How to promote your mobile app with Facebook ads?


First of all, let’s see what this is all about. Well, Facebook gives a chance to a mobile app developer to target or sell his app to a refined and very specific audience. Not only it helps you find new clients, but it also helps you keep them interested and engaged over a longer period of time, so your promotional campaign is now sustainable.

Now, that we know what Facebook Ads for Mobile Developers is all about, let’s take a closer look at a few critical aspects.

Okay. So essentially, the main benefit of using Facebook for promoting your mobile app is a targeted audience based on sex, interests and even age group. Likewise, it helps you keep your audience interested over time, and, last but not least, it gives you access to all these remarkable analytics reports so you can further shape your campaigns for an even higher turnover.

Create a Business Page

A Facebook Business page helps you interact with the right audience in the right away. It also ensures a better online presence. Users can like your page, share your posts, and the beauty is that you can always respond to them in this manner.

Tailor the right Ads Audience

If you got a mobile app, you certainly want it to fall into the right hands. And you want people to engage with it, and spread the word about it, right? With Facebook Ads, you can now target your ad campaigns based on interests, sex, age, and location. Isn’t that just stunning?

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Remarket your ads

After you have successfully ended your first campaign, you get some sort of a remarketing list. It means you can always get back and re-engage the audience from the previous campaigns, which are usually people that already love your app.

Leverage the Audience Network Power

By using the Audience Network, you have the ability to easily adapt your campaign efforts with other third party apps that may come handy at some point in time. Taking your time to better understand this concept will surely help you to gain more and more clients each and every day.

Performance Reports. Analytics. Statistics.

Some might argue that this stuff is simply boring and absolutely NOT necessary for achieving success. It may be true in some instances, but let’s assume for a second that you have already had success with past campaigns. Would you mind having a 10% or 15% increase in your sales just by fine-tuning your ads, because you saw an opportunity after “consulting” with these Performance, Analytics, Statistics, and other “mind-numbing” reports? Are we on the same page now? Great 🙂

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Target specific Devices

It’s quite breathtaking that you can really target devices with Facebook Ads, isn’t it? Imagine, you can promote your app to specific android devices only… Uncle Sam would probably laugh at me right now. But hey, new smartphones always come out with features that are lacking in older devices. What if you want to target devices with this specific sensor that came out just yesterday? Well, you can (and you should).

Strategy for success

First of all, it is crucial to use authentic content for your ads. And it is equally important to visually show what your app does to grab consumer attention and increase their interest. A good advice would be to include a mobile image in your ads. A respectable clear call to action button like “install now” will help you generate more leads.

Successfully launching a mobile app isn’t easy, but with Facebook, the process can be less painful. The thing is that you have to make experiments, update your ads from time to time and see if you get positive results. And don’t forget to take a look at Facebook Analytics! Remember, knowledge is power, and in your case, it really means pure PROFIT.


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