Product Update


Hello PPHers!

My name is Christina and I joined PPH as head of product last October. I would like to give you a quick product update on what we have been working on while I’m here and the wonderful new features coming up on PPH!

One of the first things I did when I joined PPH and while I was learning the ins and outs of our product was to listen carefully to what all of you in our community had to say. I gathered valuable feedback from our forums and blog, through our customer support, via email or face-to-face during various events. Most of the features we are working on have been requested by you.

Part 1 – Discovery is getting simpler than ever!

We are revamping your experience in our find freelancers and hourlies search pages! We are introducing a new design with updated filters and sorting methods. We are adding more categories and skills. At the same time our data science team is developing a new, powerful and much more sophisticated matching algorithm to help you find the right freelancer or hourlie in no time.

Please check our new designs:




Part 2 – Better communication!

We have already introduced video call through the workstream with chat and screen sharing features. We have also launched real-time workstreams so that you can get instant updates without having to refresh your pages to view new messages. Soon, it will be possible to reply to workstream messages via email. You will also be able to view in your workstream page a separate workstream feed with system messages only. This will help you separate your messages from the actions taken on the workstream.

Please check our designs below:



Part 3 – Brand new dashboard!

We are working on a new dashboard design for all our users. If you are a freelancer on PPH you can already check in your dashboard the latest jobs that may match your skills. In the updated dashboard you will be able to view interesting statistics on your profile and hourlies views, check your CERT status as before and follow all your activities or pending actions on PPH in a more organised manner.

Please check our new designs:




Part 4 – Various small fixes and tweaks!

What is more, we keep working on various minor fixes and tweaks such as adding a My People filter option in the workstream list, displaying the local time of both users in the Workstream and many more!

I would greatly appreciate your comments and thoughts on our product roadmap. Please feel free to add in your comments any suggestions you have on how to improve your experience at PPH.

Kind regards,


  • Nadia Sen

    Great Job.. Easy feature i like it. 🙂

  • Shell

    Wow Christina… all of these are great! You seriously rock at your job. Well done on listening to the community and adding some seriously invaluable features 🙂

  • CMSdeployed

    All of this is great, but PPH is falling off the cliff. It’s now full of absurd sellers and clueless buyers looking for handouts. A customer just bought my hourly and now claim I would do a whole website for $30. The bad thing is PPH will definitely take her side and ruin my rating in the process.

    All the real professionals should take a stand again what is the unfair competition on PPH. I know PPH claim the work value will make us apart, but the truth is the game has already been rigged.

  • Sorin

    Great Job, very nice to have order and message two separate tab.
    One problem… of order after client pay invoice you can make new tab with Order Complet …Now I must to archive all complet order, I like to work clean and on order tab I like to have only “To Do” not old orders.


    PS: I don’t know why but I not get notification on email with new order,message etc and I have check all notification

  • Paul

    Have you guys botched hourly pricing again? Before you had it rounding up to the nearest £10, which made it impossible to fine tune hourly pricing for relatively-fast hourlies like article writing.

    So… now it appears that is gone (GOOD!!)

    However, it appears that my $15 USD hourly is now showing up as £15 for UK customers (when it should be more like £10)? I want my hourly to be approximately £11-12.

    With this new change if I price it at £11, US customers get it far too cheaply and I get ripped off every time a US customer buys one? This is kind of nuts.

    We should be able to set a price in one currency and have it convert to the same/similar amount in another currency OR be able to set seperate prices for different currencies.

  • JP Admark

    Great updates, Certainly help us to increase our productivity. Look forward to see those updates on website soon…

  • Clark Tan

    Hello Christina,

    I love how organized the new interface is. I have no problem of it what so ever. I’ll be glad to use this when it’s on.

    Great job!

  • Bharat Kumar Dhaker

    Great Job.. Easy feature i like it. When These updates is live?

  • Gopi Kumaran

    Cool features. Looking forward for them.

    In job page, it seems showing profile on mouse hover is no longer working

  • Abbie T

    Excellent, look, great to see the new dashboard..!

    Thanks for providing better and smooth platform 🙂

    One feedback, cant put figure with the Hourlie.. that shows , how many hourlie working on it.. like 10 orders in qued.

    Also, that Support Chat facility , that will really help us


  • Hashan

    Cool & useful new features hoping to see them live soon 🙂

    Why don’t you add a method to covert currency? Right now I need to contact customer support each time if I need to covert currency on my pph wallet and it consumes more time.

  • Claire Carradice

    Well done. Continual improvements are necessary. I look forward to using the upgraded system.

  • Laurentiu

    Finally! Thank you so much for this great improvement! Can’t wait to check it out! 🙂

  • Sotiris

    Really good updates. Well done. I think would be great feature to have a comparison of statistics with other freelancers/hourlies this will give insight of leaks. Also would be great to have statistics of daily/weekly/monthy searches of hourlies. This will provide again insights if the search volume of my related hourlies is increasing or decreasing and what is the performance of my hourlie. In general more analytics would be great tool 🙂

    Another feature that I would like is CERT goals. For example how many sales I have to make to reach TOP Cert?

    In general great updates 🙂

  • Nick

    New changes look great.



  • Les Johnson

    hi Christina,
    This is great. You are certainly improving PPH

    Can we have an idea of when these changes will take place?


  • Ethar Alali

    I have to agree with the posters above who have found the site to have collapsed in quality. We have seen a steady decrease in the quality of buyers and with the algorithms the way they were, PPH allows buyers to get Hourlie’s without reading the terms and forcing sellers to deliver on them, penalising the sellers when it is the buyers fault. That doesn’t happen offline.

    With the auto-late function penalising sellers if buyers are late, since a proportion of the work is the client’s responsibility (e.g. indicating changes and feedback on designs) it’s the devil and the deep blue sea. We can’t refund as that hits our rating, we can’t be late, as this hits our rating and if a client is poor, we get penalised, yet we have to deliver it to clients who will never approve it.

    By contrast, collaborative work is positively encouraged offline. That’s our modus operandi. PPH now does not support that (if it ever truly did). PPH isn’t really listening and this platform is both a waste of time and energy now. We’re concentrating our efforts on other offline channels which result in 10,000 times more revenue income in a year. It was a huge, regrettable mistake for us to look to help micro-businesses on this platform because as with all forms of helping out, it’s ultimately the good Samaritans that lose. Good stuff never comes back to you in the levels that you give out. We know other very capable people have also left this platform and are deprecating our presence ourselves. This will leave PPH subject to the dead sea effect, something they don’t really seem to care to fix.

    It’s a hard world out there folks. Concentrate your efforts and valuable time where they are most productive, helpful and appreciated. For us and businesses like us, with the ethos we have, it is the last place we really should be .

  • Tony Coe

    Improvements look good, but as a buyer of services I’d still like other members of my team to communicate with our freelancers on the workstream without having to sign in as me. We tend to have multiple people in our team working with each project that we outsource.

  • Chris

    Looks nice, but the only feature I want to see is the removal of the TRENDING filter as the default filter it really lets the site down massively!!

  • Stevie Reeves

    These updates look good but they look more focused on the buyers, you really should focus on providing a better section for the sellers. Like CMSdeployed said there is loads of people wanting stuff done cheaply. Fine I get that, some reasons for out sourcing.

    I think pph should start looking into the industries and what the average cost of things are… i.e. if someone wants a full blown ecom website… pph should suggest an average cost to seller before they post the job. Give them options to select a low level worker or a high level work, that way seller and buyer can be matched up evenly.

    Also I would like to see more options of what the project requirements are. Is it just design (PSD) or developement or both. There really is scope to allow the buyer to pick from the 3 options. Hope that makes sense.

    I wanted to suggest something with regards to hourlies… they are good for small jobs etc but because I do ux design it is quite hard to sell that… it would be great tho if I could set my hourlie rate and customers can buy me for as many hours as they want. I.e… my previous poh customers want me to do 4/5hrs on a small job and they know my work… saves them puttng up a new project etc.


  • Graham

    It would also be good if you could look into the current error with people’s online status. Virtually everyone I look at is invariably ‘Online Now’ when they’re not. This used to be a useful feature when chasing tardy payers or those who take a disproportionate amount of time reviewing draft materials.

  • Rafael

    Thanks for the update. I would really appreciate fixes to how costs/billing is handled in USD. I never really know how much the charge will end up being on my US credit card. Although I know exchange rates are dynamic, it would be great if the amount that is charged on my credit card actually matches the amount that shows up on the invoice so I can match up for expense reimbursement purposes. If this is not fixed, I will be forced to stop using the service and go to Upwork or elsewhere as it is too time consuming for me to reconcile each months.

  • Md Monir Hossain

    changes are good

  • Umer Farooq


    Fantastic job, all of these major updates seems really good in improving our experience with the platform.

    One of the features that I’ve long been asking for is the facility to automatically convert our funds from different wallets (USD, GBP, EUR) and consolidate in to one, So we can withdraw them all paying the transfer fee once. I know this involves conversions which always is a topic of debate, but I believe most of us understands this and would be happy to have you convert these automatically. Currently, I and many others have to throw emails to the support team which they respond in 24 hours at earliest and the conversion takes further time.

    I’d truly appreciate If you consider this request and put it in the backlog.


  • Fernando

    Great changes, when can we use it?

  • rebecca oliver

    These features all look good, but what would really help me as a PPH freelancer is a better template for people writing descriptions of jobs. I don’t bid on anything that doesn’t have a decent description, as it is impossible to quote accurately on a job that has a brief consisting of four lines of text.

  • Furqan

    Excellent features. I love the video call feature here. Though its my start here on PPH but I am getting good response on every proposal I am sending. Thanks PPH team

  • Kevin Johnson

    Hi Christina,

    Change is very much welcome and appreciated for all.

    But, though these changes are in retrospect to feel and maneuvering of the the site, my most pressing concern has yet to be address.

    That is, why has it been hard if not impossible for persons as my self, located outside the UK to get jobs when the offering of buyers is predominantly those in the UK.

    It adds no value if those of us who are selling services cannot experience it completely, especially looking at the fact of being a member for over a year. One can’t help but feel a little skeptic of person from my region or similar to be strong contenders of being awarded a job.


  • Sotiris

    Hey, any update about the new dashboard? Long time since this post.

  • Christina

    Hello, the new dashboard is already live for Buyers and will go live for Sellers next week. Once it’s live please give us your feedback on the Product Feedback widget you will see at the top of the page.

  • Abu Sayed

    I wants pph adhasive sticker how I get it in Bangladesh

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