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Hi all,

We know this should have been communicated this to you a earlier, so we’d like to apologise for the hiccup. This was due to a technical error on our side. On the flip side it reminds us and you that we are just humans 🙂 so please accept our apology for this.

With this post we’d like to announce to you an important change that affects our fees on the site. As of Thursday 19th April we have applied a small minimum charge to all invoices paid via PPH of £2.

Why have we done this?

We assure you that we are not greedy bastards! In fact processing invoices costs us much more than the £2 if you consider that each one is checked manually for fraud, money laundry etc. We operate a high-touch customer support service that we know you value and love and we just extended that to 24/7 (on email and soon to be extended to phone support too). So in short, the sole reason for the minimum fee is to try and avoid invoices of tiny amounts being processed, which cost us more to process than the fee we charge.

Please note, this is not an additional fee! It is purely a floor, which means that the same service fee applies as before, except in cases where the service fee amount drops below £2 on any invoice.

We hope you find this reasonable and justified.

As always we are open to your feedback.


The PPH Community Team



  • Claire

    I assume this fee is backdated to sometime last week seeing as I’ve already been charged and others have too.

    What was the official launch date for your new fee structure?

    What’s your legal and ethical position regarding applying higher fees to jobs which are ongoing?

    Your forum representative Dea-Marie doesn’t seem to know the answer, but she assured me that your announcement would make this information clear. It doesn’t seem to do that.

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  • Vlad

    Please note, this is not an additional fee! It is purely a floor, which means that the same service fee applies as before, expect in cases where the service fee amount drops below £2 on any invoice.

    It’s “except” not “expect” 🙂

  • Harry Nicholas

    Well what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, how about jobs requiring a minimum fee/rate. I’m very tired of having to guess what kind of budget a client will set, tired of clients who ignore or aren’t aware there is a minimum wage, and either ignorant or ignoring the fact that most of the jobs posted require skills that have taken years to acquire. Especially when bidding is limited or we have to buy bids.

  • Sharp Web Studio

    I have been using PPH from last 2 months… and its very confusing to understand how PPH works. As per my experience with PPH they deduct 4.5% fees to any invoice raised.

    Addition to this they charge £20 for every withdrawal we make to bank account.

    When invoice paid by client PPH take more than 3 days to credit our account and every-time we need to raise ticket to support to remind this payment.

    Now another problem how this Earning Increases ? My client paid me 3 payments for this month but in My earning it only shows 1st payment he made then how can i Qualify for TOP 10 FREELANCER ?

    I would request if PPH answer this and help us understanding their procedure more.


  • Lee Blackham

    This is disgraceful

    Don’t you make enough money from charging membership, and charging commission and charging both freelancers and clients fees to transfer via PayPal or a credit or debit card.

    I will be tweeting this for sure.

    Greed! I personally will be looking for projects elsewhere out of principle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harsh M

    From what I understand, If I raise and Invoice for GBP100, your service fee will still be GBP10. In case my Invoice is for GBP15 then the fee will be GBP2 instead of GBP1.5

    Kindly clarify.

    • dea-marie

      Hi Harsh,

      Yes this is the case if you are a standard member at the time of raising the invoice.

      If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask.

    • Harsh M

      Thanks dea-marie,

      I am happy to have this clarified.

  • Scott

    When I go to the blog section of your website it says that I’m not logged in any more, but when I press the back button and go to the main site it says I am logged in.

    When I click on the login button on the blog section it goes to the link: and says website not available.

  • Martian

    “On the flip side it reminds us and you that we are just humans so please accept our apology for this.”

    Your apology for being humans is accepted.

  • Rob

    So if invoicing small amounts, there is no benefit what so ever in becoming a paid member?

    As you wont benefit from the reduced % fee….

  • Bonnie Floyd

    How do I upgrade my account? If I upgrade it before I request a withdrawal, will the upgrade go into effect?

  • sharon

    Ok person here not too sure what this is about. But I would like to clarify that if i havent had an invoice and havent done a single job does this mean I wont be eligible for thre £2 fee. Yes ok ppl I know you may be sighing and eyes rolling just needed to ask.

  • Jenny Roberts

    Do you think your announcement could have been more professional rather than ” we are not greedy b*******”

  • Stephen Barry

    Hold on! Is this on top of the percentage PPH takes from any money earned on a job?
    In which case – I am absolutely not OK with it – these service charges should fall within your percentage of the fees paid by client.
    I am about to contact PPH, again, for totally unacceptable time regarding payment of money (for the rceord, I have to currently wait 10 days after payment is made by my client, for money to clear into my bank account, because PPH have ludicrous timeframes on services. Also – and if i hear this again, im going to lose it – the bank does not take ‘upto three days to process the payment’. I have spoken directly to my branch manager, and he assures me that all business automatic transactions take no longer than 2 hours)
    I am going to expect a pretty good reason for your continually fobbing me off with outdated excuses regarding banking payment times. Its 2 hours, not three days.
    I dont read anything into this ‘ranking’ system, as shown on my profile, but it currently reads that I am 6th in earners for the month, so far – taking this in to consideration and the amout of money PPH will take from my earnings, I consider my treatment as shoddy at best. Ive been patient, but PPH has really stretched the limits of acceptability.
    And you can stick this ‘new’ service charge.

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