New on PeoplePerHour: Get More Proposals With the Feature Job Add-on!


Do you need crème de la crème talent for your project? Of course, you do! The tricky thing is that everyone does… so how do you stand out?

With the volume of new Jobs posted on the platform growing every day, it has become obvious to us that the most talented freelancers prefer to work on serious projects. But there wasn’t a clear way for Buyers to flag their Job posting as a major undertaking.

That’s why we’re introducing the Feature Job add-on. Grab freelancers’ attention by securing a prominent spot on the Job Listing page and show that you mean serious business!

Everything you need to know about the Feature Job add-on

Before you put your new Job live, you are prompted to add a few extras and give your project the best shot at success. That’s where the new Feature Job add-on lives, too.

feature job peopleperhour

If you choose to purchase Feature Job add-on, your Job posting will be featured on the Job Listing page for 24 hours. It will take a prominent spot on the page to catch the eye of project-hunting freelancers and will rotate on all available Job Listing pages.

feature job peopleperhour

The add-on comes at an affordable price so you can cut the unexpected cost of lack of high-quality bids. Depending on your home currency, you will pay £15/€18/$21.

With a prominent position on the page, your Job posting will benefit from a significantly higher visibility and maximize your chances of attracting the most skilled freelancers for the Job.

So go on, give your project a leg up.


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