Security Awareness tips for PPH Sellers


Hello PPHers,

User security is one of the top priorities here at and we have several security checks in place to maintain a safe community for all our users.
To go the extra mile, here are some useful tips that can help protect you as a seller from security risks:

    • Check your PPH account regularly and report any unauthorised activity.
    • Be wary of opening attachments added by suspicious buyers who post Urgent Jobs.
    • Always be cautious of buyers who attempt to take you off the platform to discuss jobs. This is the most usual way of getting hacked, as through other communication platforms one can send any attachment desired.
    • Look out for emails notifying you of any changes made to your PPH account
    • Always have antivirus software installed on all devices you use to access your PPH account. There are even some free options such as Avira
    • Regularly scan your computer for malware using the antivirus software
    • Be aware of cyber security threats and get your business a cyber security certified badge (Cyber Essentials is a Government- and industry-backed standard) –





  • Humayun T. Rizvi

    So brief yet such an informative advice. I picked up some points here: “Security Awareness Tips for PPH Sellers,” by Michael Luna. Thanks Luna.

  • Muhammad Ramzan

    So brief yet such an informative advice. I picked up some points here


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