Invite your Clients to PPH and get all the benefits with 0% Service Fee!


Have clients outside of PPH? You can now do all your work in one place, build up your feedback and move up the ranks on PPH without any fees!

We’ve launched a new feature that allows you to take advantage of our freelancing benefits without incurring any fees.

You can now conduct work with your clients from outside of PPH through our marketplace and neither of you will pay a Service Fee.

The Seller Benefits

This new offer allows you to enjoy the freelancer tools that keep you safe and protected such as:

  • The PPH Service Agreement and Contract

  • The Easy to Use Invoicing System

  • The Escrow Facility that Keeps Your Money Safe

  • The Customer Support in Case of Dispute

As you know, we will remind Buyers if their invoice is overdue, keep funds safe in Escrow so you know the money is available before you start work and ensure your Buyer follows the guidelines set out in our contracts.

As well as this, you’ll also benefit from the ability to win even more great feedback from clients who already love your work!

The Buyer Benefits

Your clients will benefit from:

  • The automated invoice system

  • The detailed statements for their tax records

  • The easy to use WorkStreams and the Escrow facility along with our PPH guarantee that they will like the work they receive.

Neither party pays any Service Fee when you work together, allowing you the security of the PeoplePerHour marketplace for free.

Try it now and invite one of your current clients to join you on PPH.


  • Nicki Cawood

    I love the idea of this but wondered what the score is with regards to fees after the 365 day?

  • virtual secretary

    What are the benefits for PPH in this new feature?

  • Marcel Garbi

    …to “The Buyer Benefits” list you have to add:

    “…and a good bunch of foreign cheap competitors!”

  • Abbie

    Hello Can any body guide me,
    i heard if somebody endorse me so i will have all the service with the buyer with 0% service free with next year !

    is correct?


  • Timea

    Hi everyone,

    Please note that the 0% service fee offer is now valid indefinitely for every transaction that you conduct on PPH with the Buyer, not just for 365 days! Please note that this applies if the Seller invites the Buyer from offsite to do transactions on PPH through our offer here -> (not in the case of endorsements alone). We hope that helps to make things clear!

  • Tam

    Can clients still leave feedback using this process?

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  • KJ Baaird

    I have clients that I brought to PPH (referrals) and that I was working with before I joined PPH, but they did not use the links provided. I can I verify that this is true. Please explain where to send the proof so that I can earn my referral reward and work with my clients fee free? Thank you.

  • Kelly

    Hi KJ, please contact us at for further assistance.

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