Freelancer Story: “We live in a very dynamic world where things are changing every second”


Meet Max, a hard working TOP Cert web developer who really cares about quality and consistency.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into freelancing?

Hi, I’m Max, from Georgia, 23 years old. Currently I live in Tbilisi, Georgia, with my cat (Koxxy) and friend (It’s a very cool city).

I have been working locally using my skills for well over 5 years, but the problem is that the local markets are very small and the demand for my job and knowledge is not great. A friend of mine, who lives in London, introduced me to PPH back in 2013 and I have been with PPH and its global audience ever since.

What was your previous job before deciding to go freelance?

A few years ago I had my own small web studio with several other guys and we were all working on small and big projects, but one of the things I did not like is that I had to be in the office most of the time and never had any time for myself! I love hiking and travelling, which was actually impossible when I was in the office all day. With freelancing I have an opportunity to do my job from anywhere and I do not have to be tied up to one place at all.

How did you come across PPH?

A friend of mine, who lives in London, UK and for whom I have done a lot of work introduced me to PPH back in 2013. I was a bit sceptical at first, but thought about giving it a shot. It was a bit hard at first to get clients to trust you, but one of the best and most satisfying parts of the job is that when you deliver their project and everything is done the way they’d expected and more, these clients keep coming back. Clients come back with new tasks and new projects and are happy to work with you, this is because they know that you are reliable and most importantly can get the job done.

What was your first job like on PPH?

I started with simple things like fixing errors in HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery. My first job, which I got 3 or 4 days after I registered was a simple fix of HTML and after I got paid $10.00 for it, I thought to myself that this could actually work. I still remember my fist clients name to this day. Slowly but surely I started to get more and more clients and began selling my “Hourlies” getting more and more jobs. My experience was key and one thing I have learnt is that with every new job you get you learn something new, which accumulates some new knowledge in your brain and helps you to progress.

What is a typical day like for you?

There are no typical days, everyday is different. I can plan my days around my work and personal plans. I check my inbox for new job requests and plan my days accordingly. When, and if, I need to get a day for myself, then I can simply request a day off and let everyone know that I won’t be available and when I will be back. PPH made it very easy to communicate with clients and therefore I can let my clients know if I am able to take their job or not and when I can do it, if I can at all.

How does freelancing compare to a 9-5?

This is the best thing about freelancing as there are no 9 to 5 days any more! You can work when you can and from anywhere you can. You are not tied up to one specific place or desk, you can take your laptop to the coffee shop and work from there or even better you can even do it while you are on the beach, if you are crazy enough.

What benefits have you found by using PPH?

My list of benefits is very long, but I will mention a few important ones here. First and foremost is the freedom. Next is making money by using your knowledge, experience and loving what you do. I love what I do and if I am making money while doing it, what more would one possibly need. Working in the environment where you have an international audience for your skills you get to work with clients from all over the world. Making friends with clients all over over the world. The last point is very important because it may be these clients who will be promoting you to their friends and friends of their friends.

What does your future hold? Where would you like to take this?

Freedom is one of the best opportunities that gives you time to learn new things, for instance new technologies that require a new and different approach. We live in a very dynamic world where things are changing every second, so I guess the only way to stay on top is to learn something new every day to use your knowledge and experience in your work. I see my future in learning and applying what I learn in my day-to-day life and work.

What are your top 5 tips for freelancers who are new to PPH?

1. One thing I know for sure is that no matter what you do you must be very good at it and if you are good at it then you will always be successful.
2. Learn new things, do not be afraid to use your knowledge.
3. Do not be shy when you know that your approach is better than the approach of others.
4. Create your own path and stick to it.
5. Most importantly be open to new opportunities even when it means that you have to get out of your comfort zone.

What are your top 5 web development tips?

1. Diversify.
2. Be creative.
3. Be open to new things that are coming your way.
4. Do not be afraid to offer better solutions to your clients, because this is the only way to be better.
5. Create better and more modern applications.

What web browser do you use?

I use all browsers as I have to use them all to test applications that I created on multiple browsers and across most devices. Personally I like Google Chrome and I use it for browsing the internet (FB, YouTube, etc :D). Also, I prefer to work in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?

If I was an animal, I would most likely be a lion as I see myself as a person who isn’t afraid when opportunity is knocking on your door. I also like freedom, just like a lion in the wild. Also, the long hair of a lion’s mane is cool :D. It is a very proud and self-confident animal. Also my zodiac is leo, so I feel a strong connection to a lion.

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Max L.

Web Development.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Overview: UI/UX developer and internal SEO expert with 5 years experience.



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