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Of course you know that YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. On average, 300 hours of videos are being uploaded every minute, and the number of video views per day is getting close to 5 billion. But, do you know how important YouTube is for the personal branding process?

As Tom Peters said in his popular article The Brand Called You, this is the Age of the Individual. If you want to be successful in any field, you have to turn yourself into a brand. Are you wondering why that’s important? Just search your name on Google, including your hometown in the keywords. This is what a potential employer and everyone else gets when searching you up. Do you like the results? If you want to improve them, you’ll have to get engaged in personal branding. YouTube can help with that.

How exactly can you use this video platform for developing a personal brand? That’s what we’re here for today. We’ll share few tips that can help.

1. Answer the Most Important Question: Who Are You?

Before you start uploading cute videos of your cat under your username, it’s important to think about the purpose of personal branding. Who are you? How do you want to present yourself to the audience?

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Are you a freelance writer, career coach, graphic designer, or marketing expert? It doesn’t matter whether you have a boring office job or you’re an adventurous world traveller; personal branding is for everyone. You just have to define your brand before you start promoting it.

Keep this in mind: this won’t be a YouTube channel for your small business. You won’t be promoting ads to it. You’ll be branding yourself, so your own personality should be the main factor of attraction.

  • Your personal brand should be based on your profession and interest. You want people to see you as an expert when they look you up on Google. If, for example, you’re a graphic designer who works from home, filming prank videos that show you as a weirdo is probably not a good idea.

2. Polish Up Your Profile

Since you’re using the YouTube channel for personal branding, it’s okay to call it with your own name. However, you can also think of a cool name that conveys the purpose of your channel. In addition to the name, you’ll have few other things to think about when setting up your YouTube channel:

  • Try the different settings. For example, you can have one feature video or set up the profile to feature your last video on the channel. You can play with the layout, and you’ll discover many other cool things when you dig through the settings.
  • The About section of your channel needs a bio. This is the place where you introduce yourself and tell what the channel is about. Include links to social media, your LinkedIn profile, and your personal website.

3. Stay Focused

Mia Roberts, marketing expert from EssayOnTime, explains that all videos should follow a logical progression: “If you post random videos that have no connection to one another, some of them may become popular. However, it’s the individual videos that will gain popularity; not you. When you’re using YouTube for personal branding, you have to stay focused on a single niche.”

  • Stay consistent. Film multiple videos on an elaborate topic and connect them in playlists. That’s a great way to make the visitors spend more time at your channel and get used to you as a person. That’s what personal branding is all about.

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4. Find Your Unique Point of Uniqueness

If you look at a popular YouTube channel, such as TED for example, you’ll notice that the videos are different, but they are all connected with something you recognise them by. For TED, it’s mainly the intro, but the setting and lighting of the videos are also something you can recognise. You need such point of uniqueness for your own channel.

  • Make a short, inviting intro that makes regular visitors feel familiar to your channel.
  • The vibe of the videos is important. Your body language, voice tone, the topics you cover… everything is part of the personal branding process. Identify the aspects that make you unique and keep them consistent.

5. Keep Uploading Content!

You may upload the coolest video and it will go viral. That’s cool, but it won’t build you a personal brand. Consistency is an important factor in this adventure. If your visitors like what they see, they will want to see more.

  • Create a video publishing schedule. Regular filming is a lot of work, but it will yield great results.
  • As you keep uploading more content, you’ll be getting more subscribers. They will recommend your videos further, thus making your personal brand stronger.

It’s not easy to start filming videos if you’re not fully comfortable in front of the camera. Maybe you’ll need some practice. However, keep in mind that YouTube activity is one of the best things you can do for professional growth. Hopefully, the tips you just went through will lead you in the right direction.


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