10 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Reputation On The Web


A good online reputation is of pivotal importance for freelancers on freelancer sites like PeoplePerHour and also outside of them.

All our names and our businesses are only a quick Google away – it’s that simple. Your reputation is so much more important than a few hundred pounds for a quick, half done job. When that money is gone, your reputation will follow you around for years to come.

 So, how do you ensure your rep is good and your name is a trusted one within your industry?

Be honest and transparent in everything that you do

People like to feel as if they can trust the freelancers and companies that they do business with. Avoid making your online content or PPH profile overly formal. Instead, write your content in such a way that it builds trust and makes people feel comfortable with your business. Keep honesty and transparency at the forefront of everything that you do online – your reputation is invaluable.

Respond appropriately to negative reviews

Nearly everyone using PPH or anything online is going to examine your reviews before deciding which products or services to buy. If someone leaves a negative review of your work or company, it can influence whether or not people choose to buy from you or use your services in the future – the PPH system is very transparent after all.

Unfortunately, negative reviews are eventually going to be inevitable. It is impossible to please everyone all of the time. The key, however, is to respond to these reviews appropriately. Never lash out in anger when someone leaves negative feedback. Instead, address their concerns in a professional manner and find a way to make things right. Even if your company was not truly at fault, it pays to respond in a positive, helpful way to negative feedback since it shows your customers that you care about their satisfaction. Here are some good tips.


 Take advantage of press releases

One of the best ways to protect your reputation online is by controlling the narrative. You can influence what other websites or organisations have to say about your company by providing them with press releases that highlight any important activities that are currently happening with your business. By focusing on releasing positive news anytime it happens, you can start to create a more positive impression of your company online.

 Request to have unfair content removed

If you stumble upon a wildly inaccurate negative review that was obviously left by a troll, you can contact the website where it is published and ask them to remove it. Although this may not work in every situation, you might get lucky and find a website that is willing to comply.

 Maintain an informative blog for your company

Blogging provides the perfect platform for sharing interesting news about your company. You can use these blog posts to share your expertise and to build up your company’s reputation. Best of all, these blog posts will start to show up in the search engines when people search for your company, helping to create a positive overall image of your business.

 Write guest posts on well-respected
blogs within your industry

One of the best ways to draw more positive attention to your business is through guest blogging. There are many different blogs out there that allow guest contributors. Writing helpful articles for these blogs can position you as an expert within your industry, bringing more visitors to your website and creating a positive online image for your business. As long as you stick with popular blogs, these posts can help push any negative reviews further down in the search results when people search for your business. I do a lot of guest posting for clients and it’s hard to underestimate its importance in rep management.

 Maintain an active social media presence

Focus on one or two social networks rather than spreading yourself too thin by creating a profile on every social network. With your social media accounts, regularly share helpful content. Additionally, take the time to interact with people when they comment on your posts. This will help build goodwill with your customers and followers. Your profile and hourlies on PPH can be golden for promotional activity. Share them, retweet them and show people what you can do.


 Ask customers what you are doing right

One way to generate positive reviews is by asking your current customers for feedback on what you are doing right. This is far better than simply asking them to leave a review since they will be more likely to talk about positive aspects of your business. If someone comes to you with a problem, always address it right away. This will keep minor issues from turning into major problems, helping to minimise the chance of someone leaving a negative review.

 Always treat your customers with respect

The best way to avoid negative reviews is by doing everything in your power to make your customers happy. The better job you do of providing excellent customer service, the less likely people are to leave negative feedback online. Work on building solid relationships with your customers. Also, be open and honest with anyone that works with your business.

 Stay on top of your online reputation

Periodically search for your business online to see what types of articles are coming up at the top of the search results. It is important to know what people are saying about your business. That way, you can respond appropriately to any negative feedback that you have received.

Managing your reputation online is absolutely essential if you want your business to succeed. The good news is that there are many different tools available to make it easy to keep up with what people are saying about your business. Utilising these tools is a great way to be proactive about protecting your company’s image. The more quickly you respond to bad feedback, the less likely it is to negatively impact your business.


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