Five Reasons Why Your Small Business Really Needs A Blog


It can seem like there’s a never-ending list of things that your attention when you run a small business. The last decade has seen a real change in the way small businesses market their services, and if you’re not using blogging, social media and content marketing to get yourself noticed and attract more business, you could be missing out. If you’re not convinced that regular blogging will benefit your business, here are five reasons that might change your mind.

More people will find you online

Let’s be honest; what’s the first thing you do when you’re looking for just about anything? You type it into a search engine, usually Google. Most of the time you’ll look at the first page of results, maybe the second, but you’ll rarely delve any further.

If your main business website has about five pages, that’s five opportunities for Google to ‘see’ you and present your website to the people looking for what you offer. The clever thing is that each time you add a blog post, it counts as a separate page as far as search engines are concerned.

Use your business blog to answer the questions that your customers are likely to ask about your products, business area or services, and when those questions are typed in as a search query, you have even more chance of showing up. If you do this correctly and consistently, it can lead to blog posts being displayed in results pages, bringing even more targeted traffic to your website.

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It boosts your website SEO

Related to the first reason – this just means that as you add more content to the website in the form of blog posts, the search engine crawlers will start to visit your website more regularly and index your content faster.

This means that anything you post is more likely to be found by people searching for what you offer than it would be if your content was static for long periods of time.

Social media marketing

If you’re not on social media, you’re missing a trick. One thing that can deter businesses from having a presence on social media is that it’s seen as a time-wasting activity, and there’s a perception that social media is all about selfies and cat pictures.

You can’t afford to ignore social media; your customers are probably already on it, as are your competitors. The ideal content for your business Facebook page, for example, is content you’ve created yourself that gives your customers an insight into what you can do for them, helps them with any queries they might have, and generally helps them to get to know your company.
That’s where your blog comes in. Social media is the ideal place to post any content you want people to see and encourage others to share it. If your blog adds interest or value to your website (and isn’t just about sales) it will attract readers, who will hopefully sign up for updates and then become a captive audience when you do want to sell to them.

It helps your customers get to know – and trust – you

It doesn’t matter how good your website’s main pages are, or how expertly crafted your sales landing page is, if there’s not much else there, your potential clients can’t get to know you, your products or services.

Some people need a little time before they will commit to making a purchase, so you need to attract them to your website and keep them there until they are ready to bite. If you regularly add interesting and useful content to your blog, it shows your hesitant potential client that you know what you’re talking about. They might even sign up to regular updates from you. Add a few strategically placed sidebar or header links, and you can promote your most popular blog posts to give people a real ‘feel’ for your company.

Shameless self-promotion

Yes, people do use blogs to promote their business, and that’s a good thing. Adding case studies and successes to your blog is a fantastic way of showing potential new customers just how you can help them. People often buy because of a recommendation so telling people about your successes, your new projects, collaborations and awards can really help establish you as someone who is trustworthy and great at what they do,

Are you convinced that you need a blog yet? If you don’t think you have enough hours in the day to keep up with blog posts, why not outsource them to a professional? Blogging is one of the most important marketing tools in a business’ repertoire – don’t miss out!

About the Author

Sarah Clark is a copywriter, blogger, social media butterfly and journalist. Sometimes all in the same day!

Sarah became freelance in 2007 after being made redundant from a long-term position as a Communications Manager for a UK government department. Her writing career began in 2000 as Features Editor for Beauty and Health Publishing Ltd.

Sarah writes for major skincare and pharmaceutical companies, independents and small businesses as well as digital media agencies and publishing companies. She is a published author. Regular clients include Superdrug Online Doctor and Dr Ed, as well as P3 Pharmacy Magazine.

The Word Boutique offers high quality copy writing services tailored to your needs and budget.

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