SuperTasker Officially Launches with SKUs for Digital Work!


Hi PPHers,

As we’ve mentioned in a few blog posts over the past few months, we’ve been working on something new. Today, we’re happy to officially launch SuperTasker.

SuperTasker makes the delivery of tasks even faster and easier. Tasks such as infographic design, image resizing/retouching, WordPress fixes and social media page designs can be easily standardized and thus don’t require laborious processes like bidding or contest submissions that can lengthen the overall completion process. With SuperTasker, the customer simply selects from a list of predefined tasks and the ‘black box’ in the middle does the rest, using smart technology.

SuperTasker is built on some of the same principles of PeoplePerHour, but leverages a different workflow. The platform deploys ‘Uber-like’ algorithmic intelligence to allocate work automatically to the right Taskers (hand-selected by the PPH team) based on skills relevance, availability and customer reviews, as well as a price point that is set by the system in real-time based on availability and demand. It’s a bit like your digital helpdesk – customers don’t care who the ‘help’ is as long as their problem is solved quickly and reliably. With this workflow, the SuperTasker experience is ultimately more efficient and frictionless for the customer. Additionally, because we are selective of the Taskers we allow on the platform, we can guarantee quality – which is why we offer 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

With the way SuperTasker is structured, we’re aiming to introduce what are essentially the first SKUs for digital work. Today’s marketplaces work by onboarding buyer and seller and letting the two find each other with the help of reviews, reputation systems, ramified awards and social integration. This remains a tedious process. As technology evolves, a lot of this process will be taken over by software so the experience will have fewer pain points.

Currently some of our bestselling SKUs on SuperTasker are simple and smaller tasks like image retouching and one hour WordPress fixes. However, we have over 20 SKUs in our catalogue and will continue to create more.

This is a great and exciting moment for our team. Not only are we confident that you will love the service and find it extremely simple and easy to use, but we believe that SuperTasker and End-to-End marketplaces can define the future of work for freelancers. I’m sure you will.

If you’ve tried the beta version already, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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