Life Story Contest: WINNERS Officially Announced!


Our Life Story competition has come to a close and your votes have been counted!!!! This has been a truly spectacular competition and we thank everybody who submitted an entry, all of our fantastic finalists and special thanks goes out to everybody who voted.  Now… who would like to meet our 3 first place winners and our 3 runners-up???!

To recap, our 3 first place winners will be awarded:

* £100 Amazon voucher

* 30 PPH credits

* We’ll turn your artwork into a physical product of our choice and mail you a copy.

Our 3 runners-up will be awarded:

* £50 Amazon voucher

* 15 PPH credits

* We’ll turn your artwork into a physical product of our choice and mail you a copy.

Meet our 3 first place winners:

Submitted by Gorun Evgeniy

Hi! This is documentary video I developed, “Nissi”, a story about my friend from Nigeria. He lose his parents and continue lives in Ukraine. His goes to a dream despite everything.

Submitted by Joel Soetendorp

This is my entry a blog about one of my first jobs with PPH.

Extract: “One day I was invited by a Russian company to write wind up phone messages for an app. It was designed to wait till your mate’s mobile is turned off and then sends them a message like “Your cars been towed” or “You’ve won the lottery”. Hilarious stuff.

But like most apps they needed hundreds of the messages. They were only a couple of hundred words each, easy to write 4 an hour. I suggested my hourly rate and they agreed without haggling (this is a very good thing). Of course they wanted 3 things: originality, funniness and a nasty twist.

The first hundred were fine, the second hundred were a little tougher and then, well they wanted more. Were there more than 200 windups in the world? I was about to find out, as over the next months I was to write 753 of them.”

Read Joel’s full submission here.

Submitted by Monica Murgu

My name is Monica Murgu and I am a peopleperhour member. The photo attached represents my entry for the Life Story contest.

Who is the story about? The life story is about me, so it is a selfportrait. It emphasizes the things that make as who we are, our individuality and how I wish to remain a free and unique individual, and not be judged, not having a tag put on me by others who don’t know me. It’s the answer to our everyday question “How can I be more charming, how can I have a wonderful life, how can I be noticed?”. The answer is simple, be yourself, because we all matter for ourselves and dear ones just as much as a queen.

Don't Label Me, Monica Murgu

Don’t Label Me, Monica Murgu

Meet our 3 runners-up!

Submitted by Farbod Tabaei

It’s about tragic life of a yogi who has lost his all. He lives in a desert with a painful sorrow and he is trying to hide himself from his memories!


Submitted by Kate Evans

It is really exciting to join the wonderful artists applying to this competition brief. As soon as I saw the title, I knew which artwork I would pick…


Submitted by Muhammad Asadullah


We will email all winners individually today. Please join us in congratulating our winners and runners-up in the comments box below!!!


  • Monica Murgu

    Hi, guys,

    Many thanks for your support and votes!

  • Nick

    Congrats to all!

  • soniya

    Congrats for the winners and runners of this contest, You all deserve for this award 🙂

  • Irram Fida

    Congrats to all those who participated and specially to the winners.
    Your spirit is really appreciable that you do not hesitate expressing yourself and it truly is a worth celebrating freedom.

  • Irfan Z.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Nephibis

    Gratz to the winners and everyone who participated

  • Stella Hsu

    Big Congrats to all!

  • Priya

    Hey Guys, Congrats.. to all

  • Zainab Alam

    Wawoo, You all did fantastic workout. 🙂 (Y)

  • Ed Escueta

    All entries are awesome! well deserved to all winners! Congratulations!

  • Jan White

    well done! I watched and read with interest.

  • Nims Patel

    Hey Guys,
    Congrates to Everyone..Winner is not matter but your participation is most matter.

    Many thanks to all of you..


  • Email Jitsu

    This encourage other freelancers on PPH, Great! PPH should keep going this kind of contests.

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    Many thanks to all of you
    Thanks so much

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