Product Updates: new kick-ass search algorithm and revamped designs


Nothing says “We love you, PPHers” more than a constantly improving platform.

State of the art algorithm

This time, our attention turns to refining the talent discovery process. Let’s see what these changes mean for you.

If you’re a freelancer, our powerful new search algorithm significantly increases your chances of being found based purely on your profile and skills. All you need to do is ensure your skills tags are relevant to your experience and expertise. The smarty-pants search algorithm will do the rest.

If you’re a buyer, your struggle of finding the right talent is over. It’s smooth sailing from here. Enter specific skills / keywords relevant to your job, and you’ll get a tailored list of the best-suited professionals.

Find Freelancers and Hourlies pages get a new look

For those with an eye for crisp design, the revamped look of these two pages will be a welcome change.

Here’s what’s new:

  • A search bar at the top of the page that features a drop-down list of all categories to help you take full advantage of the new search algorithm.
  • New filters. You can now apply multiple search filters to the search results, including the CERT level and projects completed through PeoplePerHour.
  • Bigger profile images to help freelancers create a great first impression!
  • Freelancers’ skills in the list view to enable buyers to identify the right freelancers faster.

The redesigned Find Freelancers page

find a freelancer new design peopleperhour

The improved Hourlies page

hourlies page design peopleperhour


Do you have ideas how we could further improve the platform and your experience here? Please share them in the comments section below!

With love,
The PPH Team



  • Chris Plummer

    Over £250k I’ve done through PPH, I’m now languishing on page 10, people who have ripped off my profile rank higher than I do. I don’t even rank on the first page or two for my core skills.

    I think this is me dead on here.

  • Nick Horrocks

    I find myself in the same situation as Chris.

    After 7 years on PPH and 250K I am now also buried on page 10. Freelancers new to PPH with little feedback now fill the highest ranked positions.

    I am now looking at other options outside of PPH.

  • Mosuf Pothiyawala

    we cannot do anything now as even if PPH changes their algorithm back wont make any difference as because of their trending algorithm which they developed earlier before a year or two they lost their traffic.

  • Stephen Wallis

    PPH need to do something with the scammers, it is getting out of control now

  • Ferrell Nora

    I don’t like loosing hope when new changes occur.My ranking is not encouraging but with the new design,i believe i will rank higher.

  • Moh

    Same steps as green platform , they will all end the same.

  • Sotiris

    While the UX is better the algorithm once again doesn’t make sense. For example I am search for the term “Responsive” and the first 22 freelancers don’t have any sale, not sure sure how these freelancers are more relevant to other freelancers that have completed related projects.

  • alita

    Great design but your search algorithm kick as old hourlie…
    also PPH must improve the Customer support response to ie 1 hrs to 6 hrs

  • Rahul Parashar

    I agree with Chris, Nick and Sotiris, I am ranked 11th on PPH. Have been selling form over 3 years. Done 100K business. Sold maximum number of website design and development hourlies in entire PPH. There are many free lancers who have copied my hourlie and are listed way above me. Those are new sellers with new hourlies. I am no where searchable or listed.

    PPH is being very biased with their top sellers and no more promoting them and kicking them out of PPH. They are only promoting new sellers here. They made the self destruction button with the launch the trending hourlie which has lead to drop in traffic and their alexa rank. PPH has lost almost half of its traffic last year with launch of trending filter. They are listing hourlies and promoting sellers who have done few sales and new in PPH. Any organisation which sideline their top sellers or top performers has never thrived. Now with this buggy search which has further buried all top sellers is like they now have pressed the self destruction button.

    PPH if you doom your top sellers, I am not sure if you can survive long with this faulty and buggy launches every year which you too are not sure what you are doing. New sellers may reap rewards of this buggy system but soon they too would leave when they stop getting sales after crossing a mark and leave to join some other and more reliable marketplace who nurture and respect their long term and top sellers and not just dump them altogether.

  • Sabrina

    I am feeling sorry for all the top guys commenting here. I have been on PPH for only about 4 years, so new compared to these guys, but a veteran compared to those ranking at the top. I have been slowly trying to get to the top, with the Top 20 as my goal. However, there have been so many flaws and faults along the way and people being allowed to leave feedback after disputes, errors within my messaging system, refunds being processed accidentally etc. that have hurt my CERT terribly. I have been persevering though because I have finally learnt to use this CERT system and could deal with it.

    However, all these new things keep coming out now, which are essentially punishing all the older freelancers – people like Chris and Nick who have been loyal for years and stuck by PPH through all their tough spots. Now, people who joined last week are on page 1 of the listings and this doesn’t make sense. There are also a number of freelancers I have found who are using other people’s work and are getting away with it.

    Chris, I am sorry to hear that people have ripped off your profile – I have had the same too. Word for word! It has actually caused me to lose lots of jobs because people have been suspicious about it. PPH didn’t really seem to care – they said it should be flattering.

    I am really upset about this because I do think PPH is a much better freelancing platform than many others out there, but I don’t think it will do well, because with all these changes and still a lack of customer support, it will just get worse.
    I do hope it listens to its sellers – the ones who bring in the most money.

    I mean, what would happen if the real top, say 100 or 200 sellers just stopped selling on here? As a strike? How much money do you think PPH would lose?

  • Sabrina

    I just looked – I am at the bottom of page 19 now. No-one is ever going to scroll that far! It is done purely on ratings now and doesn’t take into account number of projects or anything else. So, even if you’ve done 1000s at 99%, which is essentially 100%, because people rank you 4* and that drops you down, which is also silly, you are way way down.

    At least they should introduce a 10* rating system if they’re going to do that.

  • Amin

    Trying to win first job ! but seems to very hard .

  • Allison

    8 years on PPH and although I feature on the first page if I search for PA there are people above me with Cert 4 (I am top Cert) and with less reviews that me. Can you explain how this works so that I can best understand it?

  • Allan

    Quite part from the complaints by sellers, as a buyer it is important that the system actually works, which it doesn’t. I have no way to get access to my 25 Favourite people. Favourites returns some 80.000+ people. And always the same ones at the top. PPH sellers are losing out to Upwork sellers because I can’t locate my Favourites when I need them.

  • Berto

    Don”t think this right, something is not right. I just come across a member who has only completed 4 jobs and has 4 reviews and is ranked within the top 10? Really? I have completed 334 projects and have 334 reviews with a rating of 100% and I am still ranked 778th?

    Can someone explain?

  • Sabrina

    Does anyone know if they’ve switched this back? It looks as though they have! I guess they listened 🙂 When 99.9% of the hardest workers don’t like it, there is bound to be an issue!

    Maybe I am just seeing the old ones, but usual top performers, like Chris and AwardWinner are at the top again!

  • Nick Horrocks

    Hi Sabrina, the front page of the Freelancers is now reverted back to being ordered by CERT so that’s a step better.

    As soon as a category is selected its still totally messed up (in my opinion).

    PPH are saying then when a category is selected those with the most relevant skills are displayed first and when there are there are many with the same skills those with highest CERT will be first. However as far as I can see this doesn’t work at all well and the ordering is not what would be expected.

  • Graham Rigby

    I don’t know if this is related to the algorithm changes, but I’ve had virtually nothing through the platform for the last month other than scammers, chancers, and time-wasters.

    I’ve been a top seller for a long time now, and I’ve never known it drop off a cliff quite so quickly and obviously.

    I’m just grateful that PPH has always represented a small proportion of my freelance income – I feel for those who rely on it heavily…

  • Carlos da Câmara

    It’s like microsoft with windows 10. Everybody likes things the way it is. But then comes the anxiety of inovation and boom! Everything goes down the drain. Shame on you pph

  • تور استانبول

    I agree with : At least they should introduce a 10* rating system if they’re going to do that.

  • Liza

    Keep these artlices coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

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