Updates to optional fees


Hello everyone,

we wanted to let you know that we revised certain optional fees on PPH and specifically those for Urgent Jobs, Admin/maintenance of idle accounts, extra Proposal Credits, Featured Proposal Credits and Qualification Extension plans.

These are all optional fees and are intended for extra Seller or Buyer exposure/ promotion/ convenience.

You can check out more below or find the relevant fees on PPH Terms.

The fees mentioned above have remained intact for a very long time and at this point we have to make a few amendments. There are a few reasons for these changes e.g. the exchange currencies have changed a lot since the early days of PeoplePerHour so we have to adapt, we keep investing more and more in enhancing the marketplace for both Sellers and Buyers and we want to make sure that these features retain their value, in other words they make users that use them really stand out. We believe that the real value of the relevant features for users that continue to use them will increase a lot more than the increase in their price.

The changes are mentioned below:

  • Urgent Job: from £5 to £9 and the rest of the currencies (€ and US $) accordingly.
  • Admin fee: from £3.50 to £6.70 and the rest of the currencies accordingly.
  • Extra Proposal Credits: from £3.95 to £5.95 for a batch of 5 credits. The rest of the batches and currencies accordingly.
  • Featured Proposal Credits: from £2.95 to £4.95 per credit. The batches and the rest of the currencies accordingly.
  • Qualification Extension: from £6.95 to £9.95 per month for 3 months extension. The extension for 1 month and the rest of the currencies accordingly.

Kind regards,
Product Manager @PPH


  • Faryad

    Awful news and EXTREMELY discouraging update. I will NEVER buy anymore featured proposal credits and will try to send less proposals to save my credits from now on to avoid wasting my money. It WAS very expensive even before this update. BECAUSE each day we WASTE more than 15 proposal credits and NO ONE cares after hundreds of emails and complains. People post jobs for free and JUST GO. And it is US, freelancers, who have to PAY for each individual credit to WASTE them for fake jobs. Who cares? I recently noticed even if someone update a job post and we cancel our proposal, the credit DOES NOT REFUND, despite the coming email telling that we can cancel the proposal after description change and our proposal credit refunds. For your information: it DOES NOT REFUND.
    Instead of this “update” I was waiting to here this:
    *****PPHers the good news is: if a job stays pending and un-awarded for 30 days, we will automatically refund your wasted proposal and featured proposal credits. So don’t worry about fake jobs, fake buyers, and forever-pending proposals. We can’t refund your wasted time on writing proposals, but from now on we will refund your wasted proposal credits on un-awarded jobs.*****
    Let me tell something VERY frankly. I am getting disappointed on this platform. EVERYTHING gets discouraging and nothing fundamental improves and are getting worse even. CONGRATULATIONS on your improvement!!! You REALLY made us happy with your update. THANKS for hearing our voices.

  • Len Rogers

    As clear as mud.
    If they are “optional” who makes the decision whether or not they can be applied? And, do PPHers, who are often asked to write for £4 and less an hour, receive the optional payments or do PPH owners? Literary agents, such as mine, Frances Kelly, charge 10% for services but Frances actively markets my work while PPH charge a third of this and never represent me nor other PPHers. Your stated enhancement of the marketplace is an increasing profusion of coloured clutter and pop-ups. You are doing little if anything to control or reduce the expanding multitude of clients who regard PPH as a writers’ sweatshop.

  • Rajesh

    I think this isnt a welcome move, as a platform you should encourage more bids, not discourage them.

    In other platforms I could give away multiple number of credits to make my proposal a featured one, however here it is paid for, but even that is fine, but basically 15 credits for someone who makes 3 invoices in a day is far far too less and the proposal credits are way too expensive now leaving me not to bid on any job from now and it is not even half of the month..

    As the previous commenter mentioned if Stale jobs proposals are refunded then yes it makes sense, but otherwise you are just making people bid less.

    Overall I think PPH makes decent money when I make money as well, and I make more money by putting in more bids, and so overall the loss would be to you guys as well.

    I would wish that someone here thinks about these changes seriously and takes a long term call on it rather than short term increase in fees.

  • Vignesh

    Are you really saying that each job here is worth a probability of £1.2. Lets say that is the price (if 5 credits are worth about £6) assume 10 bidders on a job that’s £12 in just bidding and assume an average rate of £100 and commisions are £18 (including VAT), that is a 30% cut to PPH, far far too high. Lets come to the lower end of commissions and higher end of bids, some of these jobs attract 50 bids, but assume 25 bidders that is a £30 in bids alone, even if the commission is just £4.2 thats a whopping 35% cut to PPH.

    Why dont you give extra bidding credits as per the cert level. Top cert may get triple the quota cert 5 may get double and so on?

  • Paul


    I haven’t won any new clients this month using 13 credits and responding to +50% of invitations I received.
    I only worked with 2 previous clients.

    I am really concerned when I think of my future as a freelancer.

    I think would be nice to have 100 credits / month.

    Something I have noticed that many sellers are treating this website like a contest website and seeking for free samples and then they never get back…

  • Jonh

    A friendly advice.

    You can’t charge premium services and deliver what everyone else is delivering for less.

    Lets see:
    Buyers quality – Becoming awful. There´s no concern from PPH to encourage the buyer to be realistic with the budged.

    Quotes Deadline- I could easily post 100 jobs, eat my competitors bids and go on my merry way. PPH doesn’t give a rats ass. I am pretty sure at this point that there are sellers posting jobs to “feel”the competition.

    Pressure on the Freelancer: Tons

    CERT: A scam, I know for a fact that PPH makes it seem to the customers that the CERT is an indicator of quality.

    PPH Guarantee: Whenever a new Freelancer submits a quote PPH marks this quote as “PPH Guaranteed” informing the buyer that this freelanceer can’t dispute a Refund.
    Thus encouraging the Buyers to Scam the new freelancers. Real nice PPH, real nice…

    I believe most freelancers came to PPH believing this was somewhow better than the other major freelancing websites out there. But now it seems that PPH wants to be like th major freelancing platforms.

    So here is a friendly advice, odesk.com and elance.com are working to increasing the Buyers quality, freelancer.com isn’t but they are big as F* and if you become a small “freelancer.com” then why will freelancer give a dam about PPH?..

    PPH, your future is being different otherwise you will end up being bought or crash. (maybe being bought sounds nice to you, who knows…)

  • Honey

    Maybe these rises will raise the bar and quality of both PPH and those who choose to use it as a professional platform to work on…..

  • Catus Info Solution

    We really discourage this move. As competition getting tough.

    Not Acceptable, Please rethink before revising.

  • Vicarius Soft Solution

    Very Bad News.
    We monthly buy 100 credits,
    Now you reviews upto 50% ,
    Please rethink as this will decrease uses of credits,
    while other competitors provide more bid to allow freelancer to compete in maximum jobs and retain their clientele.

    We hope you rethink on it.

  • Len Rogers

    The PPH certificated process is highly suspect. A PPHer who accepts commissions to write for less than say, the hourly rate of a Mumbai street-cleaner or even a British NHS student nurse, cannot be equated with a highly qualified PPHer with many years’ experience in the relevant industry. Only a couple of weeks ago I was asked by a PPH client to prepare CVs for a company purporting to be located in Japan but on further investigation found to be operating in the BST zone and with a convenient UK phone number. They wanted a new format for their CVs and suggested an average of £20 per résumé.
    A résumé is a valuable piece of work because the applicant’s future depends on its success in obtaining an interview and securing a job. I have been involved in this for many years and recently, for a PPH client, wrote an e-book “Getting a Job after Graduation”, which was followed by a 30-minute PPP on “Turning Temporary into Permanent”. Both were adequately and fairly remunerated.
    This potential résumé services client asked me to prepare two specimen CVs from details provided, which I did in a newly laid out format and which took me about eight hours. On receiving my efforts, they said they could obtain CVs for £15, the implication being that I should lower my quote for work that they sell to applicants at many times the cost. I didn’t and I heard no more.
    PPH receives no income from would-be clients who therefore receive free advertising for experienced and skilled workers. PPH should at least institute a system that reduces this amorphous volume. Clients could be classified into say, three groups indicating the hourly rate they are prepared to pay; the reasonable assumption being that rate indicates category of worker wanted.

  • Rubs

    Its a Very terrible News for us.

    Please thinks again as this will decrease uses of credits, while other competitors provide more bid to allow freelancer to compete in maximum jobs and retain their clientele.

    We think you will respect about our

    This asked me to prepare two specimen CVs from details provided, which I did in a newly laid out format and which took me about eight hours. On receiving my efforts, they said they could obtain CVs for £15, the implication being that I should lower my quote for work that they sell to applicants at many times the cost. I didn’t and I heard no more.

  • Molly

    I agree with the other freelancers who say that it’s a bad idea to increase the price to buy more credits. As a new freelancer, I am already selling my services cheap to entice clients to give me a chance. Spending a fortune on credits to earn a pittance in payment for my services simply doesn’t make sense. If you insist on doing this, I’m going to have to look for another website to do my freelancing through.

  • Antonia

    Honestly what bothers me tons is the scarce quality of some so called PPH Guarantee freelancer – at least the ones I “worked” with as buyer. Some have ZERO knoweledge of latest Google policies and updates , change contract rules without other reason than them being unprepared and taking too much jobs than they can handle. I am sorry I worked with cert 2 and 3 that are TOP precise, honest and responsive – the PPH Guarantee is a BAD quality guarantee.

  • Shumaila Kanwal

    Have you improved your website so that majority is satisfied with your work????
    Have you introduced auto currency convertion to your website so that we may not ask each time “Customer service” to convert our currency?
    Does your customer service has started responding efficiently to the queries?
    Is your CERT algorithm perfect? where even a person with no seller history can be at level 2 who has no endorsements too. Is this perfect algorithm you introduced?
    Focus on making this a good place for sellers and buyer and then ask for more money.
    This is the lame excuse that you are rasing the price coz the currency rates have changed etc. This is not a restrurant where you need to think about the vegetable price all over the market. Its a website. Learn from other websites too who are your compitators. They are doing good in many things.


  • bobybishtresume

    it’s good and fast and nice

  • Jonathan

    I absolutely agree with all of the above comments.

    It seems PPH are increasing fees due to low number of take-up, thus penalising existing freelancers. Here, you need to be looking at WHY the take up is so low.

    A platform like this is supposed to be utilising the meeting of two minds: buyers are looking for a service provider and freelancers have a service to offer. Strike the right balance and PPH makes good revenue. Tilt more in favour of one or the other and you lose 50% of the people needed to conclude a contract where you earn your commission.

    In the last few months I have become more selective on which jobs to bid for because there are simply too many abandoned and/or low quality jobs with unrealistic budgets/expectations.

    The fewer bids I submit, the probability of PPH earning commission reduces. And, with this recent update, at the expense of existing freelancers for PPH’s failure to devise a balanced strategy.

  • Derek Thompson

    May I suggest a webinar and call so that PPH has an opportunity to explain its strategy for these changes, and PPHers can feedback in real time about what is working and what isn’t. We all want the site to succeed, but – speaking personally – writers are being squeezed from both ends. Buyers want to pay less (and aren’t filtered out when they post jobs) and PPH wants to increase the monetisation from add-ons like the extra credits, which then hits sellers again. There has to be a middle ground and the best way to find it is to collaborate on a solution that benefits both the site and its users. What do you say?


    I think I am the first who don’t have any issues with the new fee structure.

    I just want to see keep your eyes open when applying to the jobs and want to advice PPH Ninjas to automatically cancel the un-awarded job (the clients which post and forget) after a certain period and give us refund of that wholly wasted proposal.


  • Honey

    I say that Selllers/Employers should also pay a fee on completion of a project!!!!!

    • Len Rogers

      PPH are not doing their job and monitoring client requests. This afternoon (Friday 17th) Enxhi asked for a 3,000-word paper to be written for £70. Here is the reply to my enquiry as to whether it is an academic paper or business operation:
      Hello Len,
      Read Enxhi’s message:
      Academic assignment
      At any price this is a no-go. Plagiarism should not be encouraged by PPH

  • jr

    disappointing news
    i used to regularly by featured items….
    no more

  • Web Design Semarang

    WOW, it’s so expensive now. There are so many cost to get job. So disappointed!

  • Roger

    Shocking news.
    Destined to fail in the long run.
    Well done.

  • adina

    The fees are too high anyway. You will force us to move to other sites 🙁

    I do not find much work here and I withdraw less than 80% of my earnings. Please review your policies.

  • Masud

    If you insist on doing this, I’m going to have to look for another website to do my freelancing through.

  • Deborah

    I agree with the comments. Something about PPH isn’t working right now. The fees for some of the work posted is extraordinarily low, and many of the jobs posted never get followed through…Fake jobs? Didn’t like the quality of the freelancers? Surprised by how much freelancing work really costs? Who knows. But like the others I’m bidding for fewer jobs these days. There should be more intelligent regulation of buyers, rather than penalising freelancers.

  • Len Rogers

    PPH is yet again belying its self-proclaimed aim of “enhancing the marketplace for both Sellers and Buyers” by sending me “new Jobs posted on PeoplePerHour matching your saved searches”, which are two projects neither of which remotely matches my experience―one is for a quantity surveyor and the other for a music composer.
    How can they get it so wrong? Clearly, these continuing lapses in administration and control exacerbated by an entirely unjust proposed increase in charges to the freelancers who supply their income, indicate an urgent necessity for radical reorganisation and redirection at the top.
    Failure to do this will see PPH lose the confidence of its freelancers as has its host, Greece, to where the PPH 50-person engineering department relocated In 2012.

  • Vancho

    Hello everyone,
    I just read all of your comments and to be honest I am stunned by all of you showing disrespect to the platform and the great customer support that PPH has to offer.

    It’s just not fair to say all of this about the fees etc. When you’re bidding for a job all of you including me is trying to get the most out of the customer because all of us have bills to pay. On the contrary PPH is the same. They have their own expenses to cover so that they keep the great customer service and platform up and running.

    The problem lies in your marketing concepts and how you interact with the people who post jobs. Now, don’t take me wrong here I am not trying to win the sympathy of PPH but that’s the real truth here.

    Sometimes you have to give out something even if you loose money in order for you to get more projects and win more money on the long run.

    You have to carefully select your projects and then you need to explain the customer what you will do for the money that you’re asking.

    Just a simple bid wont get you anywhere. You have to work hard to get there.

    Now, please don’t say that odesk, freelancer etc are better platforms. I have been there and I know they suck.

    I spent 7 years in University reading books and taking exams. odesk is not gonna make me any better to retake those exams or freelancer. Plus they all charge you for taking those exams.

    As opposed PPH doesn’t give you all of this crap that the others give you. PPH has simple but very complex approach on the back-end. Come on, some of you are software engineer here.

    Don’t be like that and show some respect to PPH and let’s all of us become part of the PPH.

    I hope you find my comments friendly.

    Thanks and keep up your bidding you’ll get there.

  • Andrei

    I am aggree with almost all coments from above. Those revisions are not good for us. I don’t like those new changes…

  • Jenii

    Fees are already ridiculously high, the fee deductions from my last job meant I only made about 77% of my regular revenue from the job. It did open some doors which was nice, but it did leave a sour taste in my mouth as I am just starting up. This site is getting greedy which is a shame as it is a very good source for creatives to find work.

  • Alok

    Guys what about Hourlies??

    Have you ever thought of people doing logos and other small stuff for just 10GBP?

    Even I do a lot of “an hour” jobs, where payment is instant and I withdraw once in week.

    If I really have to pay for 9 GBP for an urgent job, I don’t think clients will agree to pay me 15+9 GBP for a job which actually costs 15 GBP. With the price paid already being high, this is like robbing us without gun!

  • Saqib Iftekhar Ahmeds

    Thanks for the update!

  • Kieran Ball

    The most expensive freelancer site in the world just got more expensive.

    This, combined with longer timeframes to process payments, rapidly declining quality of jobs (and poor vetting of those jobs) and an blatant unwillingness to react to general feedback from sellers is why PPH is going to lose out to competitor sites in the long term.

  • Roger

    My first post on this update was a little vague and maybe too quick of a decision…

    What came to mind is this.

    We all want higher standards. Such as. Better paying clients, better content to attract the better clients. Yes?

    We are all given X amount of proposal credits to apply for jobs here on PPH. Not too many and could be increased (at no charge)

    I’ve been thinking about this. I believe I do find work most of the time within the allotted monthly credits. Especially now I have been on PPH for over 2 years. I am more careful at selecting posted jobs to send a proposal to. And I am forever tweaking my profile to make it as professional as possible. I also get many invites to send proposals for posted jobs. Which do not require a credit.


    Its a bit of a double edge sword.

    If you have a strong portfolio. Have a strong grasp of the English language. Make your proposal as professional and personal to the Buyer posting the job… You can win work within the X amount of credits given to you per months. Which leads me onto an idea.

    As you work hard and slowly move up the cert ranks, PPH should reward you with even more X proposal credits. As a way of saying! Hey, we have noticed you are wining work… Well done. We have increased your PPH Proposal credits each moth as a thank you.

    This helps in so many ways.

    It gives incentives, recognition and the encouragement to do even more work on PPH.

    To freelancers who just can seem to win the work. I guess it could be that you are not targeting the correct job postings. Maybe you are limited to what you are showing the potential client? Maybe your proposal lets you down due to poor English?

    So as you can see. We want to have the quality bar raised on PPH and some I guess will not be able to jump that bar, no matter how many credits you give them.

    So I can see PPH’s point of view. But the rise in costs for the additional services id VERY high and does leave a bad taste in my mouth. Although I believe I have only once paid for additional services. And no I didn’t win the job I did that on.

    So in short PPH.
    I can see what you are doing. But it would be nice to see you give something back to those freelancers who are help you raise the bar of quality here on PPH by increasing the proposal credit amount foe freelancers who do well each month.
    Its should not be all stick and no carrot.

    I have said this before… I should charge PPH for this stuff 🙂


  • Honey

    In answer to Roger’s comment:

    PPH does offer “extra free” credits to members so the recognition is already in place!

  • Faryad

    I think the problem is TOO simple and obvious. PPH DOES NOT CARE about real problems of this platform and after thousands of complains and obvious problems which are VERY easy to resolve, they do NOTHING but making sellers more and more under pressure. Nowadays every update makes us more discouraged.
    Have a look at these two job threads:


    ONE person wastes more than 100 proposal credits of freelancers like a piece of cake!!! At this moment I’m not talking about time, featured proposal credits, sample works, portfolios, etc. The point here is: proposal credits which now cost something about 5 GBP each. This is just ONE case. Each day we encounter lots of such fake jobs and we lose credits, time, and effort. For MANY times I emailed PPH about this but they never give a clear reply to this. I think they love this and they appreciate fake job posts.

    @Mr Christos:
    As an active member of PPH who spend most of my business time on your platform, I’m asking this one more time in public:
    THANKS for making your OPTIONAL services more expensive!! We appreciate your wise decision. But can you please tell me, are we -sellers- convicted to lose credit (money), time, portfolios, and efforts, like this? Why don’t you do anything in this regard then? Is this how you care about your sellers? For the 10th time (or even more): *****Why don’t you refund our wasted credits? Why don’t you cancel pending proposals which stay pending forever? Why don’t you refund featured proposal credits sent for fake jobs? DO YOU EVER CARE ABOUT THE HARD-EARNED MONEY WE EARN ON YOUR PLATFORM??*****

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not going to pay something about 5 GBP for each credit to send proposals for fake jobs. More than %80 of jobs posts are fake. This is not OPTIONAL. If we want to make money on this platform, we HAVE to buy them. Please don’t call it optional.

  • Vikas

    Sorry PPH, Thumps Down

  • Pradeep Sharma

    Don’t focus on more money, please reduce your rates. so any one can good chance. $14.95 for featured hourlie is more, please also reduce it. because it’s not so much effect.

    and i didn’t get any new client from 2 month. It’s discourage me….

  • Roger

    You are so right Honey, I forgot I have had fee extra credits from PPH on many occasions. We always forget the good stuff 😉

  • Kristine

    Very discouraging!


    i understand all this thank for all this information

  • Paul

    The thing that annoys me most at the moment is when you feature your hourly and don’t sell any or only sell one.

    You haven’t even earnt the cost of the featured hourly, you are paying PPH money and in return essentially working for someone for free.

    Sometimes the featured hourlies quickly drop off the front page and you have dozens of people (who did not pay to have their hourly featured), ahead of you.

    If a featured hourly does not get 1 or 2 sales, they should refund part of the fee!

  • Toure

    This is what I have been saying for months now. PPH don’t care about freelancers as long as it makes money on their back. PPH forgot we are their income earner. It’s already difficult to compete with freelancers from India due to their money value. PPH is only encouraging buyers to look for cheap labor by authorizing extremely low budget for thing they know should cost more. $30 for a website! Some of the fee should be coming from the buyers as well and that will eliminate a lot of them not following on their posts

  • Christos

    Hi All

    Thanks for your comments, we appreciate all the feedback from the community.
    We understand that the announcement on price changes has caused a lot of discussion and we want to address a few points that have been brought up:

    – In relation to the term ‘optional’ we are referring to the extra features that you can choose to take advantage of but are not compulsory e.g extra credits, qualification extensions

    – As with every business as you grow at some point there will be a price change and we haven’t made a change in price since 2008. As businesses owners we hope that you can understand this, however the main features still remain free to use on the site e.g. pitch for Jos, post a Job, post an Hourlie.

    – We have been working extremely hard to improve the service for our community which can be seen in the various product updates on the blog. We fund these changes and the resources needed through revenue made on the site. We are constantly reinvesting to create the best possible marketplace that we can.

    – With the changes we have been implementing we constantly aim to increase the quality and value of PPH to the benefit of everyone.

    Product Manager @PPH

    • Molly

      Sorry, Christos, but there are other–and better–ways to do business. Let me share an example.

      I’m a freelance writer. When you announced these changes, I searched for other websites to find work through, and I found one that actually makes its money by charging *employers* a fee for access to *freelancers* the site has vetted as having excellent writing skills.

      There are no abandoned jobs, because employers *pay* to post the jobs. Employers on this site have proven they’re serious about getting the job done.

      Freelancers don’t bid for jobs. They’ve been vetted by the website as capable of doing excellent work. A freelancer scans the list of available jobs and claims the one they want to do.

      PPH could adopt that business model. Or split the fees between buyers and sellers, which would be fair and deter people who aren’t serious. Instead, PPH is choosing to make its money off the backs of freelancers…many of whom already sell their services too cheap because it’s the only way to compete with bids from Third World workers who can live for week on a mere $5-10.

      So, although I only recently joined PPH and I had high hopes that once I proved myself I could earn decent wages, it seems I’ve got to go. I only got work when I paid to have my Hourlie featured, and barely turned a profit. Now that featuring my Hourlie would cost even more, I can’t afford to work through PPH at all anymore.

      I have a job in progress to finish. When that’s done, I’m out of here.

      Fellow freelancers, there are other sites out there. Sites that know how to attract reliable, quality jobs and reliable, quality freelancers. I urge you to look for them. We all work hard for our money, and none of us can afford to keep increasing the share paid to PPH or any other freelance employment site.

  • Honey

    @ Molly

    I have to disagree on several points – yes there are many job websites and agencies out there all of which offer freelancers the chance to find work – however – none are “better” platforms to work on as they all have their idiosyncrasies that can drive you to distraction.

    It’s also true that a couple of sites “vet” freelancers prior to them being “permitted” to join the platform and that jobs are super well paid – however, the competition for these same projects on these sites is rife – much more so than here on PPH,

    I believe the owners and staff of Peopleperhour do not have a very enviable task with the old adage of “you can’t please everyone all of the time” ringing loudly in this instance.

    I firmly believe that this is still one of the better platforms to work on and that all is being done to make it a safer environment for honest professionals to work on,

    The only point I agree with you on is that both parties should pay a fee for using the site for the reasons you so eloquently pointed out.

  • Nick

    I like PPH, I like the layout and the ease of access, but this is unjustified. My main issue is what I believe to be an incredibly simple thing to address which I asked about over a month ago and has had no effect. I am flaberghasted that every comments board is freelancers asking “Can I have a picture? Show us pictures! Where is the image!”. This is such a basic problem that hasn’t been addressed, how can you start charging more? If I can’t trust you to fix such a simple issue by just telling buyers if they want work on an image, post the damn image rather than wait for days for a post to be moderated just to ask to see the image, how can I trust that my money is being well spent?

    I’m a Cert 2 and I haven’t had a job yet, but, with your algorithm, I’m up against people rated 5 or top who, without seeming rude, just aren’t up to the job, yet I’m competing below them because I’m new. There’s no relationship between your Cert rating and the quality of the designer, it means absolutely nothing.

    I think you’re pricing out a lot of freelancers out of greed. Full stop. I’m not gambling even more money away until I see improvements and I have faith that the money I spend on bids will be worth it.

    • Kelly

      Hi Nick,

      Many thanks for your message. Please note that this post was made in 2015 and is not current.

      Regarding your concerns, I completely appreciate what you are telling us. Please email us at support@peoplperhour.com and someone will email you back to discuss and help.

  • Amit

    Not happy with PPH.

    Clients are looking to buy world for $1
    Clients are looking fro free work.


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