Monthly Leaderboard Page: Top Freelancers Revealed


Hello PPHers,

Have you ever wondered who the best-performing Sellers in their respective categories are? Who’s turning around the largest number of projects a month while keeping their Buyers happy? Well, we did too! That’s why we created the new “Monthly Leaderboard” page!


Every month, the earnings and feedback data will be gathered for every Seller. The top 10 performers in each category will appear on the page. Sellers can use the “Monthly Leaderboard” page to compare their activity against others’, see the progress they made compared to previous months, and engage in some friendly competition!

Buyers will be able to see who the movers and shakers of each category are, browse their profiles and contact them to collaborate on various Projects!

The Montly Leaderboard page will be accessible via:

The “Sell” menu option


The “My Leaderboard” widget on the Seller Dashboard


Every month the top 3 Sellers in each category will receive a badge which will be featured on their profile and will also be visible on the Freelancer listings page!

Valuable Seller Tips

~ Points displayed on the leaderboard are based on your monthly earnings, feedback rating and more.

~ If the average feedback rating of the invoices you raised is less than 90% you are not eligible to appear on the leaderboard for that month.

~ The earnings depicted on the leaderboard are attributed to your selected primary category (you can always change your primary category via the “Settings” menu option) and include only invoices that have received feedback rating from the Buyer.

~ Refunds will be penalised and have a negative effect on the total number of points.

~ Sellers who invoice new Buyers they invited to work on the platform will receive three times more points on the first rated invoice they issue.


What do you think about our new initiative? Please leave your comments and ideas in the comments section below!

Enjoy the race!



  • Sotiris

    The concept is good, well done. Two things:

    – I would like to see my score even if I am in on the TOP10.
    – Freelancers should know the formula that generates the score. The required amount to reach TOP10 in homepage is a good metric, but I think a more complete explanation would be great.

    While these features are great, I think that PPH has to fix first things that trouble many freelancers like the search results of hourlies as I have described in another blog post.

  • Zoe S.

    Potentially skewed so very easily – I’m about to have my best month ever on PPH, but because they’re all existing clients and it’s a case of invoicing after a stretch of work rather being awarded a job, I’m treated to a sadface and told how I’m slacking!

    Not sure how you’d fix this. I suppose I’ll just have to wait to be told it’s ‘party time’ in December after I’ve submitted those invoices 😉

  • Shahzaib Khan

    Nice Feature,

    I would really like that Our Freelancer Standing should be displayed in our Profile as well. So when a potential buyer sees our profile they may see where we stand.

  • Ann Walker

    I think it’s useful for sellers to know how they are individually doing, but I’m not so keen on the competitive nature of the standings table.

    The other issue is that showing this to buyers may well impinge heavily on sellers who are not in the top 10 of their category. Buyers will possibly pick someone from that top elite section and ignore the 90% of sellers not up there yet. In that case, it’s a true reflection of society today – the rich get richer and the rest don’t.

    My other question is where does writing come in these categories? Many sellers are freelance writers but I don’t see a category for that discipline.

  • Ian Brown

    Totally disgusted in this. In my sector the “Top Cert”, yes is blatantly lying to both PPH and Clients. The person is not a Solicitor, yet claims to be one, which is a criminal offence. By using PPH he has the ability to claim to have an office in one location rather than the backwater where he is actually located.

    Yet, PPH will crown him with laurels, award “Top Cert”, this despite clear evidence being provided of their breaking the law and circumventing PPH by getting clients to pay him direct. But what did Sai do about it? “It has been passed to a customer service manager”.

    So, I am sorry, but Top Cert and this league table is not only devalued, in my profession, it is worthless.

  • Geoff Jackson

    Not sure why, but I am in a category that I am not even selling in. Why is this? None of my sales are being recorded against the category it shows me at >100 in so it is going to prove pretty impossible to move up the standings!

  • Mike

    Anyway to hide it? being able to minimize it would be nice as it takes up a lot of space.

  • Nancy Callegari

    It’s not representational of success. I’ve had more new customers in a month than these people, but have earned less probably due to the nature of the work.

    To me, level of success should be based upon the amount of new custom attained which is surely harder than repeat work from trusted clients.

  • CJ

    I’m not sure who the target audience of this feature is, or how it will help PPH customers. Generally, it looks like a bad idea to me, to be honest.

    A list of 10 freelancers, from which 3 are chosen and highlighted.

    Doesn’t this already happen in the “Find Freelancers” list?

    Why create artificial competition, and further reduce the quality of the marketplace?

    Here’s why I think this is probably not the best of ideas:

    1) It is based on number of sales, turnaround volumes, and “happy buyers”. These are all things that provide PPH (and hopefully) its Freelancers with some income, but it does not consider the *value* of the billable ticket. If a freelancer turns around 10 x £5 jobs, does that make them better or more valuable than a freelancer who turns around 1 x £500 job in the same period of time? From my understanding the £5 freelancer would potentially rank higher, which is simply absurd.

    2) The other metrics for selection are unclear.

    3) The quality and value of PPH jobs will reduce, as freelancers jostle for a place on the top 10. The only way they can get this place, is by offering hundreds of £1 services.

    4) There is no consideration or reward for freelancers who bring in consistent income for the platform, from repeat-customers and recurring billing. Is this included in the selection metrics?

    5) Expect the platform to get re-flooded by low quality, high quantity providers and questionable “hourlies”.

    I think PPH could have done a better job of thinking this through.
    Quality, and customer retention should have been part of the metric. Is it??

    My belief is that PPH appears to favour the principle of “one-hit; multiple-times”. Sell one low value, low quality service for the lowest amount, then rinse and repeat. That’s what this list is about. In fact some external customers have already compared PPH to an overpriced Fiverr, and have refused to sign-on as a result.

    Is the competition from other platforms getting too aggressive for PPH, or this just another gimmick to distract busy freelancers, while the critical issues on this platform remain unaddressed: e.g. the “search” feature, and the “workspace/project management” features.

    I think that’s the question that we should be asking PPH today.

  • Lisa Botfield

    I’m consistently in the top 35 on PPH but it is interesting to see (when broken down into sectors) how I am ranked.

  • jane tareen

    I’m a TOP CERT freelancer yet am only in position 52. I am very worried that this is going to impact negatively upon my potential sales.

    Also, I am a copywriter but there is no COPYWRITING or WRITING category so where are we? If you have bulked us in with Marketing & SEO that is not accurate nor fair.

    At the moment, I am very disappointed with this new system as it seems to be ranking quantity above quality.

  • MM

    This blatantly favours groups rather than individuals. How do you expect a freelancer to bring in as much revenue as a content marketing agency with 10 employees?

    And then it’ll boost their sales rather than the freelancer, meaning freelancers get stiffed and in time, all you have left will be agencies.

  • Peter Mahoney

    I also note I’m listed in the wrong category.I quite clearly work in “Marketing & SEO” but am listed under “Development”.

    I’ve sent a support request to see how it can be changed–I’ll post the outcome of that here.


    (PS – one thing I do note is the Gold Social media award seems to have gone to an employee of PPH – just something to watch!)

  • Sabrina

    Hello all

    I think there are some clear issues with this new feature and I believe they are as follows:
    – Categories: How do we determine what categories we fit into? It seems we are automatically placed in just one category. Surely we should be assessed in different categories? Many of us provide a variety of services. Perhaps, the categories that our jobs/hourlies are listed in should be the ones that our sales count for. So, many of us will be ranked in a variety of categories.
    – Target market: A lot of you have been asking about this and it does seem interesting. It seems that it is purely for the freelancers? After all, it is accessed under “sell”. So, it seems that it is more like an internal competition between the freelancers.
    – Rankings: Many are worried that these rankings will affect their sales, but how many of the customers do you think find you in this way? I believe most search for the skill/service they want and our profiles are filtered through. I was fixated on the rankings at one stage, but realised it doesn’t affect your sales that much.
    – CERT: I have also been TOP CERT for several years now, and I can see that some of you are wondering about it and concerned about others who are in this category. I was using PPH when it was only a “Top 10” and it was a privilege to be in there. If you look at the usual suspects, who actually sell a great deal on here, they were the original Top 10, and rightly so. Since the TOP CERT category, there have been ways to manipulate your way of getting high up without selling too much. However, PPH introduced this because of the insanely fast growing community and wanted to reward more of their top sellers with this badge. It has benefited myself because I wouldn’t have made it in the top 10, but instead I was in the top 100.

    Right now, I do not understand the rankings, although I do LOVE competition. So, it is going to help motivate people like myself to work harder on PPH, earn more money (thereby bring in more commission), to see myself work my way up the rankings. However, it is not clear how to do this, just like when the CERT algorithm was changed.

    So, perhaps release another webinar explaining how the points are obtained etc? Because, as Peter noticed, Kelly Bolton, an employee of PPH is leading the rankings on one list, despite making a lot less sales than the others in her category. In fact, in the standard rankings, she’s slipped quite low, but is top in these standings.
    So, some transparency would be appreciated I think.

  • Peter S

    LOL, I’m greeted with a sad face every morning now because I’m not considered active enough to be anything other than ‘slacking’ – Thanks for that PPH!

  • Mitesh Padariya

    I would like to make quite good efforts for standing 🙂 It’s ultimately a sign that newbies will be ignored or have very less chance to win jobs. How this will be helpful to “all” sellers here. Hope equality will be measured in transparent way for all who bids on jobs.

    There will be a way of funnel where someone can justify his skills as newbie to stand or hold the profile in starting stage.


  • Ian Borland

    I hate it. I think it is a rotten idea and it stinks.
    I believe you should be seeking to improve the service and opportunities across the board, not funnelling yet more business towards the high earners.

    Success breed success. or The rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

    All you are doing is using stars and dollars as over-simplistic metrics to put a bias towards favouring an “elite” minority.
    I think this is grossly unfair to newcomers, and generalists like me who pitch for diverse projects rather than specialise in one of your ‘categories’.
    Likewise anyone who represents a group or agency can obviously take on more work than individual freelancers who will be put at an unfair disadvantage. Like at the moment the No. 1 guy is actually a Ukranian software company.

    Of course, we could ask you to promote us – for yet more money which now feels very mercenary.

    I also don’t like the concept of penalising people for refunds as there may be good reasons and good business practice in play there.

    An alternative might be to invite our clients to recommend us for awards and judge us on the basis of our work instead of just sheer profit we make for you.

    Naw – this is bringing me down (in more ways than one)

  • Vijay Hardaha


    You guys have done a Great work.

    But I have a small feedback/requirement for an update. “Can You Guys Create a button On ‘Notification’ page to remove all notifications ?”

    right now it’s very long process to remove 500+ notifications .. Or can you add Mark/Unmark system in Notification page ?


  • eVision Themes

    Yes, good idea. I love the concept!

    eVision Themes

  • Zoe S.

    Okay, and more feedback (and passing some on from a client) – whatever sandbox you’ve been playing in over the weekend, the small but significant changes aren’t user-friendly. My client couldn’t find an attachment – you could probably have done with letting people know that they were moving position – and message notifications to email are slower than ever (today’s record was 88 minutes). Not only that, but having a document-related discussion over the message function was near to impossible, with the ‘so and so is typing’ notification seemingly blocking messages coming through unless you refreshed the page.

    I agree with others here. This is a pretty sucky move. Put the time into actually making a usable platform that presents an equal playing field, and allows the best service providers to rise to the top through reputation and both new and repeat business. Not because they’re a small business and put through three to four times the work that an individual can.

    Also, every time I refresh my home page, it’s either “boo, you suck (even though you’ve had your best month ever)” or “yay, you move up x places!” playing with the same seven places.

  • Meryem

    My main issue is that showing this to buyers may well impinge heavily on sellers who are not in the top 10 of their category. Buyers will possibly pick someone from that top elite section and ignore the 90% of sellers not up there yet. In that case, it’s a true reflection of society today – the rich get richer and the rest don’t.

  • Allison McCafferty

    Haha – I am top cert – have been using this site for 8 years but I happen to have my own very successful freelancing business that I run outwith PPH, not every client comes through you! I logged in this morning to be given a sad face and a message saying ‘uh-oh… Not having the best month? Get back on track!’

    Insulting in the extreme in my book. Surely a longstanding track record of 100% reviews counts for more than quick sales. This encourages people devaluing themselves to get sales just to get some arbitrary award…

  • Meri Williams

    I quite like it. It gives me a bit of motivation and is easy to understand. I am not a company of ten, it is just little old me working really very hard and I have reached number 7 in my category, so if I can do it, sure everyone else can. It can be a lonely world freelancing, and this seems to be a nice reward and something to aim for.

  • Stephen Reeves

    Good Idea. Although I would same its to generalized for for certain categories. There is people who are in the Top 10 that do not do the same as me and vice versa. Would be good if there was an overall one and then maybe a filtered version, i.e. Ui / Ux, 3d design, logo designs, etc.

    Just a thought

  • Kitty

    Utterly awful.

    PPH, you really have got a little confused here – perhaps you’ve been watching too much Strictly-Maggot-Eating-X-whatever? This is not a “fun” competition – it’s a business. WE – the sellers – are paying YOU. We are your clients. Why on earth would you rank your clients in order of which ones you think are the best, then let them know??!

  • Waseem

    Very nice and motivational feature, keep it up.

  • Waseem

    Very nice and motivational feature, keep it up.

  • Norbert

    Well, let’s see. Seller activity of 2nd place Daren – first page of feedback. No job from October or November Only 3 feedbacks from this month, including 2 for one job from Fri 3:28 and 3:29 (split invoice to get more feedbacks?).
    This feature is useful and accurate as other latest improvements on this site. Please take care of things that are really annoying here like:
    – workstream – email notification so delayed that if I’m not logged to site and check my messages every 10 minutes I miss half of them. I even he’d a situation where messages appeared in work stream with delay. Me and my client discovered it while Skype conversation.
    – file upload doesn’t work – sometimes it loads empty document. Probably problem with file name and some restricted marks. But there should be a warning.
    – and the biggest problem – job budget. Someone should think about moderating it or disable that option. Here’s the scenario. In job post you can find a lot of offers like:
    1. I need super professional developer – £8/h
    2. I need a professional Consulting Hompage – £88
    3. Complet wordpress site, with some extra feature – £8 (fixed)
    4. Ebay clone – £600
    5. School management system – £500

    Even if some new client comes here with reasonable budget and sees that these kind of jobs still get 30-40 offers – hell expect the same. Than he loses his money, complains about PPH, sends all other freelancers to hell. It’s a lose-lose game.

    Apologies if my post isn’t relevant with described feature but these are my (TOP CERT) developer daily problems. Not the ranking which shows my earnings differently from payment section.

  • Megan Collins Quinlan

    Another part timer PPHer here who would like to be rewarded for her good work – even if there is less of it. I will just ignore the ratings. it has never made that much difference to me.

    But the attachment issue is a big one. I think I have missed a couple of jobs because they couldn’t see my examples I attached. Don’t make changes without making it very clear what you are doing!

  • James M

    You need to concentrate on keeping your sellers happy before trying new things fix old things first for example having invoices for over a week pending is just ridiculous even after the client leaves feedback I have spoke with fellow sellers here and they feel the same your going to push us away as we getting paid ridiculous time after the invoice got accepted.

    Although this could be good idea few bugs with it


  • John McNeaven

    Nice motivational feature indeed. but also some meaningful awards will always motivate people.

  • Md Nurullah

    Nice feature developed by PPH

  • Katie

    Can you clarify whether this is hourlies as well as jobs won?

    As the total amount for my sales in incorrect. I’ve actually taken 4 times the amount stated on the leadership board…..

  • Sofia M

    How is this different from the previous leaderboard you had? Apart from the top ten don’t get a bonus, like they used to. That’s was quite an incentive…

    Given you have individual freelancers competing with companies who have multiple freelancers working for them, and can turnout 100x the work, I don’t see this is very useful really. I think users who are a front for a company ought to have a different title/category on their profiles and regarding this leaderboard – it’s not comparable, or fair to compare.

    Plus, some clients are looking for companies, and some are looking for individuals – I think this is a new step PPH should take.

    Also, our PPH login should let us access these comments…

  • Ann Walker


    I hope you don’t plagiarise in your work! I suppose I should be flattered that you copy/pasted most of my comment and put your name to it, but I really would suggest that you write your own next time!

  • Zoe S.

    @Ann Walker

    I’m careful what I post here now – I’ve seen a comment I left on a past blog pasted word-for-word on the internet as a ‘motivational’ article!

  • Dimitris Koufakis

    Hello PPHers,

    Thank you very much for your great and valuable feedback! We have already made some improvements as per your suggestions and have also updated the “Seller Tips” section of the blog post in order for it to be more informative.The leaderboard page was created in order to promote some healthy competition between freelancers and also act as a means of motivation. We will continue to improve the functionality of this and other features by taking into consideration the suggestions made by you!

    With regards,


  • Ann Walker

    Don’t you think there’s enough ‘healthy competition’ here already, considering that we have to fight others for every job we get?

    What would be more use and would produce more work for us and PPH alike is if the credit system was scrapped completely and we could just apply for all the jobs we wanted to go for, as is done out in the big, wide world.

    So many sellers run out of the free credits early in the month and then either can’t bid or use the Clarification Board to pitch. Surely it would be worth your while to get rid of credits altogether. I know you sell them, but you must make more out of commissions than you do from credit sales?

    Please give this serious thought – and then do it. It would be good for all of us.


  • Jennifer

    I agree with Ann. All this accomplishes is making it harder for those “ranked” lower to win more work, as buyers will be far more likely to choose those listed first. We already have far more than enough “healthy competition” in the proposal process (most jobs I apply for end up with at least ten applicants; more often, it’s 20-40). We already have CERT, which is a perfectly sufficient ranking system and provides an incentive to continue producing quality work.

    We already have to work incredibly hard to stand out on a platform saturated with freelancers. Why make that even more difficult by making it easier still for the “top” to gain work while making it even more difficult for the motivated newbies and mid-range sellers to actually gain traction?

    Furthermore, I (and others, I imagine) would like the option to remove this from our homepage if it’s a feature that MUST stick around. It’s a distraction from what we’re here to do–work.

    As someone else said, this is another example of making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.

  • Paul

    Another divisive scheme that will favour larger teams rather than the core group of sellers that make up the majority of PPH freelancers. It’s a complete misnomer to describe teams of people as ‘freelancers’.

    The management team don’t use their slack time very well if this is what they come up with.

    Thanks for nothing.

  • Rachel J Turner

    Not working well for me I’m afraid – the number one ranking in ‘Admin’ at the moment is an Architect with 1 sale which got a feedback rating of 90%. The number two ranking, who is actually working in admin, has had 9 sales, has 100% rating, but is lower. It doesn’t make sense that this should happen just because the Architect has labelled himself Admin and done 1 high priced job in a month.

  • Niranjan Ramamurthy

    I’m an AdWords specialist, and grouped along with SEO. Sadly, when clients look for any AdWords help, they land up in the hands of these SEO freelancers who offer AdWords services as an add-on. How unfair the system can be.
    Anyways, the buyers would eventually learn the hard way and come back to us.
    Dear PPH, please understand SEM and categorise us separately.

  • Laura Mathieson

    Erm – I’m in Admin? Nothing I do is Admin, development yes – how do you change categories?

  • Rebecca Bamber

    Nothing has been fixed or resolved at all with this. The number 1 in admin at the moment who works as a ‘Senior Solutions Architect’ who has completed 1 job and has a 90% feedback rating. I tried to look at his profile and it no longer exists. Yet he is still at the top of the leaderboard! A few positions lower we see another freelancer who has managed to achieve Cert 5 after completing just 1 job! In the top 10 we also have a solicitor that charges £150 an hour, 2 business consultants, a writer ($65 an hour), a marketing professional (£50 an hour), and a Legal Advisor (£80 an hour)! They are clearly in the wrong categories and your average genuine admin freelancer will not be able to compete with these people that are able to charge so highly for their work. The whole thing is just totally pointless, a complete waste of time and money for PPH and something that will not only not benefit freelancers but will actively discourage them from using the site.
    I also agree with the comments about individual freelancers not being able to compete with companies.
    Apparently I need to earn an extra £1.1k to get into the top 10. Well considering that it would be a miracle to achieve that in a full month doing admin on here and working reasonable hours without killing myself then there isn’t a chance in hell I’ll achieve it in the next 9 days! Totally pointless!

  • Kieran Ball

    Woah! First of December and we start all of over again. Despite working my way up into the top 50 last month, I’m relegated to 101 on the first of the month. I assume everyone is the same, so the leaderboard makes no sense for clients who want to assess freelancers at the beginning of the month, or freelancers who haven’t received their first payment of the month yet.

    What’s the point of this again?

  • Jennifer

    Can you please consider either:
    1. Getting rid of this panic-inducing, distracting, and unreliable tool altogether, or
    2. Giving us the option to REMOVE it from our homepage? I don’t want to see a “ranking” that has no basis in reality every time I open PPH. Please. Just a little “x” option that takes it away would be nice.

  • Andrew C

    @Kieran Ball – yes the same issue here; I went down from 16 to ‘101’ Which unless it is joint equal 101, must just be a standard message. This will ONLY WORK if the leaderboard is based on the PAST 30 DAYS, not the calendar month. This is really basic coding / querying here – as it stands it is just pointless.

    @Jennifer I totally agree that this should be optional (both to view and to be displayed)

    @PPH – these categories are ridiculous – what does it matter to me (or the other freelancer ) if I am above or below them in the same list for Lawyers and Virtual Office Assistants?


    Personally I don’t think its anyone’s business on what another person earns. I don’t mind if its about amount of jobs but I think other freelancers money should not be in this even if it is just a bar and not a figure.

  • Rebecca Bamber

    2nd Feb and still no improvements made to this totally pointless feature! I’m still in a category with Lawyers, Accountants, Business Consultants etc and still being told I’m not doing well. Last month my earnings didn’t actually tally up with what it said on the Leaderboard so not sure when it’s updated during the month.


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