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We currently live in a digital age where everyone is preoccupied with their social media presence. The communication ways have become instant, and the whole business environment has changed. Nowadays, if you’re running a serious business and you don’t have an online presence, you are kind of doomed to fail.

As most transactions are happening online, it’s obvious that the marketing strategies and methods have changed big time. If you want to sell products or services, you will need several things: a website, a proper promotion strategy, audience, and also — sales copy.

A marketing purposed copy’s role is to convert a normal website or product page visitor into a customer. It’s basically the last part of a business process: the actual sale. If you are selling anything online, you need a professional sales copy.

Unfortunately, not everyone of us knows how to write an effective copy. It takes years of practice in order to become a professional copywriter, but there are some solutions for you. In case you can’t afford to outsource to a freelancer or a copywriting company, you can follow our steps and get started with your own copy.

Crafting an awesome copy is going to take some time and effort from your side, but it’s not impossible. During today’s article, we’ll take a look at the process which you have to perform in order to put all the pieces of a sales copy together. Let’s begin.

Step #1: Fully Understand What You’re Selling

The first and the most important step of crafting that awesome sales copy is figuring out what your product is about. By that, I mean that you should understand all its features, applicability, and purpose. This is like a golden rule; if you sell something, know everything about it!

In case you’re a webmaster, running your own website and selling your own products, it should be easier, as you have already gone through this process before. Now, before you move on to the next step, ask yourself these questions. Try to answer them in not more than 2 or 3 sentences:

  1. What is your product about?
  2. What does it do?
  3. What’s special about the product you’re promoting?
  4. What benefits does it bring to the customer?
  5. What customer’s needs does it fulfil?
  6. Why is your product better than the competition’s products?

You should really spend as much time as you need before advancing. It’s important that you have a perfect picture of everything that’s related to the products that you are selling.

sales copy tips

Step #2: Define Your Target Audience

You clearly need to define the people that will be buying from you; this way, you will know how to approach them and eventually “get to them”. Finding out who your potential customers are isn’t hard, but you’ll have to do some brainstorming while performing this process.

Again, here are a series of questions that should give you some clues on how to proceed with this process of defining your audience:

  1. Who is currently buying your type of products?

Some of you may not have your products yet; maybe you’re not even promoting anything yet, so you must figure out some aspects even if you don’t have the experience. Look around the web and notice the type of individuals that are interested in your type of products.

  1. Who would you like to sell to?

Easy question, and it’s all up to you. Start imagining what type of people would be interested in your products and services.

  1. How do these people look like?

After you’ve got a small clue concerning your target audience, start describing your potential customers following the example above:

Keep it short, and make sure that you make those descriptions as detailed and specific as you can.

  1. What will they love most about the product?

This is another important question to ask. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about the greatest thing that your product can provide. Put it down on a piece of paper, and keep it in your mind when you start writing your sales copy.

Step #3: Come Up with Attention-Grabbing Headlines

David Ogilvy, considered to be “the father of advertising”, once said: “On average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the copy body”. If we look at the statistics, we can instantly realise that our copy’s headline is truly essential to our overall marketing campaign and sales process.

The initial impression the viewers receive is the key to their next actions. There are usually two choices: they leave, or they start reading. It’s quite interesting how only one word in the headline can dramatically influence a marketing campaign.

Here are few short guidelines on how to craft an interesting headline:

  1. Make it so good so they can’t ignore it

Ever heard the quote “Be so good they can’t ignore you”? Well, it’s the same with headlines. With the challenging competition nowadays, you’ll have to try hard in order to capture an internet lurker’s attention. You only get two seconds; that’s it! Here’s a short tutorial on how to choose your headline.

  1. It should be extremely specific

Because you can only add a certain amount of words in your headline, stick to the point and make it as specific as you possibly can.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

They must take action fast, or else something bad will happen. The discounts will end, the sickness will become deadly, and so on. You can use anything that appeals to the customer’s sense of urgency.

  1. Take advantage of testimonials

Testimonials are great. Someone who intends to buy something will often be heavily influenced by other customer’s testimonials rather than going with the “advice of the seller”.

sales copy tips

Step #4: Use Persuasion Techniques

The best copywriters are also professional persuaders. An awesome sales copy must be able to persuade the potential customer to become an actual customer. People are extremely different in many ways, so you need to know how to approach the big majority instead of the minority of your target audience. Check out these persuasion tips:

  1. Benefits over features

When you write your copy, make sure that you are focusing on the benefits of the customer instead of the features of the product. Your target audience is mostly interested in solving their problems and improving their life and conditions.If you can emphasise that properly, your copy will be efficient.

  1. Specific details and proof matter

Jerry Cadiz, experienced copywriter of Assignment Masters, suggests that instead of making general claims about the product you’re promoting, start focusing on the details that will make your offer genuine. Things such as real-life proofs, testimonials from higher status individuals, or maybe a video that proves what your product does can definitely improve your conversion rate.

  1. Go for Emotions

Here’s a true fact: we make decisions based on our emotional responses. If something really disturbs us, we’ll act. If we want to change, we’ll act.

Make sure that you’re targeting human emotions while writing your sales copy. You can do this by appealing to certain situations that appeal to the emotional state of the reader.


Writing an amazing copy takes time, effort, and especially patience. You must also gain a bit of knowledge before attempting to create such a complex piece of content. The moment you start taking action, the moment you’ll gain momentum and get better at what you’re doing.

Always test your results and optimise as much as you can, and you’ll eventually come up with a professional and high conversion rate sales copy.

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