Show Off Your Skills With the New Hire Me Widget!


As you Freelancers know, it can be a real challenge to keep a steady stream of work flowing. It’s important to promote yourself and your capabilities every way you can.  With that in mind, we’re introducing the Hire Me Widget that allows you to share your PPH prowess on your own website. These widgets are better than any widgets you’ve seen as you can not only customise them to fit the design of your website but even use them to make money! And don’t forget – you can work with any new clients you bring in through the widget for Zero PPH Commission!

The Hire Me Widget features:

A Choice of Colours

Choose from light to dark so your new widget complements your existing design.

 A Choice of Size and Shape

Choose the size and shape of your widget so it blends into your website seamlessly.

The Option to Add Hourlies

You can choose whether or not you’d like to showcase your Hourlies with your widget.


You can customise your widget so it’s bespoke to you.

Zero Commission

Best of all, you will not receive any commission fees when working with anyone who hires you through your widget.

What are you waiting for? Go to the Promote Yourself page now and create your own custom widget to promote your PPH profile outside of PeoplePerHour. While you’re there, check out the other easy tools we provide for you to spread the word and keep Winning on PPH!

And if you want extra exposure after uploading your Hire Me Widget, why not tweet at us @PeoplePerHour using the hashtag #HireMePPH and including the URL of your website, and we’ll give you a retweet!

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