Quality at PeoplePerHour is going upwards!


Hello everyone,

Having carefully read your comments on the Upcoming changes to CERT blog post, today we would like to give you an update based on some fair points made back then. Specifically, we would like to announce that soon we are rolling out a new feature to enhance quality in the PeoplePerHour marketplace.

How it works:
When Sellers have received low ratings for their recently delivered work, they will be getting a warning email and if in the next reviews they fail to increase their average feedback rating over a minimum quality standard, then their selling privileges on PeoplePerHour will be suspended.

Important notes: This evaluation process is complementary to the CERT ranking which continues to apply. Also it will take into account sufficient amount of recent work.

Benefits for Buyers:
– The quality of the PeoplePerHour freelance community is kept at a very high level, as new talented Sellers join and the ones with poor reviews cannot sell anymore.
– Sellers are more careful when committing to doing a task, knowing that they have to deliver high quality work consistently.

Benefits for Sellers:
– This feature builds a foundation of trust, as Buyers looking for top freelancers will know that Qualified PPH Sellers are guaranteed to deliver work of a high standard.
– Opportunistic Sellers are detected early and taken out of the marketplace thus ensuring that competition is more fair.

Next steps would be to adjust the CERT criteria so that more Sellers are ranked in the top CERT levels compared to today’s distribution. The CERT system is currently too strict and lets only a small percentage above level 3 which is unfair bearing in mind that quality of services delivered gets better and better over time.

We would like to hear from you about these changes – as always – in the comment box below.


  • Andrew Jones

    This is really a RUBBISH update – Already many buyers leave a bad feedback even after recieving quality work – This will completely undermine the value of sellers and above all provide them no breathing space at all.

    I would say please THINK AGAIN – before rolling out something like that .

  • Faryad

    Generally speaking, the rating system makes sellers slaves of the buyers. Some buyers misuse this system. They ask for extra work out of the job scope. Some threaten refunds and bad ratings because they simply don’t know what they want. And some buyers intentionally leave bad feedback, even tough they are completely satisfied with the delivered job. As a seller who always delivers HQ work and extraordinary products even beyond expectation, I’m not satisfied with the feedback system and PPH is strongly holding the buyer’s side in this regard. Even in some obvious cases where someone leaves a negative feedback, PPH says they can’t remove or edit the feedback because the buyer pays!

    This new feature also, is another tool for putting more pressure on the sellers. Rating system is very important for quality sellers and I think there should be some people taking care of receiving complains in this regard and they should act fairly not according to the benefit of the one who pays. There are some cases when we are afraid of raising an invoice for our HQ finished jobs even, because of probable bad rating. There should be more observation on this. Who cares if a seller leave bad feedback for a buyer? No one even reads it on buyers’ pages. But when it comes to a seller, one 3-star ruins 40 5-stars. In one sentence: rating system is unfair. Let’s see what comes next with the CERT system.

  • Ashish

    Completely agree with Faryad!!

    This is another nail in the coffin for Sellers. The rating system has already been a loose point for sellers. Buyers use this to their advantage and give negative feedback even after working and delivering the work completely as per their specs and within the deadlines.

    Recently i encountered such an incident when my buyer threatened me against a negative feedback. I worked for almost a month and still received a negative feedback in return. What all i did is ‘i asked him to pay the invoice for the work done’. Did i do anything wrong?

    But to be honest, this recent update is no good and it will only encourage buyers to exploit sellers. This will give them another advantage. A buyer rating can never ensure good quality work. CERT alone is sufficient. You can not adjudge the seller according to the rating. No one knows what the buyer was like.

    Also unlike before, the buyer rating is not displayed on their before.


  • Andrew Jones

    I completely agree with FARYAD – The buyers are already getting fantastic quality at a very low rate. Moreover, they put extensive pressure on the sellers for extra work or else face the consequences with bad feedback – So I do believe that this is certainly not the way forward for PPH. Otherwise, PPH is indeed going to loose its skillful pool of sellers.

  • Garry Wood

    I am afraid I completely agree with the above posts.
    This could possibly put a massive strain on sellers to dance to the tune of whatever the buyer wants… wether it was in the original job spec or not.
    If you drive all of the quality providers away from PPH you will not have a quality product. even worse for the PPH business model would be sellers seeking to be paid outside to pph to negate the chances of of poor feedback affecting their abilities to gather future work.
    Also as I believe has been mentioned before different tasks take different amounts of time… A copyrighter maybe able to write 5 CVs for 5 different clients in one day thus garnering a high cert if good. I am a film maker and some projects I have worked on through PPH have taken weeks. The CERT system is completely pointless if you ask me. A percentage backed by positive endorsements for both seller and buyer is really the best system.
    When I started using PPH I pitched low for work and also bought in outside clients to build my rating why cant that just be the way forward for everyone? It worke for me and is completely fair.

  • Ashish

    Rightly said Garry!!

    CERT is not good for long term projects.

    There needs to be some concrete way for awarding the ratings. Endorsements is one such option but that can also be forged so that can’t be the only way of doing it.

    There must be some manual check that ensures that feedback not entirely be the buyer’s will and the seller’s attention towards the project must be taken in to account in some way.

  • Soubhik

    PPH seems to be losing its way. Yes, the CERT system is faulty but you cannot suspend one’s account for 1-2 negative feedbacks. Buyers will get whimsical and honestly, quality freelancers would be leaving PPH if anything.

  • Kenneth

    I completely agree with the above posts – I give all my buyers brilliant quality at a fair rate. I have worked hard delivered the work and I either don’t get the Buyer paying or they hold me to ransom for more work and when I say NO!, they slap me with bad review. I don’t believe that this is the best way forward for PPH.

  • O.

    You had & continue to have so many bad ideas that I think I’ll start searching for better work markets. All the pressure is on freelancers, all the fees also paid by freelancers, buyers are presumed to be well-intended. And what do you do to regulate the situation? You put some more pressure on freelancers.
    Wow, you’re surely transforming PPH into a slave market. Freelancers beware!

  • Arnab Wahid

    Someone in your company read a book on gamification and instead of actually improving you company has turned it into a rigged game of poker which can only be enjoyed by people who flunked at high school math.

    Have PPH thought about expanding it’s ventures to mineral mining in Africa? Plenty of people there ready to slave away! Instead of harassing location independent workers PPH should seriously consider it!

  • SilentRaven

    Agree with the comments above. In no way does this new system protect the Sellers (who incase forgotten actually bring in the revenue to PPH). This is getting to a point where Buyers can hold a Seller to ransom over the work commissed.

    Scope creep is all too common with Buyers often having a ‘do it or I will leave bad feedback’ attitude. And this system is just going to perpetuate this.

    And do not get me started on long term projects. Feedback may not always be current as projects can span weeks, if not months.

    This is a real shame, and PPH is once again pandering to the demands of the Buyers rather than protecting the Sellers.

  • mohamed

    this is very very bad update
    I have good feedback here on PPH ,but I’m caring also with the other sellers

    as there is clients wanted a huge works for just 10-20$ so many buyers search for the cheap prices
    so PPH should collect both poor quality providers and good quality providers
    and the buyer who choose the seller based on his previous feedback

    another point, if all sellers here are top ones and all taking 100% , it will raise the proposal amounts so clients will escape from pph and also can make the clients not trusting pph site when seeing all is 100%

    another point , if all here is 100% feedback, then what is the need of the ranking system and cert rating as well

    another point : by this way sellers may do work for free not to banned from the site if the client gave bad review although the work have been done

    – don’t make the good sellers escape to another places by using very bad modification
    but you can attract more of good sellers when you refine the pph staff which prove that many times it isnt read carefully regarding the disputes nor the hourly
    and many times the pph staff thinking only in buyers not sellers so good sellers may escape from the site
    – there should be refinement and conditions to the clients not to post fake projects nor ask for extra works with no payments

  • mat

    I also think the Top 10 is a bit tight in a marketplace of 600,000. Top 100 would be better.

  • Ashish

    TOP100?? Are you serious? I am among the TOP100 and i really feel it’s highly unfair for others.

    System must be for all and not for just a few selected people. What’s the point signing up 600,000 people if you want to benefit only the TOP100?

  • Honey

    It is all well and good adjusting the CERT and tweaking things to improve the mechanics of this strategy. However, it still does not address the problem of FAKE identities and FALSE locations certain existing and new members create for themselves in their profiles. A prime example being that one NEW member who managed to set themselves up 2 FAKE IDs in 2 FALSE locations managed to achieve a CERT 4 before he was stopped and made to admit she was in fact a “HE” and not based in the UK but in Karachi!! He has been allowed to keep his 4 CERT even though this was achieved by fraudulent means, Kind of makes nonsense of the strategy altogether, don’t you think?

  • Dave


    Got to agree with what most are saying. I love good feedback, but just ONE bad feedback drops your rating like a stone already! Surely that is enough of a punishment?

    Plus the cert is badly broken. Just one example. This seller sells one hourlie a week max in a year, only has 94% rating on feedback yet never drops from level 5 cert? If I dont put 10 jobs through a week, my level drops a lot on my dashboard?

  • Sumil M

    Wow! I am totally agree with Faryad and other fellows who are agree with him.

    Think of a PPH without SELLERS and only BUYERS. Buyers can blackmail sellers and can make them do extra work without paying for the said work by saying he will rate him bad and write bad review… no not done!

    If you want to run this site successfully, think of both sides and do not only favor buyers because they’re paying. Without a SELLER there is no BUYER… as simple as that.

  • Sue Edwards

    Agree with comments above. PPH currently already has its share of projects with micro budgets and massive expectations.

    Allowing, as is proposed, a very subjective rating with no avenue for redress is a slippery slope. If you want good sellers running proper businesses to serve those who seek help then become more evenhanded and protect the sellers.

    I have become very much more selective over whose bids I accept and often will speak with them first before proceeding with any work on this platform due to the one sided nature of the dispute process.

  • Matt Campbell

    I think the CERT rating should be stricter. I had no problem getting to CERT 5 and was even in the top 20 for a few weeks when I was turning over a lot of work.

    I’ve hired people with CERT4 rating and the same person failed to deliver twice and forced me to refund my client which dropped my CERT rating to CERT4 temporarily.

    Sellers need stricter regulations, there’s too many sellers out there who think or take a chance on being able to complete the work only to fail.

    A couple of my best clients have come from people coming back to me having originally gone with someone else who promised the Earth, only to fail miserably and go almost unpunished.


  • Chris

    OHHHH PPH!!!

    Seriously why do you keep doing this, I don’t know who comes up with these ideas but id suggest you find someone else!!


    You have to think to yourselves what’s to stop rival sellers purchasing hourlies and leaving a couple bad feedbacks to get a competitor suspended to increase their chances of sales?

    Also why is CERT unfair? We have worked hard to get a higher ranking/CERT? We had to work our asses off and now just like that the doors get opened for everyone to join us in a high CERT position that they haven’t earned!!!! FANTASTIC LOGIC! Really baffles me at times.

  • Andrew

    I’ll just mention 2 things I believe are important.

    1.) If a 2nd negative rating is left, it must come from a completely different buyer or seller. 2 from the same buyer or seller resulting in suspension is wrong.

    2.) Implement the SAME rules for buyers and sellers. If sellers are to be held to a strict standard so should the buyers.

    To concerned sellers, do yourself a favor and never rely on one platform for income. Spread your work opportunities out, just in case you hit a bad string of buyers and are suspended. It will likely happen to many.

  • Andy

    I have 30 years experience in software design and development, plus 15 years experience in business analysis, requirements gathering, and business document production.

    I was just about to sign up to PPH, but this blog post and the entirely reasonable comments that follow has made me think twice.

    This does not seem like a fair market place now.

  • Aurel Garceava

    “When everything is working something is wrong”. I don’t understand why there are updates like that and there aren’t updates like a photo cover on profile page, changing backgrounds or something like that and there are updates “guys, will be bad”…… “guys, if you made money until now, it was luck”…. “guys, why to be everything normal, when you cannot work anymore?”…. Jesus!!!!!

  • Pippa

    I am a buyer and a seller, so coming at it from both points of view, I just wanted to throw into the mix that wouldn’t it be fairer if we had an equal system for both? Everything seems to be directed at stamping down on sellers (yes, you get some bad sellers) but you also get some bad buyers. Obviously we can’t have a CERT system for buyers (although possibly a ‘this is a good buyer’ badge?) but I think it’s very doable to hold the buyer’s to the same feedback standards as you do the sellers.

    My particular experience was a buyer who didn’t pay me. I got some money from the escrow account but not all of it. My bad luck I guess. But then the same buyer was posting more jobs!

    I personally use this site because I think it’s not too skewed in the buyer’s favour – I hope it’s not going the same way as all the other sites.

  • Patrick

    I am a strict Buyer. I agree with the sellers on this one. Do no make the transaction process so difficult that the sellers have to break their back’s to over compensate for a buyer. The prices given here are already super cheap for the quality given. Don’t make them sell their soul for $50.

  • Alfy

    First of All I agree with a lot of the comments posted here. The update is seriously flawed and must be stopped immediately!

    It is based on the assumption that only 100% feedback is good enough. How much negative feedback is bad feedback? and how far will my rating need to drop before I get kicked out of PPH? 90% 45%.

    If i was a buyer and all I saw on a PPH were sellers with 100% feedback i would be convinced the system is rigged and would run for my life! Why are you building a system which only encourages 100% feedback with no room for improvement?

    I am currently working with a client who gave me a 1 paragraph design brief and now wants the moon and the stars! threatening me with refunds and negative feedback and all sorts (this is called bullying in the real world), making decisions and then changing his mind not realising that it takes hours to complete simple changes in the back end. Its only going to get worse now!

    So are you building a PPH for only your top sellers or are you trying to attract new people? Is this why you have created supertasker? where you send all the work to a selected few?

    I am not happy with this update. There should be a rating system for buyers that protects sellers. Any tom dick and harry can post a silly job at a ridiculously low price and expect you to jump through hoops or they destroy your rating,

    Here is a solution: Why don’t you allow buyers to give feedback on specific criteria? like speed, accuracy, responsiveness etc? protect your sellers!!!

  • Allison McCafferty

    So yet again buyers are king and sellers are second class citizens. Protect your sellers or you will lose them.

  • Chris

    Here is a thought why don’t you actually ask us what we want as sellers and buyers instead of thinking up ideas that simply don’t work or benefit anyone?

  • Kev Barton

    It would probably help if the automatic 15 feedback was not left when a project is cancelled.

    Several times I have not had the required amount of input to start let alone complete a project and they were then cancelled which resulted in me receiving a 1/5 feedback automatically

  • vasu naman


    I know you guys are trying to do some good in this, but providing ranks or removing a seller from a system on the basis of some bad reviews can be bit unfair sometime.

    and if you want to improve quality Just add few tests in the system, so that if a seller who pass the test he/she only will be able to provide services on this platform.

    It will also help you to find quality freelancers in the beginning instead of the current way in which you will be able to find opportunist seller after a long time.

    Fellow sellers waiting for your thoughts.

    Vasu Naman

  • Afsheen

    Couldn’t agree more with all of the comments here…as a matter of fact my experience with PPH had been pretty good and moderators had worked in my favour in removing 2-3 unfair feedback, however I do have serious problems with how PPH hugely favours buyers, specifically when a ‘then’ ‘happy’ buyer receives consistent drafts of the work and appreciates my work during the project course. However as soon as the work is received (and only very few buyers have done that to me) buyer comes up with list of issues which seemingly PPH moderator wouldn’t really understand because a. they may not have time to read a message thread of 230 messages (as an example) to figure out who’s being unfair and b. PPH moderators may not necessarily have the subject knowledge.
    This new development of removing sellers on a warning issued over 1 or 2 bad reviews means that most probably sellers would need to perform under increasingly huge pressure, and struggle to please the buyers. This also means that seller’s creativity goes down the drain, hence higher probability of making mistakes that could have been avoided, if, sellers have a sense of owning this marketplace, as much as buyers do.
    Hope my comment can really show a true picture of what’s happening at seller’s end when he/she is already working hard enough to please buyers, anyway!

  • Afsheen

    Another thought….
    Rather than empowering buyers with such stringent measures and hugely biased too, why doesn’t PPH try to educate and raise awareness amongst buyers that ‘if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’…
    Perhaps this strategy would automatically filter out not-so-skilled sellers, hence PPH resources could be better optimised.

  • rachael

    so when poor workers get banned they just set up another account, liking themselves and reviewing each other to boost them up?

  • rachael

    what was wrong with the old way before CERT?

  • Honey

    To Rachael,

    Very well said:

    “so when poor workers get banned they just set up another account, liking themselves and reviewing each other to boost them up?”

    Couldn’t agree more!

  • Stephen

    I think sellers have said everything I could at this point.

    I wanted to raise the fact that this is fundamentally a poor business decision for PPH. You take 15% of our income as a revenue source for PPH.

    If someone has been receiving enough regular work to have high ratings, and receive some bad reviews, before being suspended, you’ve just cut your own revenue stream for PPH.

    On top of that, sellers trying to make their buyers happy by reducing costs and allowing scope creep, will reduce the amount each seller earns. Again, reducing the revenue stream for PPH.

    Not forgetting all those freelancers that avoid PPH for one of the many and numerous competitor freelancer sites.

    Overall it is just a bad business decision.

    I cannot see any upside to this or how it will “enhance quality in the PeoplePerHour marketplace”.

  • Sumil M

    Very well said and I agree with that 101%.

  • Omar

    Since I joined PPH, I am just hearing bad news for Sellers. What s going on here. Penalty for Delay Hourlie, degrade of the badge and now suspension!

    If the buyers are paying, Sellers are also giving back services from their times, experience and knowledge. It is win to win situation. There are already many things going against Seller. There are no hours tracked for the amount of time. No push for the Buyer to pay when the job done.

    Whatever situation is, humans make mistakes and errors regardless of education and experience.

    I just hope the best for all. And will be a well balanced relationship between all parties.

  • Kayleigh

    Completely agree with the above posts. What a terrible idea. I have one 3 star and one 4 star rating on my profile (all the others are 5 stars) and the 3 was from a customer who wasn’t complaining as work was completed on time and to a high standard. He only rated my down because I quoted him for future work and he wasn’t happy with the quote he couldn’t afford! SO sick of PPH and it’s increasing fees and ridiculous rules! You know like the one about not being able to follow up on a proposal…they seriously need to rethink things.

  • Paper Planes

    WT?????? This is rubbish. many buyer dont bother to give rating. few buyer praise your work but at the time of rating they leave with 3 or 4 stars. We are already annoyed of this. and now this issue raise.
    Sellers must protest against this

  • Amanthi

    This is bad features. because still have very big chances for Buyers and some time buyers leaving bad reviews after getting quality work. i have few experience about. I think this one also hard to new sellers. Think before this

  • Zahid

    To some extend I second Stephen apprehensions! To minimize the current of fear among sellers, I do suggest the buyer’s own rating should be first given due weightage for his/her poor rating to any seller?

    The ratings of higher integrity and weightage buyers only should be considered for issuing warning email to seller, though!

  • Jonathan

    I do not have any negative feedback but I entirely agree with earlier comments. Buyers do exploit the website and seek to getting more for their money after a reduced fee has been agreed.

    I am already very disappointed that my profile says I respond “within a few days”. If I wish to revert to my earlier response status of one day or similar, I have to log in everyday! In this day and age, one can keep an eye on their account by checking email alerts, which is what I do. I only log in when a potential job comes up or when I have a message. If there are no alerts then clearly there is no need for me to respond, therefore the “response” status is actually incorrect and misleading. By all means, change it to “last log in” but not “response” which marks me down.

    Given the influx of pie in the sky ideas of late, perhaps it is time for PPH to employ someone with years of freelancing experience.

    I have already closed down an account with another freelancing website, and time will tell whether PPH will be next.

  • Amelia Champion

    If work quantity is involved in ratings, does that mean that we cannot take time off as we will be punished? No more holidays…?

  • Jade

    yet again anouther update that works negatively in the sellers favour and positively in the buyers why are’nt buyers being held up to the same standards.

    what realy erks me is the fact that i had a high level 4 cert which has recently masively droped despite finishing sevral jobs on time and with a happy client sevral of who didnt leave feed back at all its highly fustrating that when i dont get feedback for jobs that have been complted i still get droped in cert how is this my fault.

    I realy think this anouther bad update abd ive been selling via pph for nearly 2 years now and again and agin ive seen PPH implement things that have worked badly in the favour of sellers with feedback from sellers not very often being taken on board

  • Benjamin

    I agree with most of the comments above.

    The PPH system in general, and feedback in particular, is heavily weighted in favour of buyers.

    There really need to be more protection for sellers.

    Some buyers use the implicit and unstated threat of bad feedback to coerce sellers into doing more work than has been fairly paid for.

    If you are going to implement strict systems like this, at least give your customer service agents more discretion to remove unfair feedback.

    If negative feedback (for otherwise good work) has been left out of spite, retaliation, or punishment, then customer services should be able to remove it – if there is evidence from the workstream that shows that the project was completed on time, to a good standard, and that communication was efficient and polite.

  • Lucian

    I think both sellers and buyers should be considered equals.So even if I dont have any low rated job, I agree with the comments above.I belive you should focus on 2 major aspects: keep a buyer interested of the hq services here on PPH,and also help a seller to grow and maintain his rating position as fair as possible.Of course if someone is on cert 4 and he has not any activity in 2 months,probably the cert should be a little bit lower.BUT if there isn’t someone to post a job on music services for a month for instance,why my cert has do go lower?…

  • Roy Thompson

    Why are you so anti sellers?

  • CJ Andrew

    LOL. Honestly? Really?

    I could help adding my 2 cents. Forgive the air quotes. There are plenty of them in my comment.

    First of all, Christos appears to indicate that this update is going forward, so I’m not sure if our comments here have any bearing on PPH’s business decision.

    Personally, I feel like PPH is changing direction. I think the platform is seeking to move toward a more agile service delivery agency approach.

    Hence the creation of “Tasker”, which directly competes with PPH freelancers, and which I believe will eventually subsume PPH.

    Part of this change in direction is “pruning”.

    So, what PPH is essentially trying to do is to “fire” as many freelancers as possible, while retaining the very best (according to their standards).

    Then, they plan to convince these “best” freelancers to switch to Tasker, or they could be grandfathered into that platform.

    At that point, PPH will cease to exist.

    This looks to me to be a “management” decision. Nothing personal to freelancers.

    My take away from this “update” is this:

    Secure your income. Working for any platform is great, but secure your income.

    Be prepared for the coming changes….

  • Dawn Benson

    I am getting really fed up with PPH attitude towards freelancers (sorry I am not using the term sellers).

    Maybe there are some bad freelancers but quite frankly there are some very bad buyers.

    Some of my buyers have been excellent but others have been demanding, unreasonable and dreadful at communication. I am sure other freelancers have experiencing unreasonable buyers and we have to put up with it in case we receive bad feedback.

    Frankly the budgets for most of the project are ridiculous and if people are not willing to pay the going rate for skilled work then they cannot complain if the work is not of a high standard.

    A lot of buyers know that we are at the mercy of the feedback system and take advantage of this fact by making unreasonable demands.

    PPH before accepting new projects look at the budgets and see if the budgets are reasonable and please do not accept projects with poor details of requirements. In other words come down harder on the buyers instead of forever coming down on the freelancers.

  • Aamir

    i think you have to give some authority to sellers as well 🙁

  • Tops

    My would say the majority of people that are only here to buy would agree with this update in any business if you supply a poor service or quality of work why should you be rewarded with another contract to do the same how ever if pph are going to suspend accounts then they should have a system in place where they can quality control the work because of buyers purposely giving bad feed back and if it’s found the job was done well the buyer should be banned

  • Lola

    sorry mates if this system will be launched no seller will be work here due to this system most of buyers doing just fraud after they got the work they just refused if this happened then no one will work again on this site

  • Yuriy Ratush

    I agree with Dawn Benson.

  • Burhan Safi

    I do 100% Agree with Faryad !!!

    Actually i have faced such situations recently.

    the client Ordered my hourlie and didnt even gave me the proper instructions , stopped replying for a week. He came back and asked for his hourlie which i did according TO HIS SO CALLED INSTRUCTION and he left a negative feedback..

    And the rest i had issues was the buyer ordering the hourlie and not replying for days and even weeks.

    They would only come up to reply once a week.

    So i totally disagree with this new system.

    it will take most of freelancers to move to another platform.

  • Lee Croxon

    HI there,
    Yes agreed with the majority here. I had a client who wanted some Mac works done and it involved a site vosost as the client wanted. I went and then the job was agreed done. So Buyer paid on PPH before I left the clients site. Sounds fair doesn’t it. But wait what happens next is typical. The client then wants more work done under the original completed job. Phoning at really odd hours of the evening and I advised him of normal business hours but after making my case to him the buyer left negative feedback. I am now struggling to win work as I am sure this negative feedback rating has severely affected my profile gains.

    It really is an unfair system stacked towards the buyer. PPH come on lets be fair about things!

  • Colin Morley

    Buyers wanting something for nothing and seldom responding to questions or bids. Work categories badly sorted (I translate French to English, and am always getting requests to bid English to French which I don’t do..) All geared toward huge profits with very poor treatment of sellers. Please do something constructive for a change!

  • Suzanne

    What I would really like to see is more input being invited from us freelancers, and our opinions and experience given weight. I feel sometimes that we’re perceived as nothing more than drones toiling away; and that we must be up to no good because otherwise why put even more pressure on us and threaten us with even more sanctions.. We’re creative people, who work best when we’re not being asked to dance like bears to win favour..

    How about PPH tackles some of the appalling jobs being posted on PPH. Instead of taking all comers, set standards for buyers. Minimum rates. Share the fees with us. Buyers don’t usually know that we freelancers have to pay PPH fees on top of the usual income tax, and the less you work here, the higher the fee. Not all of us work here all the time, and not all of us are doing several jobs a week – some are longer term and can go on for weeks still bringing in money for PPH, but just not active on the jobs board.

    You know, sometimes it’s soul-destroying seeing more restrictions and threats coming our way. Stop punishing us for the failures in the system.

    Taking notes from a forum, I’d suggest, is not the best way to engage with us.We need a more formal arrangement that recognises the skills and experience we can bring to our business relationship with you. Invest in the people you have here, so that we all benefit – buyers, freelancers and PPH.

  • Suzanne

    Oh – when I say “share the fees with us” I mean that buyers and freelancers could both pay a fee. However, it would be lower on both sides, because both sides are paying something and not just the freelancers who lose out most when the fees are low.

  • Suzie Tall

    It was not very profitable before, but with the one job that I actually got paid for giving me a good rating I thought I would be fine – but my hourly has disappeared and it looks like I am now an outcast having spent weeks submitting proposals for unfunded projects that I got no remuneration for. I can’t even update my profile because it has a mandatory requirement of choosing up to three key skills from a list that has nothing in it related to what I do!

  • Rahul Parashar

    First trending hourlie to demote all their top seller hourlies to 10th page

    Now they want take away the CERT score of all Top Sellers for few mean bad buyer who blackmail top sellers to ruin their rating if they do not work in their unjust request and try to expliot them.

    I have severed over 160+ clients in last 20 months and have got at least 20 clients who tried to threaten me and I have even refunded thousands of dollors and waiting my hundreds of hours working for bad clients.

    PPH is very harsh on their sellers and making environment more and more suffocating for top sellers.

    Are they penalizing buyers too? Do they suspend their buyers account if they get bad rating from seller?

  • MVS

    I totally agree that PPH is turning into a slave market.

    The other day I purchased hardware for a customer and the customer called off the project mid-way and pph made me give a full refund to the client. I now have the hardware on my head and a hole in my pocket for $ 1200. PPH always only considers the clients side and freelancers are treated as servants who just have to follow orders that the PPH customer services boss gives.

    I am soon going to look for another website who atleast respects the freelancers hard work…

  • Vijay

    You guys already have review system and that itself should be enough for the buyer to select the one have good reviews and successful track record here in PPH, Now I don’t think PPH should interfere anymore…

    Once we get any negative review we have to anyway pay that back by finding the next project as its difficult when the buyer see’s a negative review and decide not to select…

    Its going to be a really tough for any seller work in this way, I will have to look for other market now

    Thanks for being so kind for sellers, Rubbish

  • Christos

    thank you all for your comments. Just to add that the purpose of this feature is not to ban Sellers that get a few bad reviews. Banning a user will happen rarely like we ban Buyer accounts and Seller accounts now. A ban will be taking place only if there is enough data to suggest that the Seller is never going to keep up with the minimum quality standards our Sellers provide nowadays.

    Apart from this you raise some good points here mentioning difficult problems for which we will to try to find solutions as always. Our Sellers are equally – if not more – important for the success of PPH and by no means are we trying to be in favor of Buyers per se. All the features we are launching are meant to enhance the overall marketplace and not a specific groups of users.

    We will update you on all changes regarding the matter as always.

    Finally please note that our policy indicates that the Seller has to pause their Hourlies when they get time off. When they are back they can resume their Hourlies. Also there is a way this can be done automatically using the Holidays functionality under Availability tab of settings.

    Best regards,
    Product Manager @PPH

  • Joe Pritchard

    Unfortunately most online market places seem to give undue weight to the needs of buyers – take a look at ebay, for example.

    I work hard to develop good ongoing relationships with regular repeat buyers where possible – if I got downgraded and bounced off of PPH by unwarranted bad reviews I’m pretty sure my ‘regulars’ would find me somehow…

    PLEASE try and find a fair balance – start vetting some of the jobs posted, to start with.

  • Honey

    And PLEASE get rid of all the bogus identities that are appearing on the scene!

  • Mark M

    In the UK the minimum wage is £6.50 (USD10.00) per hour. Why then are buyers permitted to ask freelancers to do work for much less than this? I am posting less and less bids/proposals on PPH, simply for this fact.

    If a buyer wants their jobs to be done to a high standard then they have to expect to pay for that high quality service. Like the saying goes, “You get what you pay for!”

  • Stephen

    A compromise and fairer solution to an improvement in quality might be to withhold publishing feedback until both the buyer and seller have left some.

    I notice that there can be a tit-for-tat approach to feedback on PPH, and some buyers do not leave feedback at all. Not publishing the feedback until both parties have left, encourages those involved to give feedback and create it based on their experience.

    Maybe others will disagree with this, please explain if you do – it just seems like a fairer way to use the feedback system.

  • MVS

    I think you are right Stephen and they should also block the feedback box after 3 weeks or so that the buyer cannot come back after a month and blackmail the seller with a negative feedback.. if he doesnt solve some bugs on the buyers website.. which might have arisen out of the buyers fault..

    If no feedback is left by the buyer within certain days the feedback option should be disabled for that workstream… It should not remain open forever..

  • Honey

    Agree with Stephen – much fairer approach to feedback!

  • freeman

    Hi folks
    This new system will affect the “reputation” if the client left no feedback?
    I hope not….
    Thanks in advance for any response, it’s my first time here.
    Btw the new cert system is just unfair and stressful.
    Just my opinion don’t be mad at me please.

  • Symon Blomfield

    I have a 100% 5 star rating however I know I will never make TOP SELLER. Why? Because having once asked my clients in major companies to endorse me they were immediately spammed. Second problem you have is zero quality control. PPH should have PROS and WANNABEES and clearly give clients a choice to pay a proper minimum rate or take their chances. If they choose the latter they deserve everything they get. I do not understand as you take a percentage why you are perpetuating a drive to the bottom,

  • adam s

    The ridiculous calculations for so calle quality is based more on output and fast money into PPH cokmission than anything else. It does not take into account lengthy time projects like legal work or court cases. PPH is also increasingly forcing the rates to dirt level by allowing a swarm of unqualified, non insured sellers joining, as theyve discovered a way of fooling buyers with cheap rates for jobs. Absolutely shocking! even struck off ex solicitors who served 2 years in prison for mega fraud, brazenly masquerade on this site. When you report scammers, PPH simply do not care.

    Buyers can hold you to ransom for extra work and freebies or they leave a negative feedback, or trump up lame assed refund disputes. PPH always side with the cheating buyer – otherwise they dont earn their commission. Then a seller faces account suspension or refunds made arbitrarilly by PPH Xcall centre lackies. Ive lost over £3000 due to scamming buyer lies.

    This site is now nothing more than a sweatshop offering bargain basement. Prices for logos, website templates and instant deliverables, mostly from third world sellers who will work for peanuts, or unqualified Brits wh cant get work anywhere else. Buyers may as well go to fivver. co m – its generally the same sellers anyway on both sites.

    The Exodus of the genuine people is about to start. PPH you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

  • Kelly

    Hi Adam,

    I’m very sorry to hear of your experiences with PPH and we really do appreciate and value your opinion and feedback. Please email us at support@peopleperhour.com to talk through your issues with a member of our team.

    Thanks so much.

  • Oguz Ozkan

    I made complaint for a poor quality and unfinished work but nothing has been done about it. As a person who used people per hour few times I would advice you to check the qualification of the seller before ordering an hourlie as most sellers at people per hour are lacking qualification. People Per Hour needs to check this but they don’t and when you want help they don’t care about you. Fraud is wide spread in People Per Hour!

  • Kelly

    Hi Oguz, I’m so sorry about that. Please click here and then scroll down and click ‘Contact Us’ to talk to our support team about this: https://support.peopleperhour.com/hc/en-us/ I hope they are able to resolve your issue. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

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