How to Stand Out from the Crowd When You Are a New Freelancer


If you’ve decided to work independently and manage your own time, money and work-life balance, freelancing may just be the very thing you need. Regarding freelance statistics, the number of freelancers continues to skyrocket, and with it the so-called “gig economy.” Whether you’re a content writer, a web developer or a graphic designer, your skills can be employed in a freelancing career. That said, the freelance market is highly competitive and it is becoming difficult to stand out from the myriad of freelancers all vying for the attention of prospective clients. Here are some tips that may help you differentiate yourself from others:


Write a Snappy Profile

The first and maybe most important thing is to make your profile or website eye-catching. Your photo should be pleasant and your skills impressive, even if you do not have many years of practice. Find as many advantages as you can and pepper them throughout your profile. Another way to highlight your experience and knowledge to gain clients’ attention is to make a short video presentation. This will provide viewers insight into your personality and information about your experience in a relatively short time. Some great examples can be found here and here.

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Create a Unique Selling Proposition

Highlight your niche so customers have a clear understanding what you can do for them. After that, the best way to promote yourself as a brand is to create an appealing tagline. For example, if you are a designer specialising in WordPress or a content writer in education, your brand should convey your main line of work, so present yourself this way – “Web Designer John Lewis” or “Freelance Writer Nancy Lin.” In other words, tell your clients what is unique about you. And don’t forget to add your location.


Choose an Appropriate URL

Create your own URL that has either your own name or a brand name and stick to the first one or a second one all the time without differentiation and any discrepancies that might sidetrack attention. It is vital to present your name the way your customers would search for you on the web. Your name-based URL should not be compound and should avoid the use of nicknames.


Prove Your Proficiency

Provide your potential clients with any test results right away. This will stir interest in other people because it proves your proficiencies. You may perform it in a simple comparison way. Download a test to the left, and provide your test results to the right. This will be practical for PHP developers. Those new to IT freelancing, for example, have a great opportunity to take an online course here and attain a certificate that will prove their skills after its completion.

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Set a Reasonable Price

A feasible price is highly important because sometimes freelancers, especially when first starting out, hope to get customers by offering extremely low prices to undercut the competition. This can lead to clients expecting unrealistically low rates, and that hurts everyone. Your hourly rate should more or less depend on your experience. With a reasonable price robust portfolio, you build relationships with your regular customers and expand your network. The price of your work also depends on its originality, so if you are a content writer, don’t forget to check your texts to avoid plagiarism.



To make yourself stand out from the crowd, there is no need to boast or make things up. Just present your skills, experience and knowledge clearly and let them speak for themselves.


About the Author

Nancy Lin is a freelance writer, based in Kansas City, MO.  Aside from writing articles and blog posts for her clients, she gives private English lessons for non-native speakers. Her posts have appeared in a great number of popular education and tech blogs, including SoCawlege, College Recruiter and GoWithTech. Beyond the world of writing, Nancy has an affinity for progressive metal and existential books. You can always find her on Twitter: @nancylin90

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  • John Crowley

    You can also challenge clients to take you for a test drive. Propose a fraction of the project for a fraction of the price – many clients will happily risk a small fee to see if you’re made of the stuff you say.

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    great job.

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