Everything you need to know about the new Search Algorithm. A note from our CEO!


Seamlessly connecting buyers with skilled freelancers that can assist with making even the most outlandish projects come true is our North Star, if you like. Driven by this goal, we have recently revised our search algorithm.

Relevance vs. Reputation


In any search on the web, these two concepts are often at conflict. If you are searching something very specific (say a hotel in a city with a certain style) would you as a customer want to see something highly relevant  (albeit less reputed) or the other way around?

There is no right or wrong in this debate, other than what the customers (collectively) seem to prefer, which is the basis of our new  ‘self-learning’ algorithm. Very simply, we factor in that customer choice in defining where our search results sit in that balance.

Both reputation and relevance take on slightly different meanings of course in each context. In our case reputation is by and large your CERT score, and relevance is as defined below.


Improving relevance


relevance vs reputation peopleperhour

Where before relevance score of a profile to a search query was determined (simplistically) by the text in that profile, not the more intelligent factors in other variables, such as relevant work won and  proposals sent.

What’s more, the score keeps learning by itself (in geek talk ‘machine learning’) and improves every day based on the new data accumulated in that day.


What this means for you


If you are highly qualified in a skill, let’s say ‘java development’ you can increase your score and therefore, your ranking by:

– bidding for more relevant work
– winning more relevant work
– not diluting your profile too much by including too much irrelevant text: keep it focused
– delivering high-quality work

By factoring in activity in the relevance score (as opposed to plain text), this now means you can ‘actively’ influence it and move up the ranks for the things you are good at.


Why did we change this?


Our goal as a business is,  first and foremost, to serve the collective interest of the community versus the individual interest of any one user. This means that the more accurate a search query is from a Buyer, the better the overall result (regardless if someone with a lower CERT or reviews ranks below a newcomer). The relevance to any search will never fully agree with rankings based purely on the history & earnings of a user, and arguably should not as that would mean the same profiles always rank top for pretty much anything. This deteriorates the buyer’s experience.


It’s not all about ranking


Don’t forget we still remain a bidding site on jobs posted online, which means that regardless of your position (and unlike, say, in a pure search engine like Google), there is still something you can do to get your desired result.

Equally, you can still feature your profile and rank top for a category (granted this needs some improving to be more granular on keywords) and we are working on that, but you are still able to push up your profile to short-circuit the process, relatively inexpensively.


Other improvements to discovery


To make it easier for a Buyer to find your profile and not depend 100% on search, we have introduced (and are still introducing) an improved user interface with more advanced filters and sorting options. This gives the customer the option to drill deeper to find who they need to get their job done, without depending on the magic algorithm behind the search box.


What’s coming next


– More improvements to the user interface
– Applying  the same principles in high level to the Hourlies page

As always, we are open to your feedback and comments, and whilst we appreciate that some will be advantaged over others, we  hope and feel that over time the experience will be better for all.

Kind Regards,


  • J


  • Youssef Ali

    Great Improvement , but I think you need to work more on the work stream page the proposal, also organizing the job page it self

  • Sabbir Ahmed

    Tank you…

  • Nick Horrocks

    The theory is good, but unfortunately the implementation is not so good and its failing to function as described.

    By CERT score I am #6 in Web Development
    I have completed more than 200 Web Development projects
    Have received more than 300 reviews with a 98% rating for Web Development projects
    Invoiced more than £200K for Web Development projects

    You would expect that to satisfy both the Relevance and Reputation for Web Development, but its not the case.

    After spending 5 years building up a reputation and profile on PPH I now find my profile buried with this change.

    A large number of the top ranked Web Development Freelancers on PPH have been penalised in the same way.

  • ishwar m kuvadiya

    i like pph but once the proposal system is too tuff but its interesting so i am very very happy to work with pph regards ishwar

  • Rahul Parashar

    I agree with nick. While this algo was implemented I was ranked #9 out of all freelancers here in PPH. Presumably #1 in Website design and development. Have sold maximum number of hourlies in entire PPH for website design and development category.

    My profile is http://www.peopleperhour.com/freelancer/rahul/8-years-of-experience-in-developin/467443

    Even my top selling hourlie http://www.peopleperhour.com/hourlie/design-and-develop-fully-secured-fast-loading-responsive-website-in-wordpress-cms/61531/auto?ref=listings which has been copied by many freelancers are ranking higher than me and getting more sales than me. I have stopped any enquires on that hourlie received only couple and did only couple of sale our of which one was form old client. This hourlie is no where ranked on any top search terms where as it used to rank on page #1 before this new algo be it “website”, “website development”, “website design”, “wordpress website” or “wordpress”

    The reason I joined PPH is because they were different from other freelancing sites, it because they had hourlies and you dont have to bid to job and post a hourlie where clients will come and enquire.

    I did build that reputation and relevance by working hard non stop for over 3 years but now my ranking is dropping ever since the launch of this new algo which has penalized me and I do not know the reason for it.

    After being talking to over 1 month now with PPH support there is no conclusion to this drop of my listing. These are the support ticket numbers #518352 and #528985

    In short I want to say that PPH has sidelined his top sellers and cream who has done years of hard to to come this point. And simply because of their buggy search algo in quest to promote only new sellers they are being biased toward their top sellers and top selling hourlie.

    PPH traffic and alexa rank has dropped tremendously after their launch of so called “Trending hourlie” which they have not corrected till date and now they have launched this buggy search algo which surely will see further drop in their traffic and alexa rank.

    Even featuring the hourlie get no results as it used to get more sales prior to their “Trending hourlie” launch. I have had featured the hourlie and recently did but its in vain. PPH can check my records of number of time I featured my hourlie prior to their “Trending hourlie” launch and how many times I have featured my hourlie in last 1 year.

    PPH is simply losing its sight ever since it has got investors or ever since they have launched Supertasker

    Which company / organization / marketplace has thrived for long who has sideline their top performers / sellers and put new comers / sellers on front. Is this called being fresh where those new sellers are only copying the top sellers and making more sales where as top sellers are losing all their rankings?

    If I had to bid only on jobs I will soon leave PPH and rather join other freelance competitor who get more traffic and quality sellers than PPH.

  • Amanpreet

    It is really nice!!
    It feels good that PPH team is trying hard to improve our experience on the website.
    I hope PPH will soon get a tracker so that we can work on an hourly basis as well.
    I look forward to getting other surprises in future. 😉

  • Anjan Phukan

    It’s good, but what have done with clarification board? Recently, most of the time my questions get deleted, which was not happening before. I don’t see the messages as soon as I post them. And the conversation after the reply should not be visible to the public.

  • Vijay Hardaha

    Great. But can you give information about Clarification board ? My Every message is being deleted or restrict by your ninja’s. I contacted support team but they are not answering properly about this problem. it seems your developers are making some changes but we all wanna know that how much time will it take to get solved.

    clarification board is the 1st attraction for me on PPH. because other website doesn’t provide this option. it is the best thing that you have(according to me). so please try to solve this ASAP. because without this option, i am unable to work properly.

    Thanks and best wishes for you and your team

  • Anay Mittal

    As usual, good things first! Yes, we all should get a chance, whether Cert1 or Cert6 or even TOP! Someone gave me a chance when I was Cert1 and today I am Cert 5.

    Now, leaving that aside, yes, it would be much better for the buyers if they can put their finger on the candidate they believe to be right (which may or may not prove true later!).

    The recent issue with messages not being posted in the clarification board or the workstream as smoothly as it was working few days ago, as indicated by Anjan too, is there. We need to get control of that soon.

    Just to take this opportunity, I would also like to say that the PPH Ninjas are not exactly doing a good job when removing the messages! My simplest of messages e. g. May I see that image? has been removed, just like many others. When I try to speak to the support and ask them to show me the message and the ‘offending’ part in it, blank wall! They have deleted the message and cannot show that to me or refer to that at their end.

    On other hand, I have seen 10s of messages where someone from us gives out his Hourlie url, skype or email inviting the buyer! These messages did not got removed!

    Besides getting new things in the PPH algorithm, we need to fix and improve what we already have in place. Believe me, from few other freelance platforms, PPH is the best one I have found, at least for me. We can still do few thing better to make is ‘bug’ free.

  • Adrian B

    Until the clarification issue is sorted out everything else is irrelevant. I would have thought you would have a bit more tact than to send out this email trumpeting your wonderful upgrades at the same time as you’ve broken the basic functionality of the website! I too have had every question deleted recently, even if it’s just to ask to see an image that the buyer forgot to attach.

    In future use a development environment for upgrades – if I had done work like this you be refunding the buyer by now!

  • Ben hanna

    Have sold one hour lie in the past 3 weeks, and have had no other queries at all, was wondering what was going on. Usually average 3-4 a week and lots of messages, rely on this and don’t really bother with proposals as its too hard to compete with the ridiculously low bids. Add to this the pushing of the cheapest freelancers rather than the best and ridiculous low budgets been posted on web dev work, PPH seems to be going downhill and I looks like I will have to start to seeking new sources of income. Shame as love this site.

  • Jason Bourne

    This algorithm is interesting but after read whole comments, I don’t find this algo change comfortable.

  • liam holmes

    Let’s see how it works out. I read the article- but not sure I understand it completely. It sounds a bit like paid and organic are becoming one- instead of being separate.

    The reason Google became the best search engine in the world- is that they separated organic from paid listings. It was only when PPC was invented that Google started making a profit.

    I just hope this is not an attempt to weaken the natural organic listings- so that people who have worked hard to obtain these- suddenly lose traffic and get forced to pay for the organic listings that they earnt themselves by competing in this marketplace.

    The introduction of CERT- brings back many bad memories- where it seemed to weaken the natural organic listings.

  • Ekeh Amaechi

    Thank you for carrying us along. Keep improving for good!

  • William Everson

    Please put back the option newest registered for finding freelancers. right now if someone registers today, it can’t be found. we can’t select newest registered anymore. the freelancers with 5 stars or 4 stars are busy all the time and new people are available but can’t be found.

  • jane tareen

    I am also very worried by this change and agree with comments posted by Ben Hanna: most of my work comes in via Hourlies and direct communication from clients – I usually don’t even need to bid as I find I have enough work without. However, in the last 2 weeks my enquiries and leads seem to be drying up….PPH has been my bread & butter now for over 5 yrs and I have earned £92k since I began. Like Ben, I have worked tirelessly to get myself to this stage and now see work drifting away.
    Today I paid to feature my Profile and at last got some leads but surely we should not have to do this as Top Cert freelancers?

  • Graham Halsted

    Why do you not have a Filter on Search for ‘Distance from Me’?

    I am looking to get Plans done for a Planning submission re a house self-build and given the choice between 2 candidates of equal merit I would choose the one nearest to me as he / she would then be more likely to be able to visit the plot if required.

    Also to have the option to sit with a Freelancer in front of a screen while explaining design changes required … be that house plans or a web page etc etc … is a definite benefit!

    No Filter on Search for ‘Distance from Me’ means I do not have this choice.

  • Alma Peri

    Dear People per Hour team,

    It is cool to read that you are trying to imporve our overall experince in your site.I had been working with you from the past 4 years.
    Im very concerned about the last few changes accuring in the site such as the Clarification Board being removed or not working. This has been the best feature from you Plataform to me as it keeps negotiation more human by asking the client relevant questions about their projects. It also makes you stand out from the other Freelancers websites.
    I have sent many proposals but Im not getting any repsonse from them. Can you think a way to get them back to the freelancer if the client doesn’t really look at them? otherwise it is a waste of my money.
    With all these changes Im getting less inquiries which means no income for me and neither income for you. This is a no win situation for none of us.

    Please can you please write an article explaining what’s the future of the Clarification Board as it might tell my future in your site.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Rahul Parashar

    Only when you move the

    1. Category filter that next to search bar to the left navigation filters that when people will be able to filter out the relevant filters

    2. Also move the Sort By to the left navigation as well so that people actually use that sort by filter

    This is only way for a seller to filter what they are looking. These two are important filters and show be on the left navigation so that they are used.

    I am sure the filters that are right on the left navigation are seldom used.

  • shaymaa farouk

    Now it seems too easy, Thank you.

  • Mark Fleet

    I am Top Cert but my work appears to have almost completely dried up since this change.

    For the first time since I joined PPH, I am now looking into other freelance websites. Disappointed…

  • Rahul Parashar

    If you are following on other competitors footsteps that were launched after PPH and have been more successful than PPH it is because they had right balance to promote new / fresh GIGs / Hourlies on front page and have not sidelined their top selling GIG / hourlies.

    If you are following the foot steps of your descendant then follow them correctly by placing the categories and sort by filters as they do which are visible to buyers and do not place in a way that no one use them.

    All filters that has been placed on left navigation as useless. I see a pretty interesting filter which say “New arrivals”, why do you not have a filter there for “Old and Gold” ?

    Why PPH is being biased to their Top Sellers ?
    All trending hourlies are from New sellers ?
    Search returns only new sellers or hourlies ?

    Do you want to dump their top sellers and top selling hourlies ?

    Why not you divide the listing page in two half as I suggested when you launched the Trending hourlies in comment section of this blog https://blog.peopleperhour.com/blogroll/wanted-know-trending-hourlies/ which I have added again as point #4 below

    There used to have a filter called PPH Mix which now has completely been removed, which was fair for both top and new sellers, it used to give both of them a fair chance to complete with each other. But now we only see new sellers and hourlies. All top sellers did complaint that time as well which fell in deaf ears of PPH and their Alexa rank dropped considerable then.

    Their Alexa rank has been dropping ever since then and it will drop further if they do not take any action to correct their –

    1. Buggy search algo – I search for website development and seeing SEO, maintainence, speed up website, migrate website, testing hourlies. Is that you can a smart search ?

    2. Trending listing – I am sure to date even PPH does not how it works.

    3. Left navigation filters – To have categories and sort by visible all the time for buyers get what they are looking for.

    4. Give equal chance for both new as well as old sellers – As per my comment more than year and a half years back ie. way back in Nov 2014, (copying from above blog comments)

    ” They should put half of trending hourlie and half of popular/ PPH MIX hourlies in page like. They currently display 24 hourlies in one page. They should display 12 hourlie each so both new and old sellers get equal chance

    Hourlie 1
    Hourlie 2
    Hourlie 3
    Hourlie 4
    Hourlie 12

    Popular / PPH Mix
    Hourlie 1
    Hourlie 2
    Hourlie 3
    Hourlie 4
    Hourlie 12 ”

    I hope some one from PPH read this and respond here.

    Kind Regards

  • Rahul Parashar

    If I am further checking their last update of “hourlies discovery” blog post dated 14 Jan.


    They had their Category filter in left navigation and now it has been dumped next to the search ? Why are they are playing / testing with their sellers?

    Put those back where it before so that Old hourlies are not getting buried under the new hourlies.

  • sourav k.


  • Ben

    Interesting this article talks of relevance, searching for the term

    “optimize wordpress page load speed”

    Heres what comes up for relevance:

    1. Optimize WordPress Page Load Speed (a featured hourlie)
    2. Add 1,000 genuine Facebook likes or 1000 real Twitter followers
    3. Manage your social media pages
    4. Optimise your WordPress SEO
    5. Get any WordPress Issue/Problem fixed
    6. Organic Guaranteed Page #1 SEO Services (Monthly SEO)

    ….it goes on, basically not one hourlie for that search term except for a paid one????

  • Rahul Parashar

    PPH is only bothered about making money for themselves via PAID listing and profile promotion. They are least bothered about even reading these comments and replying to our concerns.

    Almost all top sellers have complained that their sales / rankings / enquiries are dropping.

    Why do not you add a filter on left navigation for buyer to filter the hourlies based on the CERT level ?

    If they are copying their descendant FIVERR then why are they not copying it fully by keeping category menu and submenu at the top and a CERT filter on left navigation ?

    Why are they afraid of doing that change ? Coz that will allow top sellers to come on the top again where they deserve coz of years of non stop and hard work.

    Is the punishment for being loyal and working only on PPH and not any other freelance site? Or is this the punishment for only relying on hourlies and not bidding on job?

  • Faryad

    This upgrade is trash. Really trash. I’m afraid PPH is downgrading in a fast phase. CERT was nothing. Now it is a joke and a good decorative! I prefer not to talk much.

  • kathy summers

    That is well nice, reliable , or beneficial for me
    . Thanks for this.

  • Graham

    Let’s not forget that by actively pushing new sellers and their hourlies, PPH receive a much higher commission percentage than they would from from a seller who has billed over £175 (I think) in that month.

    That might also go some way to explaining why top sellers and their hourlies have seen so little traffic since the change.

    It makes more financial sense for PPH to spread the work out amongst their less popular and newer sellers so that they receive a higher percentage of the sum billed. They can maintain higher commission revenues by pushing work towards lower-billing sellers as they join the site each month.

  • Matt Tutt

    Thanks for the explanation Xenios, will be very interested to see how the algorithm changes affect the number of work enquires received.

  • Rahul Parashar

    Graham, well said.

    Ever since they have got investors. Seems like Xenios have lost sight to make this a better and even marketplace.

    PPH is now all about making money for themselves with commissions, pushing top sellers to feature to get enquires, paid profile promotion.

    That is what happens when you put top 3% of freelance talent on front, a community that started on on 2010 is now #1 freelance website as per huffingtonpost and a community that was started on 2005 is no where in top 10.

    PPH always use to say about QUALITY but they have lost its sight.

  • Juste Semetaite

    Hello All,

    thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts, issues and ideas. I will try to address the main questions that cropped up in your comments:

    *We are NOT penalising our top freelancers*

    Many of you have arrived at such conclusion due to a dip in your earnings, however, I can reassure you that we have no intention in penalising our top freelancers. The new algorithm takes into account all projects completed on PPH that are *relevant* to the search term as well as the respective reviews. Therefore, the more projects are completed in a certain area and the better reviews left for those particular jobs, the higher the relevancy of the freelancer. We have also added filters to enable buyers to restrict their results only to our top freelancers that have completed a number of projects on PPH. These filters were not available before!

    *Hourlies search*

    Please note that we have not updated our hourlies search algorithm yet, only the one to find freelancers. We are currently working on updating our hourlies search algorithm, too. You may be experiencing a drop in the hourlies sales due to seasonality or growing competition.

    *Clarification board*

    As many of you have noticed, we have updated the clarification board rules. All messages posted on the clarification board are public now (until a proposal is made). This change has been introduced in response to an abundance of abuse complaints from buyers. A number of freelancers were taking advantage of the clarification board to promote themselves and their business. As a result, we have added the moderation feature to ensure that messages posted on the clarification board are truly related to the job ad. Please take into account the following rules and your message will be approved shortly:
    > do not post personal contact details
    > do not try to promote yourself – you can do so in your proposal
    > try to make your question clear to everyone. For example, “can we discuss” is not specific enough, please try to include more details.

    During the first week when the change was introduced, we’ve been slightly too strict about the third point and a number of your questions that were reasonable got rejected. However, this is no longer the case, and most of the questions asked are being approved and posted. If you still feel our moderation team is being too strict with your questions, please contact our support.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, we’ll be more than happy to help!

    Kind regards,

  • Rahul Parashar

    Juste, hourlies search has been impacted and it has changed the listing order.

    I have drop in my sales because of this. Also it has nothing to with the competition.

    I have tried all sort of things

    1. By have a 50 GBP website design and development hourlie and featured that but no sale and only couple of irrelavent enquires

    2. Dropped the price of my top selling houlie by 50 GBP and featured it as well but again of no use. No sale.

    3. Featured another top selling bespoke hourlie http://www.peopleperhour.com/hourlie/design-and-develop-a-bespoke-website-of-your-dreams-in-wordpress-cms-with-on-page-seo/197574?ref=listings
    No enquiry. No Sale.

    Where as I use to make 10 sales a month. And past month and half I have hardly made any sale to new clients.

    I was ranking #9 and my ranking is dropping ever since this update coz I getting no leads and no sales.

    If this is not panelizing then what does it mean.

    I have been in PPH for over 3 years now have seen all seasons. This is neither seasonality or growing competition.

    Its all about promoting new sellers and new hourlies here in PPH.

    When you search on hourlies do you see any hourlie of a top and old seller anymore ?

  • Katie

    I have worked on PPH for 3 years . I worked hard to get my Cert 5, incidentally am a Top Cert Seller ranking 328 overall. I’ve completed 515 jobs overall and maintain a 99% overall rate. I’m really proud of that. I maintained my customer services to those clients, who return over time, so that I could give 100% to my job and earn a full time wage using ONLY PPH.

    I used to be on the first page, actually number 2, when you clicked on social media. You’d be lucky if you could find me now. Even though I have 10 solid hourlies that I was having buyers purchase throughout the month.

    Last year, for a year on year comparison in the same timeframe, I did 20 jobs in the month. This year, I’ve done 10.

    What a drop!! In this month alone….. I have just 3 jobs. THAT IS CRAZY! I have always been such an ambassador of PPH, but seriously….. I’m struggling with this now. I’ve built my business up through you as a third party, only to really be penalised in some shape of form for some algorithm that just isn’t serving me as a hardworking freelancer.

    I also think that when you say…. It’s not all about ranking…. it is exactly about ranking. Customers don’t want to spend time sifting through pages and pages. Even the key words that are used to for the suggested skills and actual search function are shocking! It’s bringing up completely incorrect results that have nothing to do with the search keywords.

    There also has to be some kind of education to us as freelancers, that you need to focus on in helping us understand this better. I have read the very short “What this means for you” and it’s so sparse…. it’s a guessing game. It feels like it’s all geared towards us paying for profile boosts and hourlie boosts. In my category, there are about 8 jobs a day posted….. and about 30 people going for that job. So there isn’t enough for us to make sure we can boost up with Jobs.

    Just really disappointing and feels like I am completely back to square one again when I left my corporate job 3 years ago. I thought that this was the answer to give me a full time income but I’m seriously wondering whether this reached it’s sell by date now.

  • Bernard

    It cant be a coincidence the likes of Katie and myself who have worked hard on their PPH profiles and rose through the ranks are all suddenly having a dip in sales due to competition – My hourlies are also quite varied and usually get at least 3 – 4 sales (prob max my workload would allow) and plenty of queries per week – I have had one sale this month only after featuring which I rarely did before as no need.

    Something is going on, its disappointing, income has taken a hammering and ready to quit site

  • Graham

    Katie, Bernard, et al are absolutely right – there is more to this than meets the eye. I’ve sold virtually nothing through PPH over the last 8 weeks, and I simply don’t believe it’s simply due to increased competition or the season. Like others, I’ve worked through the seasons on PPH and know when the natural dips come.

    Whereas PPH was previously a 25% proportion of my freelance income as a top seller, it’s now 1% and I’ll probably shut it down soon as it’s not even worth the time spent logging in.

    Commercially, this strategy makes no sense for PPH unless they’re looking for a quick commercial acquisition and exit.. Whilst you may generate more revenues in the short term by pushing buyers towards new sellers who pay a higher commission, the available pool is finite and overall prices on which commission is paid will reduce still further.

    A more sensible long term strategy would have been to nurture high-quality established freelancers, whilst encouraging newcomers to work up to joining them.

    It’s quite sad to see the site’s demise to be honest.

  • John Punchy

    Yes echoing others comments – I have seen an evaporation of sales in the last few weeks.

    I started selling just over 3 years ago building up to over £1000 a month on hourlies within 12 months.

    Then the trending search came in and my sales dropped to £400 over night.

    i`ve learned to live with that.

    Now with these changes – which apparently hasn’t effected hourlies – im left with no sales in 2 weeks.

    This time i’m genuinely worried.

    Luckily this isn’t my main business – BUT I also spend my earnings on appointment makers from PPH.

    So its a double whammy.

    I can’t understand why PPH is constantly messing with the system when they should be concentrating on driving more traffic.

    Most small business owners I meet have still never heard of PPH and it could save them a lot of money.

  • Rahul Parashar

    Ok so it looks like PPH seems be reading the comments here and are doing bits to improve the filters / sort as per my last comments.

    They now have removed the drop down of sort by and have added options on a row. Great work PPH.

    But still you need to remove the category drop down which is now added next to search and add that back to left navigation as it was before as per following blog https://blog.peopleperhour.com/blogroll/hourlies-discovery-is-now-simpler-than-ever/

    Why have you made it hidden again? It should be right there in front of seller to clearly see it and filter based on category.

    It would be lot easier for people to filter the hourlies by categories because you still have not sorted your search. And it is still giving all irrelevant search results.

    Do not play with your system as it really impacts very badly to hard working freelancers here. It cost us money when you try to play with you system.

    My sales have dropped to half what I used to earn per month prior to this update.

    All top sellers have been impacted and once they decide to leave your website I am not sure PPH can just thrive on new sellers or trending hourlie whom they are promoting.

    More over I have clients complaining and telling me their horrible stories on PPH here are their experiences which PPH team can read on this stream http://www.peopleperhour.com/stream/view?id=8817026 Dated 23 June 12:15 PM onwards, here is the snippet of the chat

    “1st we had a guy to create our logo for us. it was promised within 2 days. guy was from India. he basically ripped off an existing logo of a well known company and tried to pass the work as his own. it was a nightmare and worse still it took him 1 week to deliver. I eventually got fed up and it just seemed like a total scam. we had another person who supposed to do websites within 4 hours. again seemed like a right scam. she/he claimed to be from the uk which was a lie (not a major issue) took them 4 days and still no work. we kept chasing and only got responses of promising to deliver etc.. in the end they actually seemed to have tried to put a virus on our wordpress.

    12:17 PM
    another guy, supposed to do a website, over promised and way under delivered. the site just was not fit for purpose. everything we wanted we did not get. but we were pushed for time. It also turned out he took pictures from the web that had no licence which was terrible. also the images he used were terrible quality and the banner they created had a virus in. which shut the whole site down for a while.

    12:20 PM

    We also had a blogger. who was terrible!! the writing style was too desi if you know what i mean. we made it very clear what we were looking for. but they insisted on doing in a particular fashion which we informed him clearly not to do. I think with most cases people subcontract out on PPH which is fine. but only if the work is done well. on the other end we have had some positive experiences with India. yours for example. also a data researcher that went above and beyond and produced excellent work.

    12:21 PM

    Its been a real rollercoaster. it especially hurts since we are in start up mode so every mistake has impact on us. i am just glad you guys are the real deal. its also a shame because the Indians on PPH who do this, really do tarnish the reputation of the good companies.”

    In short PPH is downgrading their quality by promoting those new sellers who have not yet proved themselves and have put all top sellers to graveyard who have worked hard for years to prove their credibility.

    They should make it fair by mixing their listing with top sellers as well as new sellers and dont be biased towards one set of sellers.

    “Trending hourlies” are all from new sellers and it has been since more than a year now and it has impacted PPH alexa rank to go further down http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/peopleperhour.com

    I am not sure when PPH will open their eyes and make the corrective measure to recover their losing reputation and rankings.

  • Ben hanna

    2 Sales in the last 30 days vs 12 this time last year. The hourlie search just does not work it does not show anything relevant.

  • George Klether

    How can I increase rating e.g. from 90% to at least 95% it seems that I’m stuck?


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