Outsourcing Content As a Freelancer: the pitfalls and benefits


Content marketers come across two common conundrums:

  1. Should I try to do all of this work myself?
  2. Should I try to do all this work myself without making an investment?

When you first start to take on a full schedule, you’ll probably fumble around as you try to manage everything on your own. Eventually, if you stick with it, you will come to realise the potential that lies in outsourcing some of your work to someone else.

This is Why You Might Want to Outsource

Imagine that you work 30 hours per week for one client, this client pays you $40 per hour, and you bring in $1,200 each week. This may seem like enough until someone else offers you an additional 20 hours of work. At this point, you can either turn down the offer to work more hours (which would mean you are letting $3,200 slip away each month) or find a way to get all of it done without increasing your workload: outsource.

outsourcing content

The Logistics of Contracting Out
Content Marketing Work

It may seem like too much – taking on additional work and managing an assistant or a team to get things done – but contracting your work to someone else can have a tremendous payoff. Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Don’t outsource any of the core duties of your work. For example, a marketing strategist shouldn’t outsource strategy work to someone else.
  • Make sure the outsourced tasks fall into one of the three categories: (1) Highly skilled or executive expertise, (2) Highly repetitive tasks, (3) Specialised knowledge.
  • Find contractors that are sure to get the job done – treat the interview process like you would any other job.
  • Create specific contract outlines. The contractor needs to know exactly what is expected.
  • Never make assumptions that the contractor knows how you want things done or that they understand you – make communication a priority.
  • Expect that there will be a learning curve for the contractor, and be prepared to provide guidance.
  • Consider delegating management of outsourced tasks to someone else on your team (an assistant, etc.).
  • Pay people what they are worth, regardless of their location. Just because someone lives in the Philippines doesn’t mean they’re worth $2 per hour.
  • Use caution with the privacy of your clients. If contractors handle sensitive information, be sure that they are in compliance with relevant laws and best practices.

outsourcing content as a freelancer

Where Can You Find the Right Person
to Outsource Your Work?

Contractors can be found in abundance, all over the internet, but you can’t just settle with the first person you come across after a Google search. Put some additional energy into the hiring process, and you’ll be glad. Sites like peopleperhour.com provide a way for you to see the profile and freelance work history of anyone before you consider hiring them.


Ask: “Is my content creation work repetitive? Is it specialised? Is it something a targeted expert can do for less?” If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should consider outsourcing. Use this guide to make the most of your experience, and start building upon your content marketing career. Start your search for the perfect contractor now.

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