success!


    Sharyn McIntyre

  • Dani Riot

    What happened to the photography sector?

  • Muhammad Iftkhar

    Good luck.

  • Wasim

    Absolutely beautful design and to be honest I ‘ll be using this alot more now with the idea of ‘Hourlies’.

  • Flick

    Really like the new site design although, like Biljana, I am missing the old one for its familiarity and ease of use, but I am sure I will like this version even better in the long term.

    I also hope that there will be a more old-mobile friendly version of this new design in the near future – my two year old phone default browser can’t seem to cope with the beautiful design!

  • Alex


    I admire your good intentions but design means nothing when user experience isn’t improved. I believe more has been applied to the design than ease of use.

    I know this is a new design but it is much less intuitive to use. I work on both sides as a buyer and seller. I can currently only give feedback on the buyer side because I can’t even work out how to get to the client (seller) side. Here’s my ‘buyer’ feedback:

    – I don’t think the proposals screen is as easy to browse through. It is all bunched up. Much preferred seeing the whole bid rather than the first few characters. You’ve just added a whole lot of extra clicks to the process viewing proposals (clicking to view the whole bid and then clicking back – for every bid!) I know you can hover your mouse over the headline but it’s all rather messy.

    – As far as I can tell you can’t write notes on the bid, as you could before.

    – You can’t preview bid attachments (JPGs for example), like you could before.

    – Often there is grey text on a lighter grey background, this might look ‘cool’ but it’s not as easy to read as black on white like the comments on this blog!

    – When viewing someone’s profile it gives you one line and then you click ‘read more’ but instead of it expanding down the page it opens a box. Really don’t like this at all. Again, just a bit messy and unnecessary.

    – The ‘in discussion’ link in my work stream just comes up with all my bids, not the people I’m in discussion with.

    I, personally liked seeing everything on one screen. I find myself opening multiple windows with this new iteration.

    I’m certainly not against change – I just found the previous version more intuitive than this one.

    Good luck though.

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    That is a really smartly written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your helpful information. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

  • Chidinma O.

    Awesome design..though it still needs some getting-used to. Bravo, team!!!

  • Richard Blunt

    The new site looks much better than the previous one.
    Only one complaint; although new projects say how many days to ‘end’, the specific time and date are not displayed – I found this helpful and miss the information.
    Perhaps this could be recified – there is certainly room under the ‘end in … days’ to add ‘00.00 00/00/00’ – just a suggestion.

  • Murari lal Vishwakarma

    |It’s very nice and easy to to share every view and thoughts . Welcome .

  • Frances Ive

    I am sorry but this new website seems not to be working very well for me. I bid for a job and they can’t read my bid – what’s that all about? I can’t find my bids because there is no place to find them. Please go back to the previous website which was really good.

  • Mike Caffrey

    It might look nice but functionality is awful!
    I can’t find anything, my feedback seems to have all but disappeared too…
    Go back to how it was.
    I know this won’t happen so I for one am out, if only I could find the link to cancel my subscription now!

    And ‘hourlies’… another step away from quality and toward getting something quick and cheap.

  • Mike Dunkin

    Where is the dashboard? and all client feedback? Im assuming i just cant find it, otherwise this is really bad.
    ive built up client feedback which was a great feature on here… is it gone?

    I also just completed a project and am looking how to mark complete… all weve got now is workflow… which is just a message board?

  • jyo

    Awesome look ……..

  • Morag

    I don`t like the new website at all. The hourlie concept of touting for business is just distasteful – bidding on jobs is one thing but putting yourself out there shouting ~Hire me!! Hire me!!! is just crass. Don`t like it AT ALL and the number of relevant jobs being posted has plunged too.

  • manish jain

    previous one was nice

  • JB

    I can’t find anywhere else to leave feedback on the site, so it’ll have to be here.
    It looks great, well done for that.
    However, I am really unhappy with the new feedback situation. I feel that I am being penalised for having been a long-term freelancer. Of the people in my work category, I am the only one with ‘98% positive’ feedback while everyone else has ‘100% positive’. Therefore I look like a bad bet. But this is based on the arbitrary standard taken from the old, completely different stars system, so that ONE 3.5 star review around *two years ago* – which contained nothing negative – has put me on 98%, despite the fact that my recent feedback has been mostly 5-star. However, another freelancer whose recent feedback is all 4-star is ‘100% positive’. This is completely unfair and prejudicial. Please can something be done about it?

  • Brian Snellgrove

    The site is not a) fantastic b) awesome c) a step forward. if you wanted to destroy people’s goodwill in one stroke then introduce a new site without beta testing it.
    I’m completely lost because the old site assumed we had a brain and we could find our way about. there was nothing wrong with it and we knew where we were. I have stopped using it for the moment anyway because I don’t want to spend half an hour on the phone having your staff explain it.
    PLEASE run the old site parallel to the new one.
    It’s a bit like asking someone to move into a new home, and asking them to find their way around the new house blindfolded.
    the old site was intuitive; the new one is a mess and I think you will find your staff are spending huge amounts of time on the phone to confused clients.

  • Anonymous

    This website is appalling. I’ve suddenly started getting unsolicited emails with job lists. The email has no options listed for unsubscribing. I’ve logged on with the account that I have for this site (I created it about a year or so ago when I was exploring the site) and I can’t find any way to delete the account. I found the Contact Us number, called that and after it answered it just went dead. Tried that 3 times and everytime the line just hung up. Total bunch of amateurs.

  • Sofia

    “Your insights have made this relaunch what it is.”

    Please, please share with us how you got to the Hourlies in particular – I am flabberghasted by this comment as an active member of your feedback community. It really doesn’t feel this way at all.

    Like everyone else, I love the ‘skin’ – but so far am wholly unsatisfied with this new website as a place for me to look for work, and sell myself as a skilled professional. And it has many, may flaws. Some of which were ironed out in the previous site and seem to have reappeared.

    I am definitely not the only one who thinks this. The forums (which are still live but not being linked to) are full of discussion, as is now, finally the fb page.

    I used to love PPH, but I’m not sure how I feel anymore.

  • Soumya

    I appreciate the new look of PPH..but really am not a big fan of its functionality now.

    When we revise a website, i would like to get more features with what’s existing. But what happened here is, some of the user friendly functions are missing.

    1. My clients find it difficult to accept my bid
    2. My clients can’t find the link i sent them
    3. No forum for us to share our thoughts:(
    4.Message inbox/workstream is cluttered with all bids and messages(find it difficult to segregate recent chats and bids)

    Is there any chance to solve this???

  • Joby Joseph

    I appreciate your hard work on this site but the redesign made things most difficult!
    Difficult to read text
    Difficult to find information
    Difficult to search for jobs
    Difficult to find messages
    Difficult to find working jobs
    Not all jobs listed on the – New Jobs Posted on email

    Please do something ASAP so that people can find information easily – may be guide explaining your ideas?

  • xenios

    Hey all – thanks for all your feedback, we have compiled everything and are working off a big list to sort out teething problems reported, thanks for flagging. Over the next few weeks we will be launching numerous fixes which should hopefully adress all the main issues reported. Thanks for your patience.

  • chris h

    Hi Xenios

    You’ve worked hard but ……..

    As it was the site was really easy to navigate. I could log on every few hours and check what had been put on since I last logged on. I could make that search general or specific to what I do. I know I’m stupid but I can’t see that functionality any more.

    I also wonder why the simple and plain has now been changed to pretty but complicated.

    You were streets ahead of all of the other freelance sites and now it’s as though you are trying to copy them. Yuk – the reason I chose you in the first place was because you were so easy to use.

    I’m sure the hourlies are a good idea – I’ve just posted my first and I’ll be adding to it.

    I’m not against change but if we could have a little less glitz and a little more user friendly functionality back …..


  • Rob

    I logged into today to have a shock! I really don’t like the new PPH… the design…. its noisy. I find the workstreams thing harder to follow.

    The job search functionality. It’s all wrong…. Good job I’ve got regular clients elsewhere… bidding for jobs takes a lot of time… and you’ve made the process harder….

    I would go as far as to say I loathe what you’ve done….

  • Kit

    In the Job Posting form, the price field comes too early.

    We tend to think about price only once we’ve filled in the rest of the requirements.

    In its present position, it’s an irritant which might cause clients to seek a more friendly site.

  • Jayanta

    After using new design for couple of days, to be honest to say, the old design was much more user friendly and have everything in one place for buyer and seller.



  • Shailendra


    I love to read this post again and again, really very nice.

  • Neil Rawlinson

    I find this site terrible to navigate with everything popping up in individual boxes and not having a clean interface like the previous site, where you could see a lot more on one page. Bring back the old!!!!…….I am not encouraged to use this site anymore, whereas I found it a pleasure to use in the past.
    Having spoken to many people who have used the site in the past , there seems to be a lot of disgruntled people out there – people posting for work and people looking for work……what a pity.

  • Vinod


    I am fan of old look and feel .It will take time to get used with new one


  • Deb Kundu

    Hello Xenios
    I have checked the new design . yes it’s really goods. but i have noticed couple of points are missing i mean if you improved those section then really it’s come out nicely . Like the portfolio section and my jobs.
    So lots of confused above this section . When i try send the client to check our portfolio . So first of all the client can’t check all the Jobs which was done smoothly coz there is no section to View all the jobs so if you look in to this section that will be more easy to check the jobs. Coz the old site portfolio section are really good . Coz there is a option view all . So client check the job with in few mins but now lots of time are spent and they can’t check properly . for the example. Client need logo design when he click our portfolio so see some logo sample they wait for long time coz logo files we have uploaded after 10 to 20 files .
    And for the My jobs . i think the old one is best i mean only for this section coz now we have section but it’s not more easy it’s to complected .So i request to you if improve two section that will be much better . Other wise it’s much better the design look and fill it’s really good .
    Awaiting to hear from you

    Deb Kundu
    ESolz Technologies Pvt. Ltd

  • kieran farrell

    Since 16th July I have not received any job notifications at all
    I have though received 2 emails 17th and 20th July one about about the new hourlies catagory and one about the completion of work on upgrading the website.
    I have received no information whatsoever since the 20th July – but – today [26th July] I see a PPH job that I have bid for advertised on the Job Rapido site together with a full page detailed post with the heading ‘Welcome to the new PeoplePerHour! Read this post from our CEO about how we got here!’
    What’s it all about Alfie?

  • chrid

    Sorry to blunt the excitement, but the new site is rubbish. The old site worked perfectly well, allbeit with some problems which could easily have been sorted. This is way too much change in one step …. im really struggling with it to be honest.

  • Ryan

    Firstly, I’d like there to be an email address I can send feedback to as this doesn’t seem the most appropriate channel.

    But, while I am here; the mobile version for Blackberry wont work as it requires you to set currency and location and you can’t access/see the site until you do. However, it is not possible ti type a location into the box, so until this is fixed I can’t access PPH when I am not at my computer.

    Also, can you make the work streams more easily distinguished? I dislike having them all seem as one big list, but would prefer them split from the outset to make it more user-friendly.

    With the new site I am no chance of having a 100% profile unless I link it with Facebook – why? My Facebook is personal and private and not something I wish to link with my professional profile here on PPH simply because I keep business and personal life separate. Some buyers require 100% profiles, surely linking with Facebook is not that important?

    As I say, I’d rather send this type of feedback to a ‘feedback’ email address, but this seems to be missing.


  • James

    I am really struggling with this new look. I know people get a bit “stuck in their ways” but this new system seems so cluttered. Yes, it looks slicker but if you are a busy freelancer or employer then it becomes practically impossible to keep track of everything.

    The workstream is a nightmare – All my conversations, messages, jobs I’ve won, jobs I’ve posted etc. are ALL mixed in one constant stream making it really hard to keep track of bids I’ve got on jobs I’ve posted, the jobs I’ve won, and the conversations that I need to reply to.

    I think it needs to return to a separate dash for “sellers” and “buyers” and there needs to be more separation of everything like their used to be.

    I recognise this is new and takes getting used to but I have actually done far, far less work on here since it changed over as I just find it terribly cluttered. Fine for the people doing the odd job or speaking to the odd person, but for me it is a nightmare.

  • sundas abbas

    i m responsible for job

  • benila

    please add the option for bid a data entry jobs.

  • Radhakrishnan

    Thank you Xenios.Looking forward to see more updates.

  • christabel

    l m impressed.l do hop we remain on top gear

  • Alif

    congratulations ! Thanks

  • Adnan

    I really like this site :)))

  • Malathi Nadarajan

    The website is very good… Good job 🙂

  • Julianne Weinmann

    Looks good, but why are my past reviews missing?

  • Steve

    The design is very nice but I think the overall experience is not as good as it was. Such a shame and I think the hourlies idea will cheapen the market. Just being honest.

  • alessandra

    very nice

  • Deni

    I’m new here but from the article above I really like the goal and the ideas for benefit of the people who are using PPH. The design is pretty and simple.

  • Olay

    The new website looks fantastic but that’s where the positive comment ends. The UI is appalling and it’s so difficult to navigate I.e. The accept bid button only appears in the original bid message which means you have to scroll through the beginning of the conversation thread if you want to accept a bid. My freelancer was unable to adjust his bid amount. I can no longer post a job as private and get loads of bids from people whom I don’t want (even it’s marked as invitation only) which waste time for both freelancers and mine. I can’t invite freelancers to bid ( only standard contact us available which is a pain when you have many jobs on the go. It doesn’t work properly on iPad and keep freezing when you type long messages and the list goes on….

    I’m a big fan of PPH but I’m so disappointed with the new site and it drives me mad to the point that I’m signing up with ELance!! The phrase Looks over functionality comes to mind.

    The site looks amazing and have a potential to be great – shame it’s such a let down! Please get your act together before you drive the users away.

  • James

    Site doesn’t work. I am unable to pay freelancers for work done.

  • chris hutchins


    I made a comment the other day and it seems to have been removed.

    I am not trying to cause problems I love PPH and the whole concept but the new site is terrible.

    Everyone is saying how pretty it looks but the navigation and functionality have all been seriously compromised.

    I am not alone – all the PPH’ers I have spoken to are saying the same.

    Your staff are saying that changes are coming but are they.

    I was invited to attend a web conference before the launch. I could not do so. I would love to talk my complaints through with you.

    PPH just started to work for me when the changes happened and now its stopped.


  • Janet Fidler

    Seems like I’m joining up just a tthe right time. Congratulations on your new site.
    ..and thank you for creating opportunities for creative individuals.

  • pc

    Why do you charge 50p to use a debit card, Xenios? My businesses incur a costs of about 15p on debit card transactions, and about 1.5% of the transaction for payments by credit card… Why not have a fairer price to reflect the cost, instead of flat prices that rip people off?

  • John Speight

    Hourlies: brilliant idea
    Limited free bids: bad idea (at such a low amount), stops me bidding for lots of jobs that I could do cheaply and quickly.
    New look: bad idea. Agree with vivek, it’s putting appearance over site’s purpose – allowing compatible buyers and sellers to easily find each other.
    New 15% fee: bad, it alters the bids I put in.

    Overall the old site was excellent and has been spoilt by cosmetic removal of information, poor usability and buggy, confusing interface

  • John Speight

    PS (moderators) you may want to check how this page renders on Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer as there’s an overlay obscuring the text in some browsers.

    (you don’t need to publish this, just a heads up)

  • claude valery

    New website is fabulous
    however there is a bug i keep encountering!
    when i receive a proposal/email from a freelancer/company i cant get to respond to them as the “SEND” button sometimes will not send the mail.
    it works at times and sometimes it doesnt
    please kindly ask your team to look into this!


  • claude valery

    Hi and yes with the iphone browser
    when we enlarge the sign out and login button cannot be found!
    needs a little tweaking.

  • Flick

    Just to add another thought: the previous edition of PPH would save periodic drafts before ‘timing out’ (it usually displayed a message and gave one enough time to copy the new bit) but to my surprise, it was only after I pressed ‘Send’ (using Chrome) that I received a ‘you need to login again’ message and sadly nothing was saved, even by PPH. Is there a place where we can track or report existing bugs perhaps? Thanks.

  • Anwar

    New PPH system is a bit confusing in terms of accessiblity/usability.

    i have dealt with 3 buyers after new system and they all were confused – they even ask how to make the job complete…etc

    • rahul

      could you please give us some details ?

  • Web solutions india

    Cool Nice blog buddy
    thanks for sharing

  • Dev

    This is awesome

  • AppsArmy

    PPH is really a great platform to get clients from all over the world, it has really helped us in getting new clients


  • Priyanshu

    I Really Appreciate this post Because I am using PPH Still 3 years. This is great Platform for Freelancer to showcase their Talent


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