How to Turn Freelancing into Something So Much More


Freelancing has become a very popular method for finding jobs. In the beginning, most people didn’t take it seriously and the majority of freelancers did this only for a while after they were able to find “a real job.” However, after years of improvement and market growth, freelancing has become so big that now there are tens of thousands of people from everywhere around the world who have made freelancing their permanent jobs.

At a certain point, a freelancer becomes more than just a worker for hire. The online world offers a lot of opportunities for business; through freelancing, you can network with a lot of people, and after some time, simply overcome part-time gigs for making money. Naturally, nobody wants to stagnate and everyone wants their career to progress.

When you’ve reached a wall in freelancing and simply cannot make more money, it’s time to take a proactive approach and branch out your career on a larger scale. Today we will talk about the options you have in this situation.

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Let your clients know you want more

When starting out as a freelancer, you literally try to get anything you can. In the beginning, it’s important to get some good ratings by taking all the jobs you possibly can, despite the fact that they are not paid so well. After a while, you start to get better-paid jobs and find more job proposals that you could possibly be hired to do.

This is all great, but unfortunately, it’s not good enough, simply because you will reach that point and you will stagnate. When your future employers see how much your fees were in the past they won’t give you more money besides the fact that you probably are worth more as you gained a lot of experience and improved your skills over time.

Make your rates higher, simple as that, and ask for more when talking to clients. Start choosing between jobs and always try to get something better. If you don’t value yourself, your employees won’t either. Nobody gives handouts in business and you need to ask for more if you want to progress. Additionally, if someone is asking for an employee over a long period of time, try to negotiate into becoming a permanent member of their business that works online or even move there.

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Start your own business

If you get into a situation where there is a lot of work, but you cannot handle all of it, while at the same time being unable to improve your fees for some reason, you should consider teaming up with other people and creating a startup that will focus on freelancing jobs and through them, acquire future growth.

If you have all the experience, knowledge about freelance platforms and the skill required to set things in motion, then do it! This way you will be able to deliver a larger amount of work and become more competitive on the market. After a while, you can direct your efforts into becoming a full-blown outsourcing company and you can work with some of the largest companies around the world.

It’s important that you find reliable people who have experience in your line of work and create an organisation that works efficiently. Start with a couple of people and see where it goes.

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Establish yourself as an expert

Although being an active and successful freelancer is a good thing, you must also have a broader picture in mind. Your image as a professional doesn’t have to be limited just to your freelance platform profile. Instead, you should look to expand your online influence and look to spread your presence as much as you can and find work outside of the typical freelancing platforms.

Personal branding is a very important thing in the business online world and you need to establish connections as well as showcase your experience, knowledge and past projects you took part in. Set up a personal website, create your own blog, and create professional social media profiles. After you’ve done this, start writing blog posts, sharing your opinion, showing knowledge etc.

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This way you can even land jobs directly from your website or your social networks. Nevertheless, you will be able to network with other professionals in your field, hear their experiences, get referrals etc. Make sure that you promote your work by sharing on social media, joining groups relevant to your field and discussing important topics with other experts.

Freelancing gives you a lot of knowledge and opportunities. It is important to keep an eye out and always look for better opportunities. Don’t be afraid to chase your own success and put in additional effort into your career.

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