Sign up With Payoneer and Get Rewarded!


Christmas has come early for the PPH community!

We’re excited to have partnered with the international payments platform Payoneer. For a limited time only, new Payoneer users will have a chance to get a free £10/$10/€10 (depending on the preferred currency) credited to their PPH wallet.

Who qualifies?

You can cash in on this promotion if:

  1. You sign up with Payoneer through PPH this November (new users only);
  2. You withdraw $100/£100/€100 or more using Payoneer by February 28th, 2017.

Please note that your PPH wallet will be credited on the 6th of March, 2017 and that this promotion applies to PPH Sellers only.

Next steps

To take advantage of this promotion, choose Payoneer as your withdrawal option when you withdraw money from your PPH wallet. As a new user, you will be prompted to follow the Payoneer registration steps to complete the action. Remember, the promotion ends on the 28th of February, which means you have 4 months to hit the required withdrawal amount!



  • Aditya Sinha

    Hello, PPH says £2 will be deducted? is there any other charges or percentage that
    pph or payoneer deducts? whats the convert rate?

    • Kelly

      Hi Aditya and Joshua,

      Many thanks for your message.

      Please email us at and someone will email you back about this.

      Thank you.

  • Joshua Blackwell

    I need to sign up with Payoneer for my PPH account.

  • Yasar Ali

    Thanks a lot PPH!
    I recently signed up using site and created an account with it but did not get the bonus they had mentioned on their website.

    What should I do NOW?

    Thanks in Advanced.


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