PeoplePerHour TV Advert – New Year’s Message from Xenios


Dear PPH’ers

Yet another year has begun and our 9th year since the founding of PeoplePerHour. I hope that all of you are well and have had a great start to 2016 after a well-deserved break.

2015 was a year of continued growth for our community.  We now have close to 70,000 curated active Sellers on the site, which is up 38% from last year, and 113,000 active Buyers (who awarded a job or bought an Hourlie) which is up 44%  from last year.

As you will no doubt have noticed, we’ve carried on investing in the development and improvement of our platform with significant new introductions.  Some of our 2015 highlights included:

  • Making it much simpler and easier for Buyers to contact Sellers directly via their profile and start a job, this led to a significant increase in private jobs. Read here
  • Revamping profiles all together! Read here
  • Introducing a time-tracker tool to make hourly billing easier and more accurate. Read here
  • Introducing Seller availability in Hourlies so that Sellers who are unavailable don’t get penalised if a Buyer contacts them and doesn’t get a response. Read here
  • Introducing Payoneer as a new payment method which has now been adopted by 3811 Sellers. Read here
  • Continued improvements on the matching of jobs to Sellers, we set up a data science team to do it in a much more scientific way that takes out the guesswork.
  • We’ve made the local discovery of Sellers easier by introducing search by location. Read here
  • Improvements to payments by introducing Auto-Pay which allows Buyers to pay for regular work effortlessly. Read here

We’ve also had some big new chapters, that will overspill and dominate a big part of 2016. These include the launch of our Enterprise solution for larger businesses, a complete revamp of our data science following the addition of Dr Lyras to our team as Chief Data Scientist, and increased marketing investment to bring more jobs to our community.

This week we’ve just launched our first ever PeoplePerHour TV Advert

It’s a big milestone, and a big investment to grow both brand awareness and traffic to the site. You can watch the ad HERE. We have faith that this will bring more work opportunities to our community as it will reach over 30 million people in the UK which remains our core market. Please do share it with friends and colleagues to increase the buzz!

Other milestones of 2015 have been the launch of our Economic Research centre. We now harness our data (anonymously of course) combined with qualitative surveys we hold in partnership with other members of the sharing economy, to bring more insight to our community. The sharing economy is picking up steam and collectively, as stakeholders, being on top of the latest trends and insights is paramount in staying ahead of the game.

Another big change in 2015 which I’m most proud of is the growth of our Team and geographic presence. In early 2015 our first team member in the US – Ariele- joined us based out of New York, and since then has held numerous meetups and panels on the ground as well as webinars on hot topics that interest our community. We later hired Laura, our first team member based out of Berlin who is tasked with a similar agenda for central Europe and the UK. We’ve had our first Data Scientist join to lay a better foundation on anything algorithmic and data driven, our first Marketing Director, numerous new members to the Engineering, Product and Support teams. Meet the team here.

We’ve had some great hits in the press throughout the year culminating to yet another appearance on BBC news at the end of the year – you can view it here. Other notable pieces were Wired, Economist and Forbes plus many more which you can view on our Press page here.

On the support side, we’ve revamped our entire Support section with a much improved bank of FAQs for a faster answer retrieval.  We’ve continued to resolve over 95% of queries within 24 hours despite growth in volume and we aim to improve that further as we invest more in team growth and newer, better tools.

Our baby brand ‘SuperTasker’ saw some key changes in 2015 too. We introduced many more tasks in our catalogue, revised prices, improved the UI by introducing much-asked-for features such as open messaging, Facebook sign in, and we are about to introduce a completely fresh UI. Whilst still small in comparison to PPH, we have faith that SuperTasker does a great job for certain very specific use-cases, in particular getting small tasks done super fast, without having to search for talent and/or compare bids and select. For some quick tasks such as image edits, resizing, 1-hour web fixes, blog posts/edits, the bidding system can be an overkill which is why we introduced SuperTasker as an alternative solution. Check it out here and send us your feedback!

Thankfully it wasn’t all just work. We managed to have some fun along the way. We held a fabulous team dinner in Athens where the bulk of our team resides, a Christmas party in Athens and one in London where numerous loyal, long-standing PPHers joined us. It’s really refreshing to see memorable faces of people who’ve been avid PPH members for years come and join us to tell their stories in person. We plan to hold many more events such as these regularly in 2016 and beyond.

Key goals for 2016 are to make our TV ads a success to grow the community aggressively, continue improving the platform to make it easier and faster for Buyers to connect with Sellers, develop more ‘in stream’ tools to allow for better workflow management, keep growing the team, and keep having fun in the process!

Lastly, I’d like to thank you all for being loyal PPHers and for your continued support throughout the years. Without YOU, PPH would not be possible.  I thank you on behalf of everyone at PPH for your continued feedback, for being vocal and for caring. Together we have been able to make PPH a success, we beat the odds that doom so many startups, putting us in the 10% minority who’ve survived and built a self-sustainable growing business; and a business with a real purpose.

I am a big believer that businesses with a real purpose do better in the longer term than even some of the most explosive, cool  & sexy ones that get all the media attention. Fads come and go; a real purpose remains.  We are proud to be serving that purpose every day – of allowing people to live their dream of financial independence; allowing both Buyers & Sellers alike to start their own businesses and be in control of their own destiny.  

As I always tell my team, that’s what gets me out of bed every morning, 8 years into the journey. Knowing that we make the world a little better each day, impacting hundreds of thousands of PPHers like you, all over the world, every single day.

Have a great 2016, and as always we are open to your thoughts and feedback.


  • Madalin "John" Tache

    Congratulations on your TV ad and hopefully 2016 will be a year with great changes ahead! And i’m looking forward to that.

    Congratulations on your new blog too!:)

  • Kyle Newton

    Saw this the other night, hopefully gets us all some more business!

  • James Gibson


    It’s been amazing to see PPH grow over these past few years – in the UK especially.

    Looking forward to see where we go in the future.

  • Stacey Knowles

    I notice there have still been no changes to the support services offered to freelancers.

    I have had countless problems with PPH not only through client or PPH error but because of the general rules and biases of this site and the miscommunications caused by the nature of your support services.

    The site is clearly aimed towards attracting buyers and thats fine but when it leaves sellers at such a disadvantage you are defeating your own purpose. If you want sellers to do the work for these buyers you need to keep us happy too and I really don’t see any practical efforts being made in this regard.

    I believe a key step to improving features for freelancers would be to offer us a live chat service (specifically available to offer help to sellers in real time) It would be a valuable addition to this site and one that im sure all freelancers who use PPH would be keen to have.

    As this site is predominantly used in the English language, I believe a UK based support team should be accessible 24hrs a day for queries from freelancers and it shouldn’t be limited to email response.

    I also believe there should be a functional suggestions area on this site for freelancers to post their ideas for site improvement…perhaps you could run polls from the suggestions enabling other freelancers to agree or disagree with suggestions….then PPH should act upon them!

    Its no good telling us in a blog post that you’re listening to us if we’re just going to be ignored the rest of the time.

  • Shiela

    Thank you for creating such an awesome platform for use freelancers! I’m a one happy freelancer because of you!

  • Alexander

    Thank you for the platform. Grow up in “win to win” style

  • james taylor

    nice advert! cannot wait to see those 30 million on the site!

  • caroline

    Thank you for this awesome platform. I’ve been hiring freelancers on PPH for more than 3 years now and I wouldn’t be able to do business without it. Everyday, I discover new talented skills and, as a buyer, I am also glad to have gained independence and growth by using your website. Thanks.

  • Aden Clark

    I still see a few issues that should have been resolved, which I find to be extremely important.

    1 – Your Remarketing campaign is flawed. If I’m interested in a certain hourlie and then I’m shown a banner with that hourlie on the advert and then click it, I cannot find the hourlie I was interested in listed on the landing page, I land on the category that hourlie is placed in, although it may be on 2nd or 3rd page of results.

    2 – When I search for freelancers in specific categories, many freelancers who have a poor profile, hardly any reviews and zero portfolio rank above far more deserving profiles that are many times not even on the first 3 pages of results. Your algorithm needs to be improved.

    Other than that, I’m happy with the platform.

  • steve newsome

    Brilliant stuff…

    PPH has changed my business platform and helped me work around the world.
    The support you guys give is amazing.

    Looking forward to another great year.

    Keep it up PPH


  • Faisal Javed

    Hey that is a good ad, but it could be great with my animated Explainer video.

  • Anjan Phukan

    Many congratulations to PPH team. Hope it will help we freelancers as well. Keep your great work going. PPH is the best freelancing site.

    Wish you all success in this year too.

  • chad muschette

    wonderful ad

  • Mariel

    PPH changed my life, I am so proud to be part of this family!

  • Andrew Media

    I started on PPH back in 2012 to supliment my income – had to do a freebie job just to get some feedback, then I created a few hourlies and ended up working for a week for £30.00 because the client wasn’t happy! It’s at this point that most people would have just given up. But I persisted taking on any job I could get, and slowly had better and better clients and was able to build a decent portfolio and even started turning away jobs and choosing who I worked with. The platform has helped to build my portfolio and client list and has taught me a great deal about the business world, the good as well as the bad, it’s made me smarter when it comes to dealing with client requests as well as juggling jobs. It hasn’t made me enough to live off, I’m Cert5 and it’s still a long way off from making me a living, but the experiences it has taught me are invaluable!

  • Paul Florescu

    So, will this allow me to build a career? Mr. Xenios avoided the answer or actually said NO in a polite way. What do you think?

  • Yuriy Ratush

    I agree with Stacey Knowles 100% !!!

  • Nick A.

    I am so proud to be a part of PPH…cheers

  • Md. Tobarok Hosen

    Thanks for Help up. Great work Place there ……

  • Aimee

    Congrats nice to see you have gone from strength to strength.

  • Stephen

    Excellent work PPH

    Seen the advert today and proud to be a seller on PPH 🙂



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    If some one desires expert view on the topic of blogging after that i suggest him/her to pay a quick visit this website, Keep up the pleasant job.

  • Peter Butler


    Congratulations, PPH is a great sit and has brought me some great clients.

    But I have to say I agree with Stacey Knowles in that the customer service really needs looking at, especially for sellers. There’s been a number of times where getting answers has been painful.

    Good luck to all in 2016.

    Peter Butler

  • shawn mitford

    the overal flow of the website and ease of use is perfect! go pph! i expect only bigger and better things this year, maybe lower percentages charged to freelancer? haha, well i can only hope

  • Kurt Fritz


    I have proposal credits of 15. What does that mean

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Thats so cool to see PPH Tv ads.
    I have used several services at PPH and I also believe freelancers search should be more logical.

  • Paul

    Come on guys, revisit rounding up hourlies to the nearest £10. It is costing me (and you) MONEY EVERY MONTH.

    I am forced to keep my hourly at $15 USD because that translates to £10. I want to price it around £13 because that is reasonable.

    This is one of the worst policies I can think of from any freelancing company. I am selling my work for less than I want and it is incredibly frustrating. You are forcing people to stay on £10 hourlies, instead of fine-tuning the prices of their work. NO FLEXIBILITY = BAD. Change it now.

  • Panos Ladas

    I wish to the whole PeoplePerHour Team that 2016 will be even better than 2015. You made very obvious progress in 2015 and it was great, keep it up!

  • Maria Bennett

    PPH was very helpful in allowing the space for me to meet so many wonderful people.

  • Adeyemo sunny

    thank u very nice

  • wpcares

    Keep up the Good Work ! Excellent

  • Olive Segre

    I want to join PPH the services I offer are Virtual EA / Concierge. I know what my hourly rate will be but do PPH take a commission from this?

  • Jcarwin

    PPH was very helpful in allowing the space for me to meet so many wonderful people

  • saad irfan

    That’s so cool.

    Thanks PPH. 🙂

  • Michael Luna

    Thank you!

  • Regina Vitsentzatou

    It’s so nice hearing all these from you. Thank you all! Without each one of you expressing your concerns and making recommendations we wouldn’t have made PeoplePerHour so wonderful! Your feedback is really valuable and helps us become better.

  • Ali Yousfi

    Wow’ Awesome This is Perfect to Do Now in This Year We Have to Do Something Special it’s Better Working With Some Different Jobs We Providing to P-P-H Thanks to all!! and Also Thanks to P-P-H Company to Add This New Futures 🙂

  • satnam singh

    I read your above articles, it was too motivated and i appreciate you in each point.
    Congratulation and my best wishes with you.

  • Mangesh

    PPH would change my life, I am so proud to be part of this family!

  • Fabio Alberti

    I would like to contact you for a marketing proposal, can I have a proper email ? Thanks

  • Michael Luna

    Hello Fabio,
    Please send your proposal at
    Thank you!

  • VoiceoverPaul

    Good luck with this and to spreading the PPH word to a wider audience.

  • Anil agarwal

    Please send your proposal

  • Fatai Salau

    How can I sign up, the option of buy, sell and both isnot open? My sign up is always rejected because of the blank option of sell, buy and both which space isnot provided for selection.

  • Jamie Swartz

    What happened to the YouTube video of the advert? I haven’t seen this on TV yet, so was hoping to view it above, but was unable.

  • Pixel P

    Congratulations. PPH would change my life, I agree with Stacey Knowles 100%

  • Jahid Jony

    We got lots of skilled freelancer from PPH . thank you pph

  • Michael Yardley

    I looked at People per Hour after seeing their ad on a UK TV station.I read their Wiki and it said many people over 65 years of age where using the site.Thats me.By the way! A MIT article I read was saying Wikipedia was going the tube,which it is.So you cannot rely on it any more for information and quit using it as I have.

    I am currently surfing around the PPH site and seeing whats is going on.Working on the profile I know Cyber Security and SEO.As there is no Cyber Security sections offered,I am shotting at SEO and Marketing.See how it goes.

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