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Hello PPHers,

We are very excited to announce the arrival of a new and improved Dashboard that is now available to both Sellers and Buyers!

You should now be able to view the most important actions you perform on PPH in one brief glance!


Buyer Dashboard

Buyers can get a quick overview of the number of Open Jobs, Workstreams in progress and Outstanding Invoices. All the information is now neatly organised in separate tiles. This allows you to quickly see which Jobs have pending new messages, complete finished Workstreams, pay outstanding invoices and leave feedback for a Job well done!



Seller Dashboard

Our Seller Dashboard now provides helpful information to new Sellers by offering them handy tips on how to start selling their services on PPH!



You get a quick overview of the Job invitations you receive, Workstreams you have in progress and proposals you have sent.



Job invitations sent to you directly from Buyers will be labelled as “Direct Contact”.




Your Hourlie Workstreams that are in progress will be colour-coded green.




But that’s only half of the story! Statistics of Profile Views, Hourlie Views and Billing info are now available for you alongside your Cert Ranking and Score with tips on how to improve them.  And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also offering a list of recommended Jobs for you to look at and Send proposals. Happy days!

These changes have been introduced in response to the proactive feedback we have received from many of our community members (yes, you!). Your ideas, thoughts and feedback are invaluable to us – please keep them coming!


  • Rebecca Bamber

    It’s missing a link to the hourlies that we have posted as sellers. I used to find that really useful on the old dashboard. Also, buyer’s don’t always mark workstreams as complete which means that we as sellers end up with hundreds of ‘workstreams in progress’ even though in reality we might actually only have a couple of jobs that we are currently working on, and these then get lost in the long list.

  • Dimitris Koufakis

    Hello Rebecca!

    I would like to let you know that we are currently working on implementing the changes you’ve mentioned along with a few others that may further improve your experience as a seller.

    Thank you very much for your feedback!

    With regards,

  • Sotiris

    Dimitris the new Dashboard is great and with some additions could be even better. Unfortunately in the same time PPH changed the sorting algorithm of hourlies showing completely no sense results.

  • Abdullah

    New Dashboard Really look Cool and Helpful,
    Also at the same time Hourlie Algorithm looks changed too, can you please elaborate about the new alogorithm,
    Even after making it feature also hardly one inquiry comes up.. it too complicated,

  • Jubaer Ahmed

    As I’m new in PPH, I missed the old Dashboard. But one thing can tell without any hesitation that this new dashboard is just AWESOME. Really Smooth and easy to navigate. Though there are still some bugs. One of them is (In Work stream or Sent proposal tab) you’ll find “new message” even after checking all the messages. It isn’t responsive yet like the navigation icon.

  • Ben

    Love the new dashboard, and crossing fingers the hourlie search algorithm gets sorted so it shows relevant and best rated hourlies which would work well with the new stats which is great

  • Mark Fleet

    Regarding the dashboard, I mostly like this apart from the issues that Rebecca has already raised that are being worked on. I also find it a little slow to load.

    My main issue is the new hourlie search algorithm which is useless. I have also noticed my hourlie views plummet since this change. I hope that PPH address this soon!

  • Dimitris Koufakis

    Hello, everyone!

    Most of your comments regarding the Dashboard are already being worked on by the PPH team.

    As far as the hourlie search algorithm is concerned, please note the following:

    The broader the set of tags used to describe the hourlie, the less relevant it becomes when someone is looking for a specific skill.

    E.g If a Buyer searches for “Shopify”, an hourlie tagged with Shopify and SEO only will score higher than an hourlie tagged with Shopify, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Google Analytics.

    Note, the score will be different if the search term contains more keywords.

    I hope I have covered your queries on the algorithm.

    Thank you very much for all your comments!!

    With regards,


  • Peter Mahoney


    Thanks for the update on the hourlie search algorithm changes.

    However I do think something has been set up incorrectly with the changes. I’ve been a PPH seller for over four years and have always been very happy to follow PPH’s direction, but something here seems to be working erroneously.

    When searching by “Relevance”, I see the same six top results if I search for “seo” or “wordpress seo”.

    The curious thing is none of those six mention WordPress anywhere in the hourlie listing at all. They are relevant to “seo”, but NOT “wordpress”.

    It cannot be right that a more specific search shows the same results as a broader one – especially when the broad results are unrelated to one of the search terms being used.

    Feel free to email me about this – I’ve spent some hours checking this, and have run a lot of scenarios.


    Peter Mahoney

    (I also noted in another test when I set up a test hourlie that only had three tags, my first, middle and last names, searching for those returned zero results at all – I would have thought it likely to find my own.)

  • Peter Mahoney

    Just to give another follow up example to my above comments, I have a popular hourlie with just three tags, “wordpress”, “seo” and “search engine optimisation”.

    But if I run a search for:
    “wordpress seo search engine optimisation”

    My hourlie isn’t anywhere in the first ten pages anymore – and most of the first page results have nothing to do with WordPress at all. In fact less than 20% of the first ten pages of listings have anything to do with WordPress.

    I’m afraid I don’t think the new changes are working as you expected.

    Peter Mahoney

  • Mike

    Like others have mentioned, hourlie search results seem bad. Favours people with little to no sells/feedback and again pushes out the people who have been here the longest and built up a good profile.

  • Dimitris Koufakis

    Hello everyone and thanks for your feedback!

    We would like you to know that we’ve performed a series of tests and verified that our hourlies algorithm works as expected. The TF-IDF algorithm has proven its value in multiple cases.

    However, it is often a good idea for one to update an hourlie with the most descriptive tags possible and also contact our CS to ask for the hourlie to go through moderation again, especially if it was significantly changed since the time it was approved.

    With regards,

  • Mark Fleet

    I have done similar tests to Peter and confirm that I have experienced the same behaviors. I know for sure that one of my hourlies has exactly the same three tags as the first hourlie that shows when I perform a relevance search. Mine however shows as number 18. The seller for the first hourlie in the results has only ever completed one project and has had no sales through this hourlie. Very poor in my opinion! I will certainly be contacting CS regarding moderation.

    Unrelated but is everyone else also having issues with the workstream sorting? My messages are no longer showing newest to oldest which is awful to use for obvious reasons! I cannot see a pattern for how the sorting is being done.

    Mark Fleet

  • Peter Mahoney


    I would like for you to be right, and see that search is working well for buyers.

    But it simply cannot be correct that if a user searches for “WordPress SEO”, the first six results that come up have nothing to do with WordPress, they don’t mention is in their description or title at all – and reading the hourlie it’s clear it’s a generic SEO offering, and not to do with WordPress.

    Less than 15% of all the hourlies they see on the first 5 pages for that search are WordPress related.

    I’ve done over £125k with PPH over the last few years – but if you’re telling me it’s correct that my hourlie, which has 871 sales and 99% positive feedback isn’t supposed to show in the first ten pages even when I search for the exact tags it uses – then something about the direction PPH is taking is really disastrous.

    I’m not trying to cause trouble – this just absolutely does not seem right.


  • Mark Fleet


    For reference, the keywords/tags for the first hourlie that shows when searching “WordPress SEO” are “guest posting,link building,seo”. This is similar for the other 5 top results.

    There is clearly no good reason why these should show above yours when you are searching for something more specific.

    Kind regards

    Mark Fleet

  • Sotiris

    I think what matters is what really happens and not if the algorithm verified to works as expected. Here some questions / problems.

    – Many hourlies with no sales / no rating promoted in first page. Hourlies with proven quality are found in page 10,15 or 20!
    – Specific searches in many caes don’t affect the results. Searching “psd to wordpess” has the same results as searching for “wordpress”, as a result the potential buyers see a ton of unrelated hourlies
    – Trending, Top Sales, Rating, Price, all these sorting methods show unrelated items to the search in most cases. If I am looking for “psd to wordpress” for example the search is very clear, instead I get as top seller “Provide 1 hour of updates/ customization to your wordpress based website”, not to mention the rest hourlies that almost all in first page are unrelated.
    – Even if an hourlie make it in the top, making a change ruins the rank! It happened with one of my hourlie that from second ended in 17th page (!!!) just because I changed the initial picture.
    – Featured lost their value having them in a separate tab. Is like google add the ads in another tab, how many users would click to see the ads?
    – Asking for moderation takes too long. I asked for one on Monday and no change in the results so far.

    Considering all the above a potential buyer may don’t buy an hourlie believing that no related or quality services are available. I have bought some hourlies and what I am looking is a related results to my search, sellers with sales and good ratings, CERT. All these info seems to play little or no role in the new algorithm.

    If a search “psd to wordpress” I want to see the most relevant or best sellers of this and not how to “SEO wordpress” for example!

    For all these reasons, up now, the new algorithm has destroyed all the hard work that many freelancers of us have done. Hope to consider the feedback you get from the community, and as far as I know is totally negative, and apply some fixes soon.

    Kind Regards,

  • Shipra Garg

    I have delivered a project to the client successfully with invoices and all other process but It is still mentioning there in workstreams in progress as Client doesn’t know how to close the project. Even I’m not getting it. Can anyone explain me?
    Thanks in advance

  • Kelly

    Hi Shipra, I’m so sorry about that. Please click here and then scroll down and click ‘Contact Us’ to talk to our support team about this:

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